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Mini stroke while in crete

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I had a mini stroke 3 days before my 40 birthday on the Greek island of crete about 5 weeks ago.

Everybody was fantastic I was treated almost straight away and in hospital within 45 mins.

Now back in England i feel frustrated it takes ages for anything to happen haven't had any treatment. Is this normal? Or are the Greeks super efficient?

Not sure what the future holds for me i have hypertension caused by end stage kidney failure currently gp won't let me go back to work struggling with pain in my right arm speech ain't great loose my balance etc.

Any advice would be great

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Morning, I think I would ask for a referral to the community neuro rehab team asap. They were great with all sorts of things.

Good luck ☺

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buryboy in reply to moo196

Thanks for the info I will contact my gp

Hi sorry to hear about your stroke. I had one 9 months ago now. I do think it depends on where you love as to the care you receive. You do need to have a point of contact at your nearest hospital with the neurology team. Here where I live we have a team who take over when you leave hospital they dealt with physio and speech and language etc. Your GP should be able to do all this for you. Good luck. Hope this helps

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buryboy in reply to Marinamac

I did see a surgeon 2 weeks ago for about 10 mins but she said she will need to refer me to the stroke team who I seen Wednesday but he said they need to do another mri which will take 2 weeks and refer me to physio (sorry for spelling )

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Marinamac in reply to buryboy

It does sound like things are in place. I know it seems like everything takes ages to happen. I think all of us who have had stroke feel left to our own devices after we are discharged. The stroke association may be of help to you. They have representatives in most areas. Google them for info. If I can help at all let me know

I certainly didn't get automatic referral to anywhere and had to do all research and demand referrals for myself ( my friends and family had to INSIST on carers for instance - I was unable to be left on my own to start with etc etc ). You may also want to contact Remploy ref employment advice and wonder if you might find Headway useful ?

I have been doing some research and I think I might have lupus

It's only a thought. I have end stage renal failure, pleurisy, gaute, brain aneurysm and raynauds. I did have 2 blood tests done which are positive for inflammation.

Take it gently on yourself. It's not that the greeks are super-efficient - it may be you have recovered really well! I had a stroke in Sept 2015 - was in hospital for one night and then back at home. Went to work after 3 months - no substantial input other than regular visits to the GP - only now getting really back to full form and i still have 'down' days. It takes a long long time.

So sorry to hear pf this stroke I had one in July This year but disabled In a Wheelchair Hospital Was first class I was waiting A follow Up Appointment To see If I can return to driving Got so fed up two weeks gone way by Seen Gp who said I can drive still waiting For hospital appointment I Have given Up As It appears No one cares A visit to a different Gp and tell them what you feel.

I Understand It Gets You down Frustrated or stroke Club there Is someone Out there To help What I find is You don't know what your Should have As No Tells you like I Gained a Blue disabled badge Yes great full Social service Are Not At All helpful At present Fighting Where to get a Disabled toilet Key.

Hope you get some joy here If you don't fight you won't get this is what I Did not Know You Had benefits That You Automatically get .

You said They stopped you working Phone duty Desk At social service and ask for a Accessment on your disability Hope things Work Out There are services out there that you need and to get

Hope all works out Kind regards


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buryboy in reply to Rihard

I got a blue badge for the kidney failure thankfully work are paying me less bonus but pip denied my claim which I'm fighting. They sent a letter back stating why but it was full of lies she said I can understand what's being said but I can't remember anything and know i stutter and forgot words also I'm struggling with my right arm.

Stroke Asc has helped me a lot ,had my stroke March 2014 and I,m still recovering ,its not easy but you,ll do it I,m sure

hey glad to hear you got some where I live In a rural area hospital Is Two and a half hours On bus in Wheelchair or 40 minutes by car I can only get On a bus if there is room as or if the bus driver takes me another thing I Was Put off the bus as A young lady got on With Pram and two children they have a right to take a disabled Seat six hourslater Igot home as the Next bus was a mini short bus the driver heading down to carmathen seen me On The bus stop He picked me up on the way back it is crazy thank you For the key info That was kind Of you .I Hope you get more as you Have worked like me all our lives yet we Paid into this system And yet we don't know what to do Or where to go for help I Am to old for social worker they don't look At my age 55 As the system change Thank You For your help As the saying goes you Learn something Every day Regards

Yes I have to cover myself in factor 50 as soon as the sun comes out but still go on holidays it is very frustrating but we still need a break now and then xxx

I had a stroke and a TIA first. I am on aspirin and statin not sure what you should be on with your other problems. I had rehab for the balance issues which helped a bit. Good luck x

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buryboy in reply to 19191919

Was all ready on a statin and a stating now on clopidogrel and doubled my statin but now I have indigestion from hell

I had coplidigrel and it made me feel bad. Unstable. Hope you feel better soon

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buryboy in reply to 19191919

When you say unstable I get a bit wobbly thought that was the stroke could it be the meds

No I have lanzopramol but was allready on that.

this was couldnt get off the sofa unstable it stopped after i went to asprin

Re tired I am still getting tired a 18 months post stroke I find if i push myself to do something i.e walk around the house and little jobs flick the duster around and get plenty of sleep i feel much better. Keep on pushing yourself good luck

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Pen68 in reply to Maylin

Hi I am same have to push myself.not go out by myself just in case I have tia again still get pain arm

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