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Family Member Tia and Stroke

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Family Member Had a funny turn confusion etc Thur 2nd April .

they Visted there GP Saturday 4th April who explained it was Easter weekend Holiday on seeing them.

So could they see how things went over the holiday see if they felt better

if not they should make sure they called a Paramedic .And the GP made an appointment for 1 month later with a consultant

They had a(what they now know was a stroke the next day )

They Saw the Consultant 1 month later who after MRI and CT Scan Blood tests explained

they had had a TIA and a Stroke.( so i would suggest to disagree with a GP with this kind of advice and go straight to A&E would be my advice holiday or no holiday. They are female in their 70's what they need to know can they eat fish while taking Clopidogrel (Plavix)75mg and Fibrazate, no one seems to have advice or answer they can only advise Not to take Omega Fish Oil supplements .

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi Advice1

I'm sorry to hear this ,

I think that Dr wants struck off

I had a Tia 3 years ago i was 50 yrs young

& was blue lighted Straight to AE , apparently the first 72 hrs are crucial you get checked out as within this time you more than likely to have a full blown stroke

( like your family member did )

This could of been avoided ,

I was advised to have plenty fish /omega 3 oils , hope this is of some help to you ,

From Pam , I'm taking Clopadogrel , simvistatins , HU ,

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Advice1 in reply to Phelpsy

Hi Pam

thank you for your advice on fish and your kind support i would like to report the GP in Question as i ,like ,yourself consider it outrages the normal procedures were not followed but i have promised not to make waves as the family member does not want extra stress in her situation after the stroke which i have to respect ,difficult for me as i agree with you pam i would like them struck off too .As this should not happen again to another patient in the UK .Thanks for taking time to reply

to my question too.

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Phelpsy in reply to Advice1

I'm glad to be of some help ,

You take care x

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dillydol in reply to Advice1

hi, i had a stroke earlier this year and was told by the consultant to stop taking the cod liver oil that I had taken for sometime before .I am now on clopidogrel, amlodopine, and( bendrofluicide?)statin and stomach tablet.You could ask your pharmacist for advice about taking fish oil with your meds. dilly

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Advice1 in reply to dillydol

hi dillydol sorry to hear that you had a stroke and sorry for the late reply thanks for your kind advice wishing you good health and good luck

Sorry to hear this bad news. GP should be reported to family practitioners committee if this is fact! Re meds I would ask a pharmacist they are usually clued up. Wish the lady a full recovery .

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Advice1 in reply to MMD16

Sorry for delay in replying Thank-you MMD16 thanks for your kind comments especially about the FPC I will look into it to

good luck and good health

hi dobiedogz sorry for late reply the consultant advised against the use of cod liver oil while on clopidogrel as its to do with ,apparently ,with the high strength of cod liver oil

with Clopidogrel

Good luck

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