How can one reduce the dose of medication?

With better understanding of the disease & advances in the management, better quality of life can be achieved with minimum medication.

Life style modification is essential for the successful management of diabetes. About 30 percent of diabetics can control the disease without medication if they follow diet planned by an expert, performing exercise/Yoga for at least 30 minutes – minimum 5 days a week, maintaining ideal body weight and living stress free life. In remaining 70%, dose of medication can be reduced by 30-40%.

Rise in the blood glucose (BG) level in diabetes may be due to insulin deficiency, insulin resistance or varied combination of both. With the help of basic physical examination and primary investigations, a diabetologist can diagnose the defect in the disease. Administering appropriate therapy for the defect will control diabetes with minimum medication.

It is advisable to monitor BG levels through out the day (before & 2 hours after each major meals, occasionally 3 am) & correcting major swings in the BG levels with appropriate adjustment in the therapy, will reduce medications.

Look for other conditions responsible for elevation in BG levels like some medical conditions, certain drugs, stress etc. Correction of these conditions will reduce medications.


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  • Sir,

    I feel myself sorry to say that I am suffering from diabetes since last three yrs. now and not able to control it as I should. Please, suggest me how to control this and what type of exercise I may adopt.

  • First of all you should remove from your mind that you are suffering from diabetes. Just recollect any one with diabetes ever granted leave nor did he take leave from his assignments unlike other diseases like malaria, typhoid etc, It is sort of deficiency noticed at the later stage of life just like a Language barrier. People have gone to interior places without knowing the local language that made them difficult but not impossible. With this clear in mind concentrate for yourself at least for 30 minutes a day as suggested above through exercise, yoga, disciplinary food habits. Drive the life cautiously just like with your vehicle, where the driver does not believe in speed or slow driving to avoid accidents,

  • Hi Rakus

    Please start drinking 1-1.5 litre light hot water in morning before brush daily, drink raw papya and aloververa home mixer made juice can add methi sprouts to it at least 1 glass before 1/2 hour of each food.

    Take sattu at breakfast (fried gram+wheat+barley powder) and if possible read Mr. anup's advice on LOW carbonate diet you will definitely get controll it. pleae avoid white sugar as well sweet and red meat. or may avoid nonveg totally.

  • What is 'aloververa' and 'sattu' basudev?

  • Please search in google for alovera you will find clear picture, sattu is a mix fried gram means deshi chana or chole+wheat+barley powder of these three mix.

  • Thanks Basudev. Pappaya alovera mix works as reduntant or a reducing activity only in blood sugar OR it will energise internal organs so that gradually blood sugar level reaches normal? Thank for your advice.

  • Hi Sir

    Pappaya alovera mix works will definitely improve pancreas function and Sattu break fast will keep controll BS before lunch of every day and if you take diabetic lunch will get results within very short time.

  • The Sanskrit name is Ghrit Kumari and other local names are Ghee Kwar, Kwar Gandal. It can be easily grown in your Kitchen Garden.

  • Diet is the key.

    Low Carb High Fat is the way forward.

    Cut your CARBS to 100gms/day max.

  • I am 43 years old, am suffering from diabetes since 9 years, my parents were diabetic. In the beginning I was getting good control of BG. But ;then it went to 550 after food. So, I had to start insulin from past one year. In the beginning all was well, I was going low sugar. Now, I am regularly taking medicines, regularly taking walk and my dr. has given me good diet plan. But it is still not under control, it is ranging around 200 - 230. I get stressed very soon. For that I do meditation. After insulin, all other effects like pain in limbs, cramps, chest pain, etc is resolved. Please suggest now how can I control my BG.

  • I think . some thing is wrong in ur diet plan. you eat raw or boiled vegetable once a day. consume lots of salad. reduce chapati and rice. do some exercises. you prepare a kadha 2-3 times a day. 1/4 tsp methidana,1/4 tspdhaniya seds, 1/4 tsp jera whole. a pnch of black salt . boil all lthese thing s i n a 1cup water upto 2-3 minutes. add 1/2 lemon juice. take it 2-3 a day and chew ingredients used in it. every time you make such kadha.

    You should do Kapal bhati pranayam too..

  • I am sure your Diet plan is loaded WITH CARBS as per ADA guidelines. Things will only go from BAD to worse on that diet.

  • Sir,

    since last 3 months i am under treatment of a Govt, Dr. Unanai method who has put down my BG level to just within limits. If some one wants to contact him I can provide the name of the Dr.Annies.


  • I would like to have his address and contact no. thanks and regards

  • I have controlled my BGL by going LOW CARB HIGH FAT.

    I have even given up 1 chapati/day around 4 days back that i used to take earlier and find my levels great. I am aiming for < 140 by lab at a ny time of the day even 1 hr after meals.

  • I am diabatic more than 25 years, insulin dependent.

    My experience is choosing a path of three remedies based on the health condition

    One -Control Food Two- Exercise Three- Medicine (only if reqd)

    Forget thinking you are sick- Be Happy

  • contact no. is 9887588355 dr.annis ahemd, but u should first take appointment, and do as per his directions imparted . best of luck with the hope that it will be beneficial to u.

  • yes i am supporting this approach of reducing dose of medicine. i am practicing this method for last 9 months. now i do not take any medicine . diet and exercise are the two key factors for controlling diabetics.

  • reduce the dosage refered by the dr, too short (if it is insullin is 25i.u you go for20i.u.if tablet is 2mg make it as 1.5mg.then automatically you 'ii out of huge medication" ).this is not a joke very serious.

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