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FBS test which time is suitable

We may think we may performed accurately the F BS test

Can u please each person performing this accurately Please think and answer this question perfectly

1 Fasting to be done before 8 or 10 hours last consuming food at night here if we taken food at yesterday night at 9 Pm then F B S should be done at 5 Am to 7 Am

2 So much person wake up early morning at 4 or 4 -30 Am and they do their normal routine work and go to lab at 7 Am or after No lab is open before 7 Am or 8 Am also

3 Early morning after wake up the body became active much more than sleeping then there is chances of insulin production If he was not consuming any thing then insulin may flow through blood and blood sugar may spike ?

4 As some of the sources says at 4-30 Am to 6-30 Am the liver dump causes it may also produce insulin it may also spike the Blood sugar ?

5 In home by our glucometer tested self which time is suitable for performing FBS

these are main factors we may not performing F B S perfectly

Any idea or opinion may please share

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1. As seen in some literature Blood for FBS testing is to be drawn between 8 and 14 hours after the previous (any) food intake. There are reasons for this. Morning is ideal because activities after previous food may affect the BS level.


3. Insulin flow through blood will only reduce sugar level, not spike it! Blood sugar spiking in morning may be due to some other reasons.

4. Liver dumping Insulin into blood also will not spike Blood Sugar level. Blood sugar spiking in morning may be due to some other reasons.


Shooter George Please elaborate your comment .

1 Agreed previous night consuming food after 8 or 10 hours that is early morning FBS testing is good

please look into this matter suppose one person night taking dinner at 9 PM the gap required 8 or 10 hours that is 5 or 7 Am

if the person as usual wake up at 4-30 Am then the body starts active then excess of insulin produce and goes through blood then no food consuming it became blood insulin ? Ultimately the FBS No. raises ?

Further also if he going to lab by walk then also body have faced stress then lab generally opened after 8 Am from 4-30 Am to 8 Am gap of 4 hours the body has produced insulin? the FBS figures may different

These are the common mistake doing by all peoples

immediately wake up FBS test is good This is possible by self glucometer test. Liver dump also causes from 4-30 Am to 6-30 AM some of the sources opinion So FBS testing time may be after 7 Am is preferable

2 if insulin produced if not consuming food it became blood sugar spike ? one of my previous discussion some of the members gave their opinion .

3 some of members have the opinion that night consuming carb quantity more then FBS will automatically raise and FBS is more

similarly if we consume too much less carbohydrate items then there is chances of liver dump and may be BS spike ?

4 this is also same above

Totally this is very confusing there are so much of different opinion from most of the members were also commented their opinion in my discussions and also other discussions

I am not possible to test about this by 4 Am 5 AM and 7 AM from my house for different reasons Any members may please share their experience about liver dump


You know more things than me. I do not know about Insulin spiking Blood Sugar, Liver dump etc etc. Thank you for sparing your valuable time to share the knowledge with others like me. Thank you once again.


Shooter George, is it your comment is as insulted me ?

u are senior most person in age and control diabetic and also research in grains and learning so much tings . and now u became non diabetic

I am not known any thing comparing to your age and knowledge I am not able to doing computer work also as properly

Please seen the same discussion Arun kumar also posted above things

that if u going walk at morning then liver may dump more glucose

FBS should be measured after 12 hrs. of intake of food. Ideally it should be around 9 AM. Liver dumps glucose in morning (between 4 AM to 6 AM), in order to prepare body for morning activities. And if you are going for morning walk then more glucose will be dumped by liver. After 9 AM glucose level will be neutralized and so it is always better to measure after 9 AM. I have experience it. At 7 AM my FBS was 114 and at 9 AM it goes down to 75( my normal FBS). And in between 7AM to 9AM I have not taken any thing.

As his experience the blood sugar spikes ?

Liver dumping the insulin if may not spike how the blood sugar raises ?

this may be we may not consuming any food at that time ?

similarly in my previous discussion about Insulin resistance and also you started the discussion about Insulin resistance The most of the members posted about this

If less carb and less food consuming night then also FBS is higher range

It may be excess of drug / Insulin or shortage of drug also If the insulin taken no food consuming this may happen ?

So U are great expert and u may able to clarify this But why u have not given suitable answer for this

Any members may please share what is actual happen

1 Liver dump falls it may raise the Blood sugar level

2 If excess of Insulin / oral medicine taken less food consuming then also the chances of FBS raising ?

3 If no medicine / insulin taken then FBs raising It is Insulin defficiency

Shooter George do not think otherwise

I am not under estimate your knowledge about Diabetes. If any comment hearted your feelings please ignore and sorry for it



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