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how do insulin or tablets act to reduce sugar level

some times sugar levels do not care about anti diabetic drugs.

is blood sugar level and diabetes are correlated to index marks?

like pp / starvation? levels.

is lowering blood sugar level by any means / ayurveda / homeopathy / siddha /yoga /certain vegetable ...

an accepted treatment regimen?

can we replace pancreas artificially?

Can we have implants?

Can we have insulin pace makers?

Blood sugar levels,pancreas,insulin and tablets how are they correlated?

some times people are refractory to even insulin....how do you define diabetes here?


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Insulin injections are suppelemts to natural insulin essental for feeding sugar to the syatem without which, the sugar will get stagnated in blood at raised levels.Insulin is given artificially for those who do not have capacity to produce insulin at all or meagre insulin levels. Diabetes drugs are controlling sugar by reducing its intake in every level of digestion form converiting food to sugar, sischarging sugar in controlled manner to make use of available insulin,absobtion of sugar into blood stream, pumping in sugar in to syatem, thereby relieving excess sugar from blood and so on. High sugar level in blood indicates that the body is unable to manage and distribute sugar tothe system for giving energy needed.There are different medicines for differen purposes for all the above and th doctor will decide the type of medicines suitable for you in each case depending upon the needs.


Thank you!

What is the meaning of glucose level in blood / urine?

All the food is converted to glucose via liver to the system.

Where does insulin act to control the circulating glucose level and how?

In starvation what is the role of insulin?

Is there any other mechanism in the body to control glucose level?

When we take food .. excess glucose is generated which gets normal

levels after the Threshold level is reached

How the body understands if antidiabetic drugs are used?

What are the side / bad effecta of such drugs?

I wish Diabetologists take part in this discussion.



The entry of sugar in to system muscles to give you strength is a natural process. But here the body will reject anything to keep you safe form invasions. Thus the receptors at the entry point block all the things that is carried by blood. But the nature has made you to get yourself energised with sugar (Actually Carbon as fuel ) for your system. Here only insulin makes the receptors to allow sugar in to the system say as a catalyst. Without insulin's presence, the receptors in your system will not allow sugar to enter for combustion as a fuel. This rejection of sugar by the receptors without 'agent' insulin, causes stagnation of sugar in the blood raising sugar levels. Normal man is said to have around 110-120 mg/DL of sugar in his blood. When the sugar level reaches to high levels in blood, the blood passes the excess sugar to some amount into the kidneys for disposal. But God has not given your kidney the duty to expel the sugar through urine. Yet due to unavoidable circustances, the sugar is disposed in urine by the kidney. The kidneys sophisticated filter memberences get cloogged with sugar and the kidney fails in due course. Presence of sugar in kidney can be found by taking copper sulphate solution Called Benedicts solution (available at all durg stores)of 5ml in a test tube and dropping 8 drops of urine and boil it till the liquid raises to the brink and then the solution is cooled . By vigourous shaking the test tube and observing the changes of the colour of the solution from light blue to green, orange, red, brown or black will indicate how far your urine releases the sugar.If no change in colour is noticed your urine is normal and the kidney is not strained. But once you control urine sugar, rest in controlling diabetes in blood is easy.


Body does not understand any thing. But diabetes drugs make you manage the available glucose in useful way and reduce your intake of food, reduce your digestion, streamline the sugar to the safe levels, make the body to accept the sugar and thereby reduce the blood sugar levels. You must understand that if the sugar levels are as per accepted norms, the absoption of sugar by your body is normal and you have sufficient strength to keep your body from all other ailments as othewrwise the weak body makes you to loose your flesh and you will be unable to fight other deseases, besides, Stagnation of sugar in the sytem blood take you to early and sudden death. Please also refer my other blog for knowing diabetes in simplified terms. I am not a doctor, but i have enough experience to make these blogs as I my self am a diabetes and successfully managing it.


I wish to know the mode of action of insulin.

When certain Ayurvedi c / sidha /homeopathy /alternative medicines

vegetables can reduce the sugar levels what does insulin do?

If alternative therapy can reduce sugar levels without antidiabetic allopathic drugs ...that amount of insulin is not utilised!

I think we should consider other means without insulin or antidiabetic life long therapy.

Pl correlate the different modes of action of alternative medicine therapy.

We should be able to find other means of reducing blood sugar levels if it shoots up to pathological levels.



If you believe in Ayurveda or siddha, I am not to comment. But as for allopathic way only their findings on insulin and its uses in management of diabetes is copied by all systems.I do not go in for alternative therapy in place of allopathic ones, as the latter is bases on researches and results.


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