Blurred vision due to Diabetes in recently diagnosed diabetes

Hi All,

My age is 29, height-5"8 and 62 kg . I was recently diagnosed with diabetes(03-10-2015).

My fbs and ppbs was 314 and 515 respectively. abH1c was 11.7

My doctor started with Jalra 50/500 and insulin(15U morning, 10 U evening). within week my blood sugar was under control (fbs-107 ppbs-126). then doctor decreases insulin and now insulin is closed before 10 day fbs is 85-110 and ppbf is 120-180 from last 10 days. blurred vision is improved very much after controlling blood sugar.i will go for C-Peptide test after 1 month according to my doctor.

i have already decreased carbohydrate .

So what should i do for protracting my eyes and other complications??


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  • To avoid diabetic complications try to maintain BS levels in a non-diabetic range.

    FBS < 90, highest BS level (spike- around 45-75 min.) after meals < 140. PPBS < 120 at 2 hrs. and Hba1c < 5.7.

  • I would suggest you watch the following video.

    If you take the information on board and act on it you will reverse your diabetes. In it Dr. Fung is giving a talk on the subject to an audience of doctors:

  • Thanks Mike,

    Your Valuable response will help me great

  • ""

  • It is youtube link. Play video then click on Youtube icon on bottom right will take you on Youtube.

  • Do you monitor blood sugar at home? Specially PPBS?

    Once a month/week tests in lab are useless.

  • I am monitoring fbs,ppbs every day

  • Cut UR calories intake to less than 2200 k/calls per day. This is the requirements to keep your body functions operating

  • Please consult your eye specialist for diabetic retinopathy immediately.

  • I agree with SITHU.

    Dont delay a visit to the specialist in Retinopathy.

    Do it ASAP

  • Go for retinal check along with internal eye observation

    Check for triglycerides and RFT (renal function test)

  • Thanks for your replay. I am working in IT field since 2012 as a Software engineer. I was visiting regularly in a very good eye hospital in New Delhi since last 2.5 year because of eye problem (current power in eye Left-sph=-0.5cyl=-0.5, Right sph=-0.25 cyl=-1.0). Basic problem was blurry vision and nerve pain since 1 year.They had done all test but, i don't know why they never go for sugar test. Some time they ask for family history but no one is diabetic in my family. I am taking Matilda fort as my doctor advised. Now no more nerve pain and blurry vision improved 50%.

  • Use Alkali powder out side of the Human Body on the Skin your Blurred Vision due to diabetes will disappear and it will be also use full in lowering the Blood Gulucose level and protracting my eyes and other complications.. The Alkali powder will neutralizes the Acid in the inside of the Human Body. All diseases in the Human Body depends on the Acid in the inside of the Acid [Acidity] only.

    Sri Veera

  • A bit high 515, me like 400 sometimes.

  • Like the others said here, please do a diabetic retinopathy test immediately and then yearly afterwards. Ensure the eye doctor dilates your pupil and checks, this is done by pouring a liquid in your eyes and you wait 30 minutes and then the doctor checks your pupil. It will take an hour after that for your pupil to return to normal. Carry dark glasses with you as your eyes will be very sensitive to light after this test. Also someone should accompany you to take you home as you will not be able to see very clearly due to light sensitivity.

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