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Whey protein could help tackle diabetes!

Consuming whey protein before meals reduces the blood sugar spikes seen after meals.It also improves the body's insulin response.

High milk intake has long been associated with lower risk for type2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease .

Milk whey protein increases the production of an intestinal hormone called glucagone like peptide-1 (GLP 1),that stimulates insulin secretion,this in turn reduces glucose rise after meals.

Study published in the journal Diabetologia.

Quoted from Hindustan Times dated 11 th sept.2014.

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You can only eat a limited amount of protein because its metabolism for fuel causes harmful side products including urea and ammonia.


You are correct.Only a limited quantity to be taken before meals.Tha dose as per the article is only 1-2 gms/kg body weight.But this is result of very limited trial and a lot has to done before it can be put to general use for diabetics.


How much of protien and carb may be taken diabetic patients . Ithink complex carb like moongdal or round and bengal dal or round may take with roti or chapati or dosa ? Or for lunch or breakfast only above dal maybetaken pleaseclarify Thanks


Dals whether moong or Bengal gram are good source of protein,but at the same time they also contain fair amount of carbohydrates.Important thing is that a part of carb is resistant starch,a part is slowly digestible starch.Still,if you are a diabetic your diet must take into account the carb in dals.


Very informative


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