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Artificial Pancreas: A New Way to Cure Type I Diabetes

Recently read a press release on IRCM that detailed the research report conducted by their specialists. They have discussed whether using a dual hormone artificial pancreas proves beneficial for type 1 diabetic patients or not. Here I will share what I have learned from the post and expect it will help those readers who are suffering from type-1 diabetes.

IRCM researchers are working under the instruction of famous endocrinologist Doctor Remi Rabasa-L-Horet and this team is the first one to research whether uses of artificial pancreas (dual hormone) or following conventional treatment methods prove beneficial for type 1 diabetic patients. After completing the research, they concluded that uses of artificial pancreas reduce risk of hypoglycemia and improve glucose level among them. They compared the result between to groups of subjects- one group taking insulin and the other following latest treatment method using artificial pancreas.

The artificial pancreas works as an automatic system and force normal pancreas to receive insulin from pancreas following changes in one’s glucose level. The artificial pancreas helps in delivering glucagon and insulin following CGM or continuous glucose monitoring report.

Mr. Ahmed Haider who is the first author to write about the study commented, “We found that the artificial pancreas improved glucose control by 15 per cent and significantly reduced the risk of hypoglycemia as compared with conventional insulin pump therapy.” In his opinion, an artificial pancreas can work 15 percent better to control increasing level of glucose in diabetic patients specially one who is suffering from type 1 diabetes.

In addition, it also reduces the high risk of hypoglycemia at a remarkable rate especially if compared to patients who are following traditional insulin pump treatment methods. Mr. Ahmed is also a doctoral student at IRCM and member of the mentioned research unit.

People suffering from type 1 diabetes need to manage their diabetes level carefully to make it sure that they are within the target range. Controlling blood glucose level is important to prevent further complications and it reduces hyperglycemia related risks.

Researchers suggest majority of the patients fail to meet the target following available treatment methods but latest artificial pancreas treatment method will help them to achieve the target and to reduce probable hyperglycemia affects in diabetic patients.

Here experts have developed a dosing algorithm so that the sensor can talk to the pump constantly. This technique is not found in conventional insulin pumps. This technology will work as the brain of the system. It can calculate required doses of insulin following changes in glucose level.

The system being developed by the researchers can copy the functions of normal pancreas secreting both insulin and glucagon. Glucagon helps a patient to manage insulin if he or she takes extra doses by mistake. The system can also help a patient to manage frustration, which also affects one’s blood sugar level abnormally.

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic and incurable disease and they need to use insulin pumps randomly to keep blood sugar in control. According to CDA or Canadian Diabetic Association report, approximate 285 millions of people are now suffering from type 1 diabetes.

Doctor, Remi Rbasa-L horet has completed her doctoral degree from Montpellier University in France. He has specialized in nutrition, metabolism and endocrinology. He also works as an associate professor at the University of Montreal. In addition, he is a research scholar from Fonds de recherche du Québec.

IRCM is an institute that comprise of individual 37 research units at present. The units research on different fields like neurobiology, cancer, metabolic diseases. The institute also houses three research clinics to improve research based works.

As the number of type diabetes suffers is rising constantly, such effective researches and findings can prove to be very crucial. I praise efforts by the team of IRCM with all my heart.

Is it possible to cure type-I diabetes by using artificial pancreas.


Press release from ircm.qc.ca

Collected by : S Prakash Kasturi

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This is really a great news for diabetics particularly type one. Thanks for sharing


I have lost my friends in this diabetics...........................n now i will tell my friends not to worry...............Dr the whole credit goes to u.........................


When should we can expect such type of systems like artificial pancreas in the market?


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