INSULIN RESISTANCE - What does it mean?

It is cited as the cause of diabetics in general. The treatment methods we are going through leaves me confused very much.

The medication we are following at present is to change the structure of the insulin secreted by the system or to be supportive for the cells so as to enable them to make use of the insulin now secreted as a diabetic?

This question ponders me after I changed over to LCHF the new arrival in this field though works very well for me. The LCHF however is very much the Western meal in general – expensive too. We cannot give up Carbs all together as it seems affordable to our communities in general.

If the presence of glucose prompt insulin secretion and the insulin having become ineffective to naturalize glucose and the continued presence of glucose prompt further secretions of insulin- We should know the real cause that disabled the insulin initially. Then we should be able to endeavor to eliminate the cause that prompted the disability of the insulin which was effective once.

The solution has to come from the food we take - we switch to bio(s) or strictly ban the use of synthetic fertilizers etc for a permanent solution for this common issue!


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  • Yes . The root cause has to be found out and eliminated and changing diets and ratios does not lead us any where . The scientific research , if so great ,has to work in this direction.

  • Ban of synthetic fertilisers , use of bio degradable products , limiting food intake . taking organic produce , controlling pollution , -----the list is too big which does not seem to be incorporated inthe life style in the near future .The foreign rule ended some 70 years back but the emotional and cultural slavery is still ruling the roost .

  • The primary treatment for insulin resistance is exercise and weight loss.


  • GVGnanasooriyam

    1) cause of ir not known but genes are said to be responsible primarily. Secondary causes like faulty eating, lack of exercise, lifestyle etc.

    2) Lchf is not a western meal. It's a concept that since we can't clear bs efficiently and high bs levels cause damage we should avoid carby foods. Prots can't be taken in excess beyond certain amount so remains the fats to fulfill our calorie requirements.

    3) nature itself has made a provision of another fat based fuel - ketones for us. So we need to use ketones instead of glucose.

    4) lchf though costly but can adopt cheaper substitutes. Follow lchf concept. Take as less carbs as possible, protein as per your financial capacity and fats you are using routinely like peanut, mustard or sesame oils. All these oils are unsaturated fa and will help you to great extent in your D control.But good fats give good results.

    As of now forget about cause. Leave it to scientists to find out. What we have to remember is that we are poor at carbs so can't take. Most of the aversion to fats comes from faulty knowledge that has been bombarded on us by vested interests for many years that fats are cause of obesity and D and carbs are essential for life. Bro carbs are a source of energy universally available, cheaper and tasty.

  • We should not relax leaving it to someone else to tackle ‘OUR PROBLEM”

    Our involvement here itself is a way of approaching the problem scientifically. The GM produces are the off shoots of science the same way we got bomber harvests together with the hidden elements which left us where were we are today by using agro chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

    Why not those scientists engaged in the Genetically Modified Produces to go into it and do some manipulations in the gens of our foods which will do what we are getting done with our medications at present!

  • GVGnanasooriyam

    Our genes undergo spontaneous mutations constantly. Don't think food or steroids can influence the mutations. Only radiation is known to damage genes definitely as per the present knowledge

  • Recently I came across some statements that the steroids given at some stage for some reason can be the root cause. I do not have anybody in my family,mother father grand parents with the history of Diabetes. But I was administered steroids for some illness. Probably that could be the reason. It is a question.

  • I am also under the same impression. I took steroids injections continuously for 8 to 10 weeks for keloids on my shoulder. Next months my sugar level increased and the Doctor told, it may be the effect of high dosage injection which provoked Diabetes. But, now the doctors deny this. My parents/family has no history of diabetes. For the last more than 35 years I am having diabetes and now on insulin injection and managing some how without any problem. If any solutions, please suggest.

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