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Can I eat what I want?


If i go out for an evening, and decided to have a pudding can i have what i want or does it have to be the healthy option all the time? help!

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avoid sugar and sugar added food

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Thanks gurinder. I'm new to this. Do you have any food recommendations that are easy to make and ok for people with diabetes?

Ganesh in reply to gurinder

Thats a good start. But more detailed advice depends on if you are type 1 or type 2. Type one, you can more or less stick to a 'normal' healthy diet. If you are type 2 you have to be more careful. You mustn't eat anything that risks lowering your blood sugar level. There are many bits of advice but the best advice is to always check your levels 2 hours after eating. If you make a record of what different foods do to your levels, then over time you will learn how your body reacts to different foods... this is the very best way of planning your diet as everyone's bodies are different, and everyone's diabetes is different...

gurinder is right. Try to avoid eating too much sugar

this linnk might be useful:

try 2 avoid fast food...

you can eat raw vegetable salads to your fill. You can eat fruits like guava, apple, water melon which are rich in water content. avoid fruits like jack fruit, mango , grapes which are rich in sugar. drink lots of water through out the day, drink green tea with sugar free , oats is also good and helps to keep you full. never eat sweets in empty stomach that will increase your blood sugar instantly. before having meal or dinner eat raw vegetables with vinegar dressing . this helps to line your stomach wall and slow down sugar absorption. you can eat a fist full of almonds a day . excercise for atleast for half an hour everyday. goood luck to you.

I believe i can eat anything if i cover it with insulin. and that's what i do. If you are having stuffs like pudding i think it rises your blood glucose fast. check you bg before food and take a insulin shot accordingly to cover your food. for ice creams, pizza and Chinese you have to take 2 shots to cover them. because they have lot off fat that kicks in when you insulin's time is out. i suggest check your bg every hour to be safe and healthy if you love to have these food often.

if you guys are using sweeteners then go for Stevia. Its herbal, does not taste much like sugar but is better for your health.

you can eat what u want, if u take bios slim before your food. Its really changed my in-laws life suffering from diabetes.

Best to control the blood sugar is to go for max 5% carbs per 100gram. means no sugary fruits though healthy fruits are coconut and avocado. you need your energy to fats but be careful of omega 6 fats. if u got type 2 diabetes u can be cured with a diet. but for type 1 u can get less injections and feel healthier. . their is a good page to read that is about diet and diabetes and other issues. visit this page i do follow this diet and i have also lost weight without exercising and not starving. Fats in food doesnt cause the high blood sugar, is sugar and carbs only. carbs are long chains of sugar. body naturaly stabels the blood sugar even with no sugar or no carbs in diet. in sweden their is people living on zero carbs on meat, butter, egg, majo, cheese. good luck =)

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