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Should I eat veg. or non-veg. and what kind of food should I intake?


Hi. My age is 40 and I have diabetes. My fasting blood sugar is 130 & afterwards, it's 170. What can I do now?

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Go for LCHF and change your life style.


Have you talked with your doctor about a diet change? What do you eat for meals and snacks?

Start intermittent fasting ( select 24 hours or 36 hours ).

You will see wonderful improvement.

Sandy001 in reply to velkumar

Is buttermilk allowed on intermittent fasting

Spend time to understand diabetes.

Well said!

thank you

scp_123 in reply to velkumar

What is 24 or 36 hours. How to plan fasting in a systematic way. Is it fasting even without water or some light food or liquid can be taken?

velkumar in reply to scp_123

go to the above web site and check on intermittent fasting. All the details are available.

Start using internet and you can find most your your doubts will be having answers.

Spend time to understand diabetes.

First of all if u eat nonveg than it is good & easy for u to control sugar.

Add 2 boiled egg in the morning.

In lunch take only leafy vegetables. Wheat bran chapati with peanut butter.

In dinner u can take fish/chicken gravy with 2-3 pcs. of chicken.

Also see overall CARB shud not increase beyond 130gm.

Also see good fat shud not increase beyond 50-60gm.

Yr BS will come down to 100 FBS & PPBS 130.

Can u tell me ur HBA1C...

Rbdesai in reply to shahzam

Yes I was having HbA1c 12.6% on 3/10/16.And after 3 month 5/1/17 HbA1c is 6.9%. Started medicine OBIMET GX2 in the morning. Today without medication.

Don't worry about ur diabetes ur HBA1C is very good ...... go ahead , don't leave ur medicine. Keep it continue . Very hopefully ur HBA1C will decrease more. well done 👍

veg and avoid non veg completely

I am on insulin 30 HM (Penfill). Recently the doctor told me that I have to take 40 iu. What is the difference?

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