"Can Diabetics Eat Onions?"

"Can Diabetics Eat Onions?"

Here is a very interesting article I found about onions and the effects they have on both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Go to: livestrong.com/article/4743...

It explains how many carbs. an onion has depending on the type and how you plan to use it. The ADA recommends that everyone has 5 fruits and vegetables a day-- adding an onion in would be okay since it's a low carbohydrate and calorie type of food.


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  • Medical studies have affirmed a direct link between chromium levels and diabetes. Low levels of chromium picolinate can lead to decrease in insulin concentrations. Onions are natural storehouse of chromium picolinate. Regular consumption of onions can increase the efficiency of insulin and boost blood sugar metabolism.Onions also contain active ingredients like allicin and allyl propul disulphide or APDS that help lower blood glucose levels considerably. What's more, these anti-diabetic compounds are very much akin to the compounds used in insulin synthesis and helps stabilize insulin levels in the body.

    People who consume onion extract on a daily basis have found a significant drop in their high blood sugar levels over a period of time. But that isnt all , onions also help to curb high blood pressure, combat infections, cut down the risk of blood clot, and thwart the growth of cancerous tumors .

  • good information.thanks

  • 100 gm Onions is 4+ gms sugar.


  • Dear mr. Anup, you may be right about onions having sugar but I am amazed how efficiently this is metabolized by even a diabetic person ! I can talk for myself , about 4 months back I posted here about how I " needed help with LCHF " as in spite of my every effort at having a low carb diet , after a good start my numbers were again creeping up (FBS 182 , PP 229 ) ,it was after reading an article I added raw onion (one medium size ) with both meals ,about 2 months back ,along with a strict low carb diet ,my today's readings are FBS 102 & PP 146 so...... I'm happy with this sugar ! :)

  • My Take on LCHF:

    Eat everything and anything you want as long as you restrict carbs to ~20% max of calories intake.

  • Good info Activity2004

  • Thank you for saying that, Shashikantiyengar! :-) That really made my day.

  • Activity2004

    Really very useful information. Thank you for posting this.👍👍

  • Anytime, suramo!

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