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Low Fat Plant Based Whole Food- What it is ?


Some members have been asking me "What exactly is the Low Fat Plant based Whole food?" And any links to know more about this Diet?

This made me to make this post for the benefit of all of those who are interested to know more.

Well as the name indicates- it is Low in Fat and it is a Plant Based Whole Food with minimal processing, and when we eat a varieties of Green vegetables including a liberal quantity of Leafy Greens, Legumes , whole grains, Fruits , could provide all the Macronutrients and Micronutrients that Men need for their overall Health.

Since it is a 100% Plant based diet, obviously the Diet have (1) No Animal Protein (2) No Animal Fat (3) No Egg and Fish (4) No Dairy products- since Dairy products have Animal Protein & Fat.

Since the Diet is Low in Fat, so all varities of cooking oil/Fat from both Veg & Non-Veg sources to be eliminated from the Diet. Even Nuts of all kinds need to be restricted as nuts are rich sources of Fat.

The list of Green light/ yellow/Red light food is as per the link below.


Initially when I read through the Book " mastering diabetes" by Cyrus khambatta, I was bit skeptical at this kind of Diet.

Then I went through the research papers in the book and later in their Mastering Diabetes website link .


Still I was not fully convinced....

Then I thought Cyrus khambatta- the author of the book himself is a Type1 diabetes since childhood...He is MD, Ph.d and he writes that he reduced his insulin requirement by 50% with this diet...he confidently says that he can stop progression of insulin resistance and even reverse in case Beta cells are still healthy in type 2..... And then I read there are 1000's of diabetes Type1/1.5/2 enrolled in his program who are posting their results/positive feedback in the face book - if you google "(free) mastering diabetes facebook" ....you can get the link of the face book account..

From the Mastering diabetes web-site link pasted above ....you can read through the blogs...

I still was wondering...how the LFWFPB diet would help diabetes ?

I continued my further research and got links from the face book about a lot of other researchers who have done similar work on low fat plant based whole food....what I found there is very little difference in the dietary pattern among all these well qualified researchers....all are allopathy M D. Doctors who have closed down their allopathy clinics/ left hospital Job in order to dedicate their research into plant based whole food....all of these Allopathy doctors now running naturopathy clinic where they are enrolling patients those are badly seeking a solution for their nagging health issues. And the beauty part of it is that their program and all research studies along with their advice is freely available in their websites/Social media Facebook/YouTube...there is no patent ...no selfish motive....they are all against allopathy medication......so they get no financial aid from Pharma companies or organisations like poultry/ egg or Meat producers/ Dairy producers Associations.

They all are offering a solution with plant based food available everywhere around you... Locally produced near your place living which everyone can afford....

You can watch all these experts speak in the link below .......


These researchers say that it is the excessive Fat which çlogs the Muscle cells and resists entry of Glucose cells and thus insulin Resistance develops ...and it affects lipid profile ..and causes heart disease...in fact Dr Esselstyne managed well the Heart disease of the then American President Bill Clinton by Low fat plant based whole food and the then President had endorsed this Diet..

According to these researchers, Human body does not need fat...as our Body is capable of making required fat from carbohydrates. However, there are some Essential fats called EFA (essential fatty acid) which human body can not make .....these are ALA (Alpha linolenic Acid & LA.(Linoleic Acid) ... Which can be found abundantly in flax seed / chia seed or Wal nut....and 1 tablespoonful of flax seed powder/chia seeds or 3-4 walnuts day is sufficient to provide days need of Essential Fats ...in any case all the plant based whole food already have some fat in them.....whether it is Oats or brown rice or potato or a legume.... soyabeans have Too much fat. .... even banana have some fat in it though in lower Quantity....it is mundane....whatever you eat there is always Fat in it...

There is no way to check Beta cell status except C- Peptide level....even if you check C- peptide level which you must know your diabetic status ....you can not do much about it to correct it except that you should be cautious in taking the food which could make it worse.....there is no drug discovered so far to regenerate beta cells....if all beta cells die, the only alternative is insulin ......

But as per the researchers, if you take care of your Heart, Kidney , Liver by some natural food/ diet..... Reduce overall Body inflammation, reduce weight if one is overweight,... then the Insulin resistance can be reversed and progression of beta cells can be arrested to a great extent....

That is how the LFWFPB was identified....which puts least pressure on your heart , kidney, liver... reduces Body inflammation... Heart disease is the no 1 killer among Diabetes and non-diabetes in the World...and this food is supposed to be the best...which renowned Cardiologist Dr Esselstyne vouch for this.. .People go to him with a clogged artery requiring bye-pass and it is his job to clear the clog without surgery....🙂

This diet results in sustainable weight loss, brings down BP/ Cholesterol naturally, improves kidney function, Brings down your hsCRP, results least inflammation in the body.

A couple of recent research studies compared LFWFPB with Mediterranean Diet, Low Carbo keto Diet....links below.....



The latest research indicates that a plant based whole food diet is the most prefered diet to prevent Alzheimer's/ Dementia/ Parkinson/Memory loss which many times the diabetes are vulnerable....watch the world's leading researcher Neurologists on Alzheimer's - Dr. Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, MD .. .. links below ...



Disclaimer : This is for information and education purpose.. The kind of diet you take is your personal choice..please consult your registered medical practitioner for medical advice.

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Excellent Information.. @Namaha...May be those who are already following, Plant based diet, can share their observations,so others can benefit it.. Taking low fat is contrary to LCHF diet many follow to control blood sugar and many other advantages. Other links also provide good information. Thanks for studious inputs.

namahaAdministrator in reply to DRH-sangli

Thanks Sangli !

My view is as follows:

Blood sugar control is only one part of the diabetes management. It's other cousins also need to be kept under control to avoid diabetic complications at a later date and to arrest the culprit- the Insulin resistance which is progressive in nature

The cousins are !

(1) Blood pressure within normal range without BP medicines

(2) Without cholesterol lowering drugs, maintain cholesterol LDL below 100 preferable @ 75-80 range and Low Triglyceride preferably @75-80 range.

(3) Kidney function should be within normal range such as urea, creatinine. Even if urea , creatinine is normal , the kidney may still deteriorate .....can be found out by checking microalbuminurea & albumin creatinine ratio, which are early signs of kidney defunct. By the time it shows off in urea, creatinine , it becomes too late....

(4) Liver function and no NAFLD by ultrasonography

(5) hsCRP below 1... to keep body inflammation under control..Lower the hsCRP , better for the endothelial and for safety of Beta cells..

(6) Healthy BMI- range- if overweight, need to have sustainable weight loss. If underweight , need to put on some weight🙂

(7) Sound sleep for 8 hours every night

(8) minimise wild swing of blood sugar levels - Hypo and hyper.

(9) Avoid taking too many pills - study indicates too many pills in the long term harmful for health.

Take care !

Cheers !

yvjanard in reply to namaha

Pls suggest some ways of getting sound sleep.

namahaAdministrator in reply to yvjanard

Will get back to you...it is a topic needs a detailed discussion..It is in my mind.....will cover it in a new post...

Watch out coming days...

My friend was diagnosed with type 2, 8 years ago, he went on medication and veg only food.

Now he tells me about B12 issues and taking supplement. He was in hospital in 2018 with memory problems. Like every one else he and his family are concerned about his health.

UK, NHS I monitoring the situation.

namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

Dear Sandy

Good point raised. And I think I had covered this .

If you have missed out in my recent posts.....may I mention this here too...

Even the researchers have also covered this in their advice.

(1) B-12 deficiency in diabetes and non- diabetes is very common whether one takes veg or non veg food

(2) B-12 deficiency is due to Issues in digestive system both for diabetes and non - diabetes. No one is spared

(3) Most diabetes take Metformin which results in b12 deficiency. Evidence based Science.

(4) That is the reason why b12 test should be a regular test for everyone whether diabetes or not..

(5) Fortunately, it can be cured by a very economical vitamin supplement safe tablet called Methylcobalamine - 1500 MCG per day for two months.....

Good luck...stay safe ..

Cheers 🙂

sandybrown in reply to namaha


I have read all your posts and made a note of all good information.

We all need to take care of B12 and one should avoid going for B12 injections.

Take care.

namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown


yvjanard in reply to sandybrown

Do you see any issue takin B12 injection? You mean to say, tablet is better or only food based b12? and any reasons for you to think so?

yvjanard in reply to namaha

Is Methylcobalamine better or one injection like vitcofol-C in one or two months as needed (for a couple of years or so) is better? Or both ways is it same/good?

namahaAdministrator in reply to yvjanard

Dear yvjanard

I am thinking of making a post on supplements- one should always test for these deficiencies irrespective whether one is Veg or non- Veg! And whether one is diabetes or non- diabetes ? This is Based upon my own studies from latest research work.

Coming to your question, B12 deficiency can occur with any one....

It is such a simple blood test...Thyro-care or Lalpath lab will charge you around Rs600-800.

If found deficiency , take methylcobalamine 1500 mcg daily for 2 months - there are dozen of pharma companies which make b12.

After 1 month check your blood b12 ...if no improvement opt for injection...

Alternatively, if you are on metformin , you can not go wrong by taking 500 mcg -1000 mcg daily as a preventive measure.

In any case toxicity due to excessive b12 is rare since b12 is a water soluble vitamin , it gets easily excreted by kidney.

LCHF proponents stopped or still following and advocating as much as before. There used to be very high voluminous support to LCHF in the past. Any changes to it nowadays?

namahaAdministrator in reply to yvjanard

Dear yvjanard

I don't think we are talking about any proponents and opponents...☺️

When I joined this forum , I also started Practising LCHF diet in line with most members.....

But my health conditions deteriorated within 3 months- all parameters went negative.......

I gave up....not putting any blame to anyone in the forum... ....no one forced me to take LCHF.... It was my choice to give it a try after having failed on many food trials ! ..☺️

After giving up LCHF, i was looking for an alternative solution.

Did a course on Food and Nutrition....did a lot of studies thereafter....

Now I find a solution which I have been practising since last 6 months ..... I see that apart from lowering blood sugar , it protects all other organs such as Heart, kidney , Liver, lipids, ...which is based on so many Researcher's decades of research work on plant based diet......

My practical experience with this diet is the best ever in my life among all food trials that I did in my life......

If you read my previous posts....

My assessment after doing all the studies & research and the feedback from the 1000's of plant based diet users in "Mastering diabetes forum" is that it is easy to reverse IR by a 100% Plant based low fat whole food diet..

It may be extremely difficult to reverse insulin resistance with LCHF diet , maintain lipid profile and kidney function and all other health parameters in the long term..

There is no compulsion....you can continue with whatever you like and what suits you the best ........ We pray God that you live healthy.....you can also post your results in the forum if you want....

Choice is yours....


yvjanard in reply to namaha

Sorry for my English. My focus was to understand that LCHF that had very huge support, would have damaged some innocent people's health, by going by the very very strong campaign, ridicule on the research, cynical about doctors advices etc. Even my impression was the same as yours that plant based food (vegetables, leaves etc) is also one option to try and that helped me too. But LCHF was telling, there is no other option than to eat LCHF. High fat was proven bad in the past ages, research and by all popular and renowned and even humanitarian cardiologists (not just business type) but here, we used to hear complete opposite of it and many innocents fell for it. It would have caused some irreversible damages too. Even many doctors used to get influenced by the kind of some shared experiences and logic behind lchf. I just wanted to know that same kind of following is still there or is it stopped due to the effects most might have seen in the long term (I expected so).

yvjanard in reply to namaha

Agree 100%

Such a nice writing.

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