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Anyone with experience of very low calorie diet?


I am thinking of trying out 800 calories diet as a way to 1. Lose weight 2. To reverse diabetes 3. Improve my cholesterol.

I would be grateful if those who have tried it can share their experiences.

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I have not practiced it, but could not help sharing my view. 800 calorie diet is not practicable since you need more calories than that to meet the basic metabolic rate to fuel the essential functions of the body like breathing, heart beat, blood circulation etc. etc. I suggest you not to attempt this diet without consulting a good nutrition professional.

The link above will provide some useful information.

Human body function needs energy and it comes from what goes into our mouth.

Link below gives some information on zero calorie food:

Good luck. Take care.


Hi sribri,

As ramana42 has said, please see a doctor or dietitian before you change your diet. No one wants anyone getting sick or worse. Not all diets are going to work for everyone or give the same results.😀👍🌈

Thanks to all for info, feedback and concern. 800 calorie diet is not a long term diet. I agree body cannot sustain on it. It is for a maximum period of 12 weeks and typically between 2 to 8 weeks. The purpose is rapid weight loss and visceral fat reduction, which is necessary for diabetic reversal. Once the 8 weeks are over, one switches back to normal diet required to sustain the reduced weight.

Given below is the link of fast 800 diet review at one of the bbc sites. I would appreciate if you can review and provide your view on it.


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