Veg LCHF Diet ( Low calorie)

I take : 30 Gram (Ground Nut+ Roasted Chana-mudi) , 15 Gram Pista OR Wet grinded Sesame Seed, One Cup Arjun-Dalchini Milk and after one Hour 300 Gram Must melon / water melon.

In Lunch 100 Gram- Leaf salad ( palak+tulsi+podina+Curripatta+25 gram Tomato+25 Gram Cucumbar) ; 200 Gram Water melon ; 150 Gram- Boiled Mix veg with 25 Gram Amul Cream ; 150 Gram - Curd or Lassi.

In dinner - Soup-300ml with 20 gram Cream , Mustmelon - 200 Gram, Boiled veg-150gram with 25 Gram Cream ; Fruit Chat / Fruit Custard / Fruit Cream - 100 Gram ; Til laddu - 25 Gram. after 30 Minutes - Milk 200 gram with Turmeric.

two-three Normal tea, during viists.

I not know how many calories this.Please suggest me my calorie intake. My weight is constant since last 2-3 months using this diet.


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11 Replies

  • If your weight is constant forget the calories.

    I stay away from Pista and Cashew and prefer peanuts, almond and walnuts. reasons I have stated many times.

    What are your 2 Hr PPBS values (2 hr starting from first bite)?

  • OK, follow your suggestions, I will check 2hr PPBS today on dinner and inform. Thanks.

  • medfree

    i had asked for your email id pls send it. as your comments on this article will help the people in this forum

  • . Mahesh Khandelwal , vrindaban (Mathura) 09837022973

  • I don't share my contact details. Sorry. More than 150 diabetics have adopted LCHF based on what i share on this forum. I don't have time for one-on-one interaction. More so because i am not making any money out of all this.

  • What's the interpretation of low fbs and high ppbs

  • My body weight is 78 Kgs, height 178 cms, how much calories will be required by me, any body please guide how to calculate/compute calories requirements. FBS 156 PPBS 146, RBS +- 175. Age 56 years, Blood Sugar since last 5 years. I take medicines recommended by doctor 1 glimpiride 2 mg in the morning, & 1 Metformin 850 twice daily.


  • kcal will have to be computed by you. One thing for sure, your FBS/RBS is high.

    switch to Low Carb High Fat diet. Search on forum and google.

  • Thanks a lot. I will follow.

  • Start with 1000 Kcal Diet and check your weight every week , when your weight reaches 67 Kg, than increase some calories, in case if weight will not reduce than reduce 100 to 300 Kcal. Also Check FBS and PPBS regularly and fix your diet quantity accordingly, devide you intake in 6-8 small meals & snacks.

  • kclvbn: I did something like what you recommend to shirishmuzdar and I could bring down my BS average from over 285 to under 140 within 18 weeks.

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