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BS high when i wake up


Need advise friends, I live in the USA and i do a night job and when I return from the job around 7 am my bs is around 130, after an hour exercise it comes around 90-100. I take my dinner around 1 pm. but when I check my bs again around 10 pm before going work it comes around 190-200. I don't eat many carbs. I eat only low carb tortilla with veg and some time with ground chicken or fish which has around 7carb. what could be the reason ?. and if anyone living in the USA can tell me what kind of meal taking and any other alternative. please help me with this.

I do not drink cow milk anymore, now only using unsweetened almond milk for the tea. i also have thyroid.

my report came with A1C 9, Thyroid 7.1. I had HEP C last year, so the doctor suggested to me Marvyet and now the virus has gone. The doctor told me I got the virus 20 years ago. but I still have cirrhosis. the good thing is my liver is working fine. and I don't smoke and drink. The medicine I am talking for BS is Metformin, Glipizide, and Thyroid medicine

Help me what should I eat or avoid. someone who is living in the USA and how he/she controlling BS


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Doing shift do play a big part is blood sugar level. When I was doing shift work 4 on 4 off shift, I tried not to change my eating pattern. I tried not to eat after 8PM, If you are on medication then this may not be possible. when others are eating after midnight, food smell is a big problem as every one eat at the desk!!

Very difficult to balance.

Take care.

karan79 in reply to sandybrown

What is your diet chart and what kind of snake you take with tea or coffee

sandybrown in reply to karan79


Try an eat plenty of steamed or roasted veg. From the response below hotel depending on the size of the hotel and if you have a friend in the kitchen you can get your veg cooked. Green leaf, broccoli, kale, coli flower, beat root and many more. In the beginning this is very difficult, you can get used to it, get a small plate and dish.

Why snack? there is no need for it!!, you can have boiled chick peas, a small quantity, nuts if you are not allergic to it, count five at a time and eat at intervals. I worked in Nigeria for a while, food was a problem, but there were plenty of green veg and plantain, you can boil sweet potato with skin keep it in the fridge, when you want to eat peel the outer layer skin and eat it. Drink plenty of warm or cold water.

Avoid all grain food till you bring down your HBA1C number. At home boil Sri Lankan cinnamon stick and drink the water morning and evening, soak one table spoon fenugreek eat the soft fenugreek and drink the water every morning. You can also buy tea bags, cinnamon, fenugreek, turmeric and insulin plant leaf and there are many other type of tea bags as well. I buy these tea bags from the Internet.

good luck and take care.

karan79 in reply to sandybrown

Thanks for your tip.i dont live in the hotel. i have house. and my wife she cooks for me. i will follow up your advise.

sandybrown in reply to karan79

OK, create a XL file for food intake for all three meals and all other food and drinks you take, record your home blood tests. You can draw a graph of up and down numbers.

By controlling your diet you can achieve you blood glucose numbers.

It is equally important for check you eyes and foot every year.

Boiled chick peas, mix it with fried onions and chillies in butter with steamed green veg for one of your meal, broccoli chopped into very small and steamed with green veg another meal. Roast meat cold or hot with steamed green veg another meal and so on. you can have porridge for breakfast. Always read the food label.

Say no to all sweet products till you bring your number down, look at old posts where members have written how they brought blood glucose number down in three months. HbA1C lab test every three months is important at this stage.

What is your weight, height and waist?

Which part of USA do you live and can you get Asian veg?

karan79 in reply to sandybrown

170 LBS 6 FEET 32 WAIST. I LIVE IN NEW JERSEY. VERY EASILY I CAN GET INDIAN FOOD. i have special bread here with 6gm carb per slice and some comes with 0 carb and same like lo car tortilla 6 carb per roti. Thanks for your advise. i will use your diet plan and follow up.

sandybrown in reply to karan79

Your waist to height ratio is excellent.

Please avoid all grain food, all food cooked with sugar for a while till you control your bolos glucose number, Zero carb?

I am sure there are Sri Lankan food shops near you live to buy Sri Lankan green veg.

You can just have steamed bitter god, ladies finger, plantain and pumpkin, four days lunch.

Another thing you can do is to grow your own in the kitchen in small quantity for one meal, fenugreek two table spoons, in a small flat dish with water dish five days growth, coriander may be 10 days growth, green dried beans, chick peas as well. All of these are good for you. Most of these have bitter taste.

Diet plan, XL file with food intake and blood numbers. Set a target for three months. Full fat milk has been mentioned, 100% butter to cook, no other oil and full fat milk and cheese very good. Unsweetened man made milk is good but, full fat goat milk, cow milk are also good.

Once you have achieved you can write a small paper.!!, I did it for NHS, UK health check.

Yes, you can control it.

There are many members from USA in this group.

Your sleep 9 hours too much. Go to sleep early and wake up at 8 pm.

Are you working in a factory ? Or IT ?

A1C is too high.

Need to write down and count carbs for a week.

Go for a walk 30 to 45 minutes before dinner

Do not go to sleep right after dinner --allow one or two hours before sleep.

karan79 in reply to Fatbuddy

I work as night auditor in a hotel. what is your diet chart. i am tyring my best to cut the carb.

Fatbuddy in reply to karan79

Check private message i sent you

Good luck

You're eating way too much carbohydrate. Eat mostly eggs, olives, avocado, nuts, seeds and meat fat, with some full-fat dairy, coconut and oily fish. For veg, eat mostly greens. For fruit, eat a handful of berries.

God bless you.

thanks. i cant drink full fat dairy. bcoz milk has alot of sugar so i started unsweetened almond milk. and i also started mostly veg meals. i eat most of time strawberry blueberry some time kiwi. i eat avocado alot

Whole milk is 4.7 g carbohydrate per 100 ml. That isn't very high, but even if you avoid that, aged cheeses for instance are very low in carbohydrate.

There really is a broad range of carbohydrate density of vegetables , so vegetarians can be healthy or unhealthy depending on their choices.

cow milk has same size of sugar and carb. 8oz have 12 g carb and 11 g sugar. in india i i had buffalo milk but here in usa only cow milk is available. thats why i started now unsweetened almond and coconut milk. i use to make the tea.

Have you seen how much sugar other foods break down to in the body ?

Take 12 hour fasting everyday at night.


sir you live in west side, what is your diet chart. what you eat if you would like to share.

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karan79 in reply to sandybrown

Thanks sandy. where do you live ?

sandybrown in reply to karan79

I live in UK, I am a retired engineer, I worked for GE, USA for 17 years. Vodafone before retirement.

You can achieve to lower your blood glucose.

karan79 in reply to sandybrown


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