2nd MOnth HBA1c After Dx from A1c @11.2 , Its now 6.6

Hi ,

My First Test of HBA1C was @11.2 and My Endo offered me METFORMIN . and Respectfully rejected Medicines and Started Diet and Physical Management

and Here is my progress.

@ Start _ > 11.2 ( Mean ->256)

After ONE MONTH -> 8.2 ( Mean BG : 180)

Now , After 2 months - > 6.6 ( Mean BG : 140 )

. Here is the link where I updated After ONE MONTH Numbers.



Reference Range:-

My Other Numbers Are As Follows:

Fasting Insulin: 7.34 μU/ml

Fasting Glucose: 98

HOMA IR : 0.99

HOME BETA : 70.7



BUN : 11.14

BUN /Creatine: 15.31:1

Any Suggestion or review on my progress

My last one month , Diet

Ealry Morning : 1 Milk + 4Almonds, 1 Cashew,2 Walnuts

1. Breakfast: Millet Rice made Food ( IDLY /DOSA / RICE BATH etc )

2. No Lunch

3. One cup Milk + Cucumber+ Tomato or One Full Fruit or ANY GRAINS

4. DINNER @7-8PM: 2 Chapathy + any dal

Vegetables : Green Vegetables , Cucumber , Tomoto etc

Fruits : Papaya , Jack fruit ,Avacado etc

I welcome your suggestions ..

I like to know How is my progress with out medicines

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  • You are getting good numbers.Age is on your side.Keep it up and keep monitoring.

  • anything on IR numbers?

  • Creatinine is good.I cannot comment on others.

  • Two month back Creatine was @1.0 in different lab , Should I go for another test to confirm 0.7 /

  • S you can have 3 times millets no need to skip lunch

    Navane Mon tue

    Arka we'd thu

    Rest each 1 day

    my fnds tried we got awesome result ... But we avoid milk, wheat, white rice completely as it damages pancreas especially for diabetes , curd and butter milk is fine and kudos to you on your diet

  • I Skip Launch as I am trying to adopt TWO MEAL / DAY ... It works well with my STYLE OF PROFESSIONAL Life as well as LIMITING MY FOOD INTAKE and minimizing my Pancrease stress.

    This TWO MEAL PER DAY , What I used to live with till I Entered in to Professonal life ( DUE TO POOR Wealth ) and ONce i got it to job , I started eating too much ..

    Now I am going back ( Willfully ) to What I used to follow ( forcefully ) in the past and I am feeling better now .

    I FEEL DIABETIC coused due to my sudden life change of luxury and changed eating habit .

  • Excellent. Kudos to you. Keep maintaining same tempo as far as diet is concerned.


  • cow milk or buffalo milk ?

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