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Diabetics and LCHF/Keto Diet/ Intermittent Fasting


In the last couple of years a lot of information has been appearing on the Internet regarding the benefits of Keto/ LCHF and Intermittent fasting as a way for improving diabetes control/ insulin sensitivity and even sending diabetes into remission. However on the reverse side are complications of low blood sugar, insulin resistance and leptin resistance.

Can diabetics then make a happy compromise between leptin resistance (causing more hunger) and insulin resistance (causing more blood sugar) using LCHF or Intermittent Fasting? I would like your opinions on how this can be accomplished?

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Could you please provide your experience on intermittent fasting and LCHF/Keto diet?

How do you measure leptin resistance? Please let us know.

try simple diet regulation with lowcarb,whole grains full or broken vegeterian diet with judicious use of metformin glimiperide.,and if necessary insulin and moderate exercise.

stay away from lchf and keto unnatural diets to ward off fattyliver

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I appreciate if could share your experience to control sugar not using LCHF/keto diet but only with natural whole grain?

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have breakfast and dinner as dhalia made from broken coarse whole wheat available as bansi rava.

make it as akichidi with vegetables. you can also combine for a variety with green lentils, use soaked sprouted whole grains of chana,groundnut fenugreek. along with tomato greens palak etc/

if you feel hungry at lunchtime try 2 slices of whole wheat bread or a slice of wheat dalia cake made with bananas,horlicks lite badam oil and nuts/ chocolatepowder

continue with your oral pills and insulin/.

no eed to keep testing blood sugar.

try instead urine sugar testing with diastix 2 hours post breakfast.

only if it is positive get blood sugar done

,try to reduce the amount of dhalia intake and try again.

you can use minimal til oil for roasting rava

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