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Diabetes type 2 obesity and Intermittent fasting. 🍽

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Hi everyone,

This has been on the news today that someone is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes every 3 minutes just in England and Wales, which 200K our year and growing.

Fasting can help some people lose weight and prevention is better than cure as diabetes can lead to some very serious consequences. So I see fasting with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise as a great combination to help those who are pre diabetic and some with type 2 Diabetes. Obviously diabetics have to monitor their blood sugar levels and keep it right, this is paramount. And introduce new regimes gently so a new life style just evolves that's what I suggest.

Here's todays article:


Here's what Diabetes UK say about IF:


Here's a link to Fasting and Furious a new Health Unlocked group for anyone interested in fasting:


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Very low calorie diets and fasting are effective, but they are also low carbohydrate.

It depends what you consider a healthy diet. Some authorities are so averse to this recognition of carbohydrate restriction as being healthy.

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Hi Concerned, really it's what a healthy diet for 'us' is and once we find what works for us that's the secret. 😊


This is great!πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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Thanks Leah. πŸ˜€

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Good morning!πŸ˜€πŸ‘

UK, news papers did a lot of writing on food in January this year, at the end of the day how people see the necessity for controlled eating.

Fating has been there for many years nothing new. As I was growing up at least two days a week we missed breakfast, just black tea, then lunch and evening meal in small quantity due to ration book. What we bought has to last 7 days.

IF does wonders, specially if you want advanced benefits like Autophagy. But for that you need to practice atleast 20:4 protocol.

The problem with IF adoption is that people thing it is very difficult to fast. They don't know the process.

Fasting should be started gradually, by first skipping breakfast for 1 week. When your body starts to feel comfortable and adapts to it, then start skipping lunch too.This itself will put you into fasting mode.

Good luck!

We as muslim need to fast for 30 days each year in the month of Ramadan Karim.

Yes fasting helps controlling BS level,

I experienced it last year during Ramadan Karim.

Fasting not only helps controlling BS Level but also its very goood to tuneup the entire body and remedy aginst many diseases.


Thank you farhan_2, you are absolutely right that fasting has many benefits. I've listed Ramadan as an event now, so your welcome to tell us what its like fasting during Ramadan as you'll get support on here.

Jerry. 😊

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