Fasting-mimicking diet for reversal of diabetes

Last month, researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) said that they may have unlocked a potential, new approach to the treatment and reversal of diabetes through a structured diet called the Fasting-Mimicking Diet.

The fasting-like diet is designed to promote the growth of new insulin-producing pancreatic cells in the body by reprogramming non-insulin producing cells. Pretty wild!

What are your thoughts on this type of treatment approach?

If this was a viable treatment option now, would you consider using an approach like this for your diabetes management?

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  • hmmmm... but what is exactly Fasting-Mimicking Diet means...??

    Further many times it is said type 2 are not insulin deficient...but they are insulin resistant...

  • Dear Mr. cure

    In Type-2 diabetes also, as the disease progresses, pancreas BCF gradually deteriorates as you already know which means you become insulin deficient also. That is the purpose of Intermittent fasting we talk about to give rest to pancreas so that it can regenerate beta cells and residual insulin gets used up.

    Same approach is applied here in this study where prenatal genetic condition of pancreas is activated to produce insulin producing cells. Read the whole article through link which I have posted above.


  • what is exactly Fasting-Mimicking Diet means...??

  • It is one of the type of intermittent fasting which applies to 5 days in a month but again its gimmick marketing of sorts and combines LCHF with Intermittent Fasting.......simply following IF with LCHF in any form will give you similar or better results.......

    The Fasting Mimicking Diet, or FMD, is the first meal program made of healthy natural ingredients that someone consumes for five days while his or her body is not recognizing that it is eating, and therefore remaining in a fasting mode. In simple terms, it is fasting with a fasting diet with food!

    This nutritional breakthrough was scientifically developed and clinically tested at the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California. Lead Led by Dr. Valter Longo, the USC Longevity Institute unites multidisciplinary aging research approaches in order to enhance Human Health span, the healthy part of life.

    The ProLon meal plan is followed only 5-days per month. This means that consumers can go back to their normal lifestyle/diet for the remaining 25 days of the month. FMDs provide natural, healthy, and scientifically tested ingredients that will nourish your body during the fasting diet while the body does not realize you are taking in food.

    This fasting with food meal plan is low in carbohydrates and proteins and contains good fatty acids. The FMD patented recipe allows your body to remain under a fasting like mode which triggers a set of protectionist measures that the body has developed during natural selection, when food was scarce and not easy to find and store. It allows your body to optimize its performance, rejuvenate its cells, and thrive under such circumstances.

    When tested in mice, FMDโ€™s increased their median healthspan by a striking 11%, and in randomized human trials it normalized many metabolic health metrics that are correlated with aging and healthspan.

  • Hello

    I hv seen this type of fasting diet in youtube but i need to knw exactly wht shud we eat these 5 days. So the pancreas can take you said

  • Nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, double cream, butter, a little full-fat cheese, avocado, animal fats such as beef dripping, lard, or crackling, or the fat on meat (but limit the meat for the 5 days), duck/goose fat. Basically, natural fat from something that was living a healthy life.

  • Really.. you are saying to eat double cream butter. Full fat cheese .. wont it increase cholestrol .i mean these are fat.. and fat coverts into carbs .. is it?

  • Pinky5

    Our body doesn't think anything and mind has nothing to do with metabolic activities. These functions are autonomous and are based on so many reflex responses. By thinking you can't change metabolic activities. Many have claimed to gain control over body by mind - hath yoga. They are exceptions even if they are right.

  • suramo

    You are wrong because I can give you many examples of mind affecting body in everyway.

    First is when somebody gets shocked, they get heartattack sometimes...isn't it?

    When one get depressed, he might eat less or more...

    When one is under tension, one may eat less or more...most of the people under tension tend to eat more including me (argument is body is preparing for fight or flight response for which it needs more energy to think about the appropriate solution in adverse situations)

    When one is starving, body goes into starvation mode and do not spend energy thus storing fat (read energy)...many people who do dieting by reducing minimum required calories to run the body, body reacts by not converting food into energy and stores as fat thinking it is in dangerous zone where it is not getting enough food so stores it for future use...I have seen this coming true for me

  • Pinky5


    What i said your body doesn't think. All what you said are autonomous functions.

    "The Fasting Mimicking Diet, or FMD, is the first meal program made of healthy natural ingredients that someone consumes for five days while his or her body is not recognizing that it is eating, and therefore remaining in a fasting mode."

    Body recognizes everything. Please tell me what do FMDs contain ? Low calorie diet ? Low carbs low calories? Our bodies can't be cheated. I was talking about mind controlling autonomic functions and not mind affecting your behaviour. You can't stop insulin secretion with carb diet nor can your mind order lipolysis while on carb diet. You can't reduce your heart rate by will power.

    ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Shocks causing heart attacks are found in films / movies and not in real life.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Yes you are very correct. Body is always influenced by mind only.

  • Mind and body are interdependent .One influences the other .

  • I do agree mind influences body....stressful condition will elevate BP...

    However eating and still body should not perceive food is far stretched idea....

    if body doesn't understand..then how digestive juices will be secreted???

  • If no food is taken continuously for 3 days , the entire happiness in the world does not give any energy to the mind and body .

  • Don't know...but once in ashram fasted for 10 days...

    First three days were horrible....on fourth day morning..when I got was like new life....

    I was feeling very light....very energetic....

    on 6 th day...i did some 5 kms cycling even without any problems....

  • Great in deed . But after some more time it would be different . The fasting for some purpose over rides all other conditions . When fasting is done with out any purpose or goal or criteria , it would sap all the energy .

  • Thank you ma"m for enlightening us in FMD..

  • Pinky5,

    Are you talking about the pancreas having too many islets?

  • Pinky5

    cure et al.

    We are not insulin deficient but insulin resistant. So what shall we achieve from regeneration of beta cells?

    If that had been the solution stem cell therapy would have worked on t2d. This apart i don't think beta cells regenerate. In t2d there is no fault with beta cells but if these people / patients don't improve their diet habits their ir increases gradually. T2d people secrete insulin lifelong.

    We need to learn the basic pathophysiology of D. If you go on filling petrol in a diesel car its machine will wreck. We are not destined to use carbs as fuel. Our fuel is ketone bodies. If we go on fuelling our body with carbs it's going to wreck in piecemeal. So basic is no carb for us. 56% of the protein and 10% of fats get converted to carbs. So some people suggest zero carb diet. Fair enough. I agree but

    1) very difficult for veg

    2) puts stress on thyroid.

    So as a compromise i'd recommend carbs to the tune of 30-50 g per day. And that too daily without compromise. The day you eat carbrich meal your numbers will stumble.

    These simple facts are put in decorated forms.

  • This interview from 2011 includes a little on the benefits of intermittent fasting

  • Very interesting interview, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for the info, very interesting but what is that Fasting-Mimicking Diet.

  • read explanation above....I have explained to cure

  • Thanks, what are the actual food for both veg and Nveg to eaten I mean Indian food.

  • I think best is low carb...count carb of each plant food you eat as you are vegetarian...most plant foods contain 50-60% you already know. Fasting-Mimicking diet is not useful because they give away some processed food packets for five days a month which may be non-veg and better not to go for any processed food even during fasting.

  • Thanks Ma'am after you info I have started taking only 100 gms of carb daily and the results are wonderful, my BS are gradually coming down may be in couple of months I will be able to reduce my medication. Do you have any idea of BGR 34 tablets. I took IME9 for two months but no significant difference in BS, are these medicines alike. You know the Hindi saying "Andha aank ke leya rotha hai" so trying all non allopathic medication, if it works why not, but had no success. May be the fresh diabetes one may be benefited.

  • Don't waste money on BGR 34, IME 9 etc. Useless.

  • Thanks Anup I more than agree to you, but here in this forum there are not many who have the same opinion as us

  • Because they r looking at magical pill with non existent magical cure which would allow them to eat whatever got them to diabetes.

  • no idea about BGR 34 or IME9. Choose what works best for you by trial and error. But I believe herbal drugs do help

  • Thanks

  • Very interesting discussion. Thanks for the valuable information

  • Pinky5

    They have induced Diabetes in the mice by injecting some kind of drug. However, we human dont get Diabetes in that way..So I am not sure whether similar strategy would work in human in reversing the condition. Hope it does though....

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