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Can type 2 Diabetes be reversed?


Radical diet reverse type 2 diabetes, new study shows. For details follow the link below

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You have posted the web address of the newspaper. Please post the actual link.

patliputra in reply to Hidden

Sorry no actual link . Only news paper report.

patliputra in reply to Hidden

It only says new castle and Glasgow university new research.

meenaraju in reply to patliputra

Prof Taylor's study must have been discussed a zillion times in last 5 years here. Just a study on overly obese kept on a meal replacement diet and then never followed with the patients after they were released.

Harvard scientists are now researching Bernstein diet too as a solution for Type 1.

5 years back we started talking Bernstein on this forum and then few years down the line someone chronically opposed to his teachings declared Bernstein dead just out of hate and when one of his fans exposed the false news the original poster quickly deleted the post. Can't recall who was the person who declared him dead and then deleted the post.

Finally, it's low carb that works. Calling it radical or not does not matter.

Wrong link posted. Well, diabetes cannot be reversed and can only be controlled. All are diets are not 100% workable since each person has different body nature and likes and dislikes of foods. Each person responds very differently to every food.

meenaraju in reply to Ashka9

Likes and dislikes (taste part) are out of equation. If a diet that can get one to reduce 60 units insulin per day and yet get A1C down from 9.9 to 6.9 reverse kidney problems with MAU reduced from 100 to normal, get one off from cardace, gliptins and glimi after 19 years of diabetes then surely that diet works for anyone who can come out of the "taste" part and adjust to new way of life. And this is reproducible on anyone willing to give it a go.

Imagine some one at old as 60+ with diabetes history of a decade plus saving Rs 3000/Month on medicines and enjoying the new diet with non diabetic nos.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Ashka9

That’s exactly right. Everyone is different and Diabetes is also different for everyone, as well.

sattu1959 in reply to Ashka9

Yes I fully agree with Ashka9. Diabetes cannot be reversed.It can only be controlled by LCHF Diet.

So finally catching up with what we first started talking here 5 years back - LCHF.

If someone weighs 20stone there Pancras & other organs get surrounded with fat. If you ran a car engine with a rug on when hot ? T1 & T2 are different ?

meenaraju in reply to HOBIEONE

A badly managed T2 finally converges with T1 as soon as the internal tank of insulin is busted due to few years of abuse with high carbs covered with side dish of pills. So, in my opinion, both T2 and T1 are same when it comes to judicious use of "insulin" . Being frugal (wrt insulin) helps in both cases. Only way to be frugal is Low carbs.

Yes, it's sad but true they would rather starve people than concede it's the reduction in carbohydrate that results in a lower blood glucose and the burning of visceral fat enabled by lower insulin levels.

meenaraju in reply to Concerned

You mean CICO model wrt "starve"?

CICO is COKE model to fool the ignorant and this model failed long long ago.

21st Century needs to look at Endocrine Model where the real science is. 12 years long study of eat less work more already failed on Type 2 long back. Wasted 100 million dollars and since the study failed to support CICO model it was never given publicity.

So, even of we cycle 1 hr daily it won't help unless one eats and gets down to cycling after every meal of high carb low fat diet.

Concerned in reply to meenaraju

Yes. You can go on a ridiculously low-energy diet, or you can eat sufficient fat to alleviate the suffering without significantly impacting the outcome to blood glucose.

meenaraju in reply to Concerned

This is what Dr David Unwin mentioned in his review that he posted about a Indian site that talks LCHF and only LCHF:

"It is so exciting to find people thousands of miles away who understand that Type 2 Diabetes for most of us is about dietary sources of glucose not just sugar but also the starchy carbohydrates like rice or potato that digest down into surprising amounts of glucose."

Anyone in LCHF world knows who Dr David Unwin is :)

" of my T2 mates are OFF there medications (inc Insulin). T1 is your pancreas does NOT work, T2 it may work 70% or 20 % ?

Should read 2 of my mates are OFF meds

hi all,

1. I think first of all, the definition of "...reversed" is different to different people, it seems.

2. Let us clear about one thing, the cause of Diabetes is due to Uncontrolled or un regulated haphazard means of life style, (whatever the style it might be say lazy, over eating, stressed food intake, long term sedentary life style, so and so on... and in such cases, if one gets DIABETES, and if these people want to define the phrase "..can diabetes be reversed?" meant they want to go back same life style but DON'T WANT this DIABETES hit them again, then it si COMPLETELY wrong definition.

3. please understand the meaning of "DIABETES can be REVERSED" is that once it is brought to normal levels, then it if the person maintains some life style and food habits, it can never come back, and this is without any MEDICATION, mind it.

As long as one has """"WILL"""" it can be REVERSED, as per my definition (PERIOD)

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