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World Diabetes day a special day to educate and raise Awareness of type 1 and preventing type 2. πŸ’š

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Hello everyone,

Today is World Diabetes Day and its a special day as it's in the middle of Diabetes Awareness Month.

Todays theme is families and preventing type 2 diabetes in the first instance with education and awareness as many people do not realise they are type 2.

With growing obesity and those with pre-diabetes todays theme is very relevant to us a society as type 2 diabetes can lead to other serious health conditions including blindness and amputations.

We have a Pre-diabetes Topic section and here's a link to World Diabetes Day and another to World Diabetes Month.

Please see:

With a sensible tweak to diet combined with adequate exercise we could eliminate or reduce type 2 drastically and in this modern world with global markets it should be a very do-able achievement, all we need is market forces to back it...

We literally are what we eat...

Jerry 😊

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Dear Jerry

It is quite educative !πŸ‘

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Thank you namaha and education is empowerment. πŸ‘

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yes . it is said knowledge is power and power is wealth .

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This is very interesting and very helpful information. Thank you for posting it!πŸ˜€πŸ‘ It’s been pinned to the Pinned Posts section.πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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Thank you Leah, like namaha I want to help raise awareness of all aspects of diabetes and preventing T2 and its complications.

Jerry 😊

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Thank you for saying that. Everyone can bring awareness to everyone else.πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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Thank you for this information.

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Thank you sandybrown I think that you post some great info. 😊

Since diabetes type 2 is not a disease , a diabetic can eat every edible thing because nature has endowed every thing with its own unique nutrient ingredient . Only care one should take is reduction in quantity so as to not to exceed the prescribed limit of calories as per his needs depending upon the age , exercise , and work .Here , by edible thing , I mean vegetables , fruits grains and dairy products . Medicines like Metformin contribute to kidney damage in the long run . Even insulin intake is not recommended for long time . In case of emergencies they can be taken and once normalcy restores with lifestyle changes they should be stopped. Intake of drugs and insulin is the devious plot of pharma companies for their vested interest .

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I am absolute agree with your vies . "Metformin contribute to kidney damage in the long run" not only this it limits function of liver ( by blocking glucogen release to body ) its against nature , nature gave this gift for us this metformin just blocks .. think about it .. in long run our liver looses its capacity and may not works when it required and gets hypos frequently .. DM2 with metformin will fall to vicious cycle of eat-take medicine-block -liver - when ever we feel hypo - eat again- take medicine

Some 50 years back sugar level up to 180 was considered very normal . Fasting sugar up to 130 was very normal . Cholesterol up to 240 was never treated with medicines . When once big business interests entered in to the field of heath care they found that this area is a veritable gold mine . They invested huge amounts in this business to generate billions , Use of statins for one year or more creates diabetes . Many types of cancers , diabetes , schizophrenia , Bipolar and psychosomatic diseases are their gifts to mankind . In human species itself no two humans are alike in features , likes , dislikes , preferences , habits thinking . Then how can these scientific researches experiment on animals , and formulate theories of using on humans .This is the most henious crime of experimentation ,. But what surprises me the most is why even highly educated and supposed to be intellectuals are not seeing through this inhuman game . DIABETES IS A CREATED , NURTURED , AND PROPAGATED MYTH .If all their claims are genuine why a person once gone in to the trap of those medicines are not coming out of that trap . Once gone in to that trap people become patients for ever . Day by day the doses go on increasing in volumes and frequencies .Insulin is an elixer given to life which was misconstrued and mis used .When any organ is misused it stops to be functional . The drugs create more new problems which again are treated by them with new prescriptions ..Over eating , junk eating , climatic pollution , excess greed for riches , recognition , for name , fame etc all are responsible for this tragedy As per one study , the sale of statins exceeded one trillion dollars in 2018 itself . No stress means no BP . It is as simple as such . IF PEOPLE TAKE RIGHT FOOD IN RIGHT QUANTITIES AT RIGHT TIME with simple life style , accepting every thing given to them by fate , all these diseases just vanish from planet earth . Modern science and technology has played havoc not only with the health of humans but all species .One more crime is giving vaccines which are poisons and which make children subjects of autism in course of time . It is high time people realised the evils of over drugging the entire humanity at the drop of a hat .

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StillConcerned in reply to

I agree with your sentiments that pharma is not the solution to type 2. However, if one has fasting of 130 regularly and/or blood glucose reaches 180, there is a definite risk of unnecessary complications.

Reducing carbohydrate intake and having adequate natural fat (mostly monounsaturates) is the natural remedy, and what our guts are designed to digest.

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sandybrown in reply to

please note that 70,60,50 years ago the life style was different. there were no technology related applications, every one believed the doctor.

Yes, doctors do say when I was in medical school the blood test numbers were different.

We humans have to react to the modern living.

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My parents both died some 10 years back at the ages of 80s and they had never taken any modern medicines .They had never tested their BP , Blood sugar or cholesterol . They used to rely on the principle of regular lifestyle habits .A friend of mine tells me her son in law a soft ware engineer depends on Tinaspora only for all ailments , any fever including spine flu or any other fever . Reacting to modern living does not mean to fall a prey to the greed of vested interests.For all the info of modern life style any exposure to MRI causes brain damage due to the dye used\Food prepared with liberal use of spices like ginzer , cloves , cinnamon , cardomom ,black pepper, fennel as per the need is very good for kidneys and GIT . A DIET MODERATE IN FRUITS is very good for liver . Spleen malfunctioning causes blood deficiecny because spleen is the root of the blood and said to be second brain together with liver . Eggs , black beans , green vegetables . greens , dates , yellow vegetables all are very good . contrary to what was believed all these days that VITAMIN D HAS AN EFFECT ON INFLAMMATION proved to be baseless as per a new finding . If children are given good nutrient rich food their immunity system never gives any problem . But it is never too late . After bringing down the sugar levels up to 180 one can follow these diets and take herbs in moderation then see the results . Any herb should not be taken for years together . ---- the maximum time limit is 40 days . Then with a gap of 40 days next cycle . In the meanwhile if needed one can take Alovera extract , Gymnema extract etc for digestive and liver problems only . In case of anaemia one can take Gingkobiloba . All these herbs have to be taken only if they are grown in pots in one's own kitchen garden but not supplements which are ridden with preservatives , colours and chemicals .The basic rule is any food available in the region where one ls born and brought up suits him or her very well . In case of migrants after their bodies get used to those climatic conditions the food available suits them after getting acclimatised.Any fruits , vegetables , grains available in Antartica may not suit to the people living in Aftrica . The quality of food depends upon the air , climate , water &soil conditions of a particular region and since the molecules of the people residing in that region are in agreement with those of the food available in that particular region , the health is not affected much / But globalisation has made it possible for any produce to be available any where and in any season . . A tropical mango of summer is very good for health where as a mango produced in cold climate with genetic modulation is not that good . In hot countries pickles are good where as in cold climates pickles give problems of burning and acidity .

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Please do take this as my sincere wish to stop diabetes which has gone to dangerous limits .

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I agree with you totally. My grand parents, my father, worked hard in the farm, only had one good meal a day and lived a healthy life. My life style changed from the age of 18 when I came to UK. As my wife says, I have cooked fresh food last 45 years with out counting anything, why do I have to start counting now? We both have been healthy, now we are having old age issues.

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We have to start counting now because age has caught up with us now and there is a drastic change in climate and environment . Many people who could afford had employed people for their farm work and did not do hard physical work , did not go for long walks but still managed to have perfect health . There was no water pollution , air pollution , sound pollution , light pollution . soil pollution and last but not least the food pollution those days .But now we are helpless and nothing is in our hands and we can not change any of those constraints .

fasting of 130 in the absence of other precautions maybe dangerous as per the greedy doctors who sold their souls to pharma companies . But judicious intake of food , restrained life style in so far as stress , exercise , ambitions , sleep , rest are concerned , coupled with herbs like Turmeric ,Alovera , Gymnena does not give rise to any complications . Again when one wants to rely on herbs not the supplements sold by the pharma companies . Tinaspora planted in your house and fed wth organic manures it self , if taken after washing the leaves and taken in the morning for a period of 40 or 45 days controls sugar levels better than the modern medicines . Some intelligent persons were arguing that fruits increase sugar level by means of fructose which is again a myth \created by the medical mafia . Anything taken in excess leads to problem only . Even AMRUTHAM in excess would create some problem . Has any one tried to take medicine in excess just because it gives good results . Food is medicine and medicine is food as per Ayurveda .Moderation in every thing diet , herbs , stress , rest , sleep is the key to health . I tried the things (which I tell people ) on my patients . Since mine is not practice for gain , we all followed ceremoniously what was told . It is a challenge I am throwing to all intellectuals to follow them . One should eat half of what one eats at the age of 40 in comparison to what he eats at the age of 20 . That should be reduced still further at the age of 60 . No junk food , no excess eating , no comparison with others, no greed , no expectations from life or people , no excess exercise , no excess sleep . with Tinaspora itself all the complications would vanish .

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