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Beaware of Diabetic fatigue Leg syndrome : Leg lower limbs cramp, ache , pain, getting tired easily? Take care before it becomes too late


Every one minute, One diabetic leg amputation takes place in the world. It is scary and most of the diabetes may have this symptom at some stage unless timely treatment is initiated.

I had tired legs and I thought it may be due to my long walk which I do twice or thrice a day. But when it persisted and after a small walk, i used to get tired, I consulted my doctor who advised me to go for a detailed check up in their podiatry dept. I underwent a complete check up including the most popular ABI (Ankle Brachial index Doppler). They declared my legs are all right- free from PAD ( peripheral Arterial disease) and PN (peripheral neuropathy). My HBA1C was never too bad. It varying from 6 to 7 depending upon my diet experiment that I used to carry out. My Triglyceride was always varying from 70 to 110. My HDL was varying from 40 to 50. By seeing the history , my doctor used to always comfort me that my leg can not go wrong.

But I was not satisfied with the finding. Why do my legs get tired so soon ? I did my own research to understand the root cause of my tired legs.

I did a venous Doppler test to find out if there is venous insufficiency or Vericose veins which is troubling me. However the test did not detect any Vericose vein.

Could it be DVT? I never had visible DVT (Deep vein thrombosis ) which means blood clotting in side vein which could lead to Pulmonary Embolism. DVT ruled out.

So I did not have PAD, PN, DVT and Vericose which normally a diabete is vulnerable to.

But I tried to do some further research to get over my problem. All diabetes may have some kind of blood circulation issue to the lower limb. As a diabetes you are advised to need to walk a lot, go to Gym, do some exercise- all calls for standing . Even when you remain sitted , still blood circulation at lower limbs get affected. When all our arteries and veins are all 100% healthy/ normal, Blood comes down to Legs and feet through the Arteries and need to go up through veins through the one way valves in the veins against gravity. It is always a challenge as we get older and especially if we are diabetes since overall health of our arteries and limbs get affected.

So few things in naturopathy I did which gave me much relief and my pain was adequately controlled.

(1) Sarvangasan daily for 10-15mnts in the morning before food. Even if you can not do the sarvangasan perfectly , raising your legs up to any extent helps.

(2) Raising your leg while sleeping during night-Put some pillows and rest your leg on pillows.

(3) do some breathing exercise as taught by Ramdevji and Sudarsan kriya by Shri Shri Ravi Shankar ji.

(4) Graduated compression socks class 2 ensured blood circulation at lower limb. This is a great invention and in my opinion , every diabete should wear so that your blood circulation to lower limbs improve and you don't get tired easily.

I don't know, perhaps I attacked my leg issue at an early stage and controlled or else .....

Please find an informative article which explains diabetic leg with reference to PAD and PN.

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What is graduated compression socks.can you define

namahaAdministrator in reply to Lakshmanan1954

Dear Lakshmanan1954

Graduated compression socks is a pair of socks/ stockings made in such a way that it exerts maximum pressure of 20-30 mg of Hg at the feet and ankle. Then the pressure goes on decreasing towards your knees. The design is such that it does not allow blood accumulation at feet and ankles as it keeps pushing blood continously up through your veins and sends it to your lungs.

The concept is nothing new. Though it was initially meant for people with Vericose veins or weak vein valves, now it is being widely used by diabetes, people with DVT. Also used by people who are hospitalized and bed ridden for longer duration for blood circulation.

it is becoming very popular in USA and elsewhere among nurses, air hostesses, and air travellers, Factory workers, shop floor supervisors who need to stand , sit or walk for a long time. Even it is a hot selling item in in USA for sports person, athletes and people who want to walk , run, jogg for long period.

So from Vericose vein, the product is gaining popular nowadays as a wellness product.

One good pair may cost from Rs 1500 indian makes to Rs 6000 a pair imported.

In USA the cost has gone up as it is being used widely by all kind of users as mentioned above, though in India it is yet to be known as a wellness product.

kkmworldno1 in reply to namaha

thank you.

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