Precautions to be taken to prevent leg problem in diabetes

50 per cent of amputees either die or lose another leg within three years of amputation.

Diabetic foot problems are caused due to neuropathy (nerve damage), biomechanical abnormalities (frequently a consequence of neuropathy, leading to abnormal plantar foot pressure), reduced blood circulation to the lower limb and super-added infection.

To prevent foot problems, control your diabetes very meticulously. Achieve and maintain HbA1c (indicates BG control over last 90 days) level below 7%. Stop smoking & consumption of alcohol.

You should inspect your feet every day, if needed use a mirror or ask your family members or friends to assist. Report to foot care specialist (Podiatrist), if there is hard skin, corns, colour change, ulcer, breaks in the skin or infection. Keep feet clean with luke warm water & soap. If skin is very dry - use cream, if humid - use powder. File your nail instead of cutting. Wear soft, comfortable & well fitting shoes. Wear new shoes just for half an hour in the beginning. Inspect your shoes regularly for crack or foreign body. Use proper sized cotton socks & change it daily. Walk regularly to improve blood circulation.

It is important to avoid walking barefoot. Do not apply nail polish and mehndi over toes. Do not use strong astringent lotions and corn cures. Save your foot from extremes of temperature (hot or cold). Avoid bathroom surgery.

With advances in the technology and yearly foot check-ups by foot care specialist, diabetic foot problems can be detected at an early stage. Diabetic having foot problems, if they take good care of their feet, nearly 80% of foot ulcers & 90% of lower limb amputations can be prevented.

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    i get numbness often in my foot.The bottom specially for some minutes and than becomes alright.How to prevent it? My suger level is below 200 in fasting and above 200-250pp.IS it because of it?kindly reply

  • you have to control sugar level to f 100-110 and pp--130-150.chek Hblc shold below 7-strictly.consult a diabatologist.

    Numbness is already take care.

  • I was in same range as you, even more beyond; all higher levels; until since last month, I've taken up to brisk walking, daily, and I walk only in the evenings; I'm nearing normalcy levels. pray, meditate, take care of your parents, elders, avoid anxiety, just stay calm, cool & relaxed ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! avoid friends. they'd waste your time; latter is most precious; use TIME judiciously. hi-bye is OK, lengthy chat and keeping company with friends is biggest stress; then see the difference. God bless all Fellow Living Creatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apologies for any inconvenience caused to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • another simple solution and pls do not laugh at this simple effective solution: instead of domestic helper/servant or maid sweeping the floor wet, I suggest every diabetic do it in space measuring at least 500 sq.ft. and more area, the better. You sweat and that's good for your diabetes. Its a good exercise too; in Indian terminology we clal it 'pocha/pota maarna'. Do this yourself including 'jhadu maarna'. do it just for 15 days, see drop in blood glucose and either this or brisk walking; latter may invite fatigue quickly over a period of few months but sweep the floors of your home daily, see results in a week's time. God bless ALL< of course, adhere to strict diet-control;

  • Apart from reduced blood sugar level,your waist too gets reduced (Ponch melts away with in 15-20 days,personal experience+friends)

  • Paunch correct spelling

  • Thanks for your advice, Having Numbness and feeling weight at foot some time couldn't judge the spet height causing problem on stair .

    Sugar level is about HbA1c is about 9 to 11 %

    Taking Nomax 30 Insuline 24 & 20 before Lunch & Dinner respctively

    Please advice your openion

  • what is HbA1c? What tests are taken ? How much time is needed? Is it expensive? please guide.

  • HbAic is Blood Test in Lab along with Fasting Blood Sugar Test Blood.It gives 3 Months average Sugar in your Body.Lab gives the Normal Limits of their System of Testing Fbs,PPbs and HbAic are to be within Normal Limits.Medicine Dosage/Mgs is to be Increased , if actuals are much Higher inspite of doing Walking,No Sugar Tea/Coffee,Dietary Food,etc,recommended by all for Diabetes Control. FBs arond 200 and HbAic at 9-11 are very High.Consult Diabetologist for Better Madication Prescription. For All Medicine and Tests " Google " freely give full Details,Sideeffects, etc.Check there by Simply entering Test / Medicine name and click ENTER. Thus Educate Yourself fully.

  • In both of above case, it could be due to long standing uncontrolled Diabetes. You should consult a good diabetologist for sugar control and evaluate for diabetic neuropathy.

  • Dear sir

    One thing i want to share from my experience and an sharing from an bihari gentlemen.

    if we see most of the people from bihar their shin is tight even at 60+ and they are working hard physical any where in india.

    I have met one gentleman and asked about his health he told at the age of 61 he can lift 50 kg bags easily and can carry it for a long distance.

    what is the secret behind it that they are mostly not affected by diabetes, chloestoral bp etc.

    their basic food habit keep them such healthy.

    they are using to eat Sattu ( fried powder mix of gram+barley+wheat) along with salt, lime juice and raw onion.

    Joar or bazra roti with pickle and very less quantity of rice.

    If it is studied further in deep I hope to find a better solution for all the problems we are facing due to BS disturbance.

  • In my opinion, your statement is partially true. Food habit, to some extent is true. However, the main other point is that they are doing lot of manual hard work daily, which keep them physically strong and fit, whereas in case of others, most of them are people doing desk work and manual hard job is not there. This makes a big difference. To quote an example, in a farmer's family, there are two brothers, one brother is having a clerical job and the other is doing agricultural work at his farm along with other labourers. The brother who is a clerk in a firm, do have diabetic and BP also, but the other brother doing lot of work at the agri. farm does not have it !

  • Sir

    I have taken compared this as one of my friend is IT job holder Bihari and no BS BP and Cholestroal that's why i am impressed you are right it may be partially benefitted but definitely good for all.

  • Not only healthy home made,fresh diet,they only use Rahi ka Tel(Mustard oil,which is oxidizing oil).Biggest bane is the refined oils which people use in the name of low fat (which they are not,they are reducing oils)which not only clog your arteries and veins ,get deposited in the Liver,in the process harming pancreas and spleen which help in insulin production.......this leads us to all types of diabetes THIS explanation given to me by a noted Diabetic specialist(82 years old) a layman's words.Apart from Mustard oil,Coconut and Olive oils are the only alternative oxidizing oils

  • on the sidelines but related to diabetes; try boosting will power; take total control of self; avoid fried foods of any type, any kind; I have given up fried stuff since past one month, all cholestrol levels, good as well as bad and trglycerides also absolutely normal; else had abnormally high levels in all except the HDL/good cholestrol part and also put on lot of weight. Now only take fruits, sabzi, roti. no rice only at time,s lapsi/sooji rawa, and most important: brisk walking with mouth shut; it'll keep blood glucose levels at reduced/normal levels; pray, meditate, enjoy your wealth and always remain jovial, cheerful; avoid friends - latter only wastage of time, you'd age quickly in rotten infra thru commuting and so better to use TIME optimally & productively. serve your parents, bring cheer and joy/happiness in their lives; enjoy world travel with them;

  • apologies; another addition: avoid 'sugar-free' substitutes of sugar; they'd cause damage to your nerves over a period of time; that's what a prominent eminent diabetologist told me; thus, just adhere to advice recd.

  • Sorry read as

    bihar their skin is tight even at 60+ and they are

  • Thanks for your advice, Having Numbness and feeling pain and stiffness after one hour the food taken then relief automatically,sugar level not to down below 200

    kind advise what is to be done to relive the pain on both legs.

  • control yor sugar level-it is only right way.

  • Try keeping two pillows under your feet while sleeping. It has

    helped many.

    Will a specialist confirm if it has any scientific basis.

  • Keeping two pillows below the legs will lift the legs above the body,this in fact,

    will lower the flow of blood to the legs.this is not at all advisable.

  • exactly,i too experienced same.thank you.

  • Increasing the vascularity of lower limbs is an important thing in the present context.contraction and relaxation of the anterior group and posterior of muscles of the they tibial region ankle joint , extensors and flexor of the plantar region will increase the vascularity and better venous drainage will help us to avoid the present situation. apply medicated Ayurveda oils externally and do loosening exercise will increase the utilization of increased glucose, which may not enhance this situation.

  • stop driving bike or car use public transport. and walk when you talk but carefully . dont give rest to your foot till what your feet are working you can cure diabties. i am new i got dibaties only by two years a dibatic patient should be careful for every thing what he is eating ,drinking,walking, thinking

  • All i agree but to a short distance walk i get sweat badly?what to do?

  • Thanks lot for explaining to take care about foot

  • It is great help for the people who suffer from foot problems.

  • Thanks for the advice and it was very useful. I will share with my known diabetic patients.

  • I have noticed a small dark dot on under my heel which pains when I press with finger.

    Feel like corn,advise please..

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