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Concrete Solutions to Fasting Blood Sugar (Dawn Phenomena)

While i am aware of the Dawn phenomenon and have read articles regarding the same here , i have yet not been able to help myself to reduce my FBS. my BS normaly average's between 135 to 150 post meals (Breakfast, Lunch , dinner ) but my FBS invariably ranges between 145 to 165. for eg. last night my post dinner BS was 147 and today morning FBS was 165. this is normally the case.

i am on a LCHF diet and take metformin two times a day post bfast and dinner.

Wanted to understand what solutions work for others who have a similar problem so that i may also try out the same.

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Though your numbers are not alraming , you definitely should expect better from a a real LCHF diet.

1. At what time you took dinner?

2. What food you took in dinner?

3. What carbo' s you take daily ?

4. % Calorie of carbo of total calories intake per day?

5. What is the approx ratio of Fat : (C+P)


I had my dinner at 8.45 pm. For dinner I had a bolied egg, dry methi paneer sabji, salad of cabbage,cheese,bell pepper,mushroom.

I do not actually measure calorie intake / grammage of Carb's, proteins, fats etc on a daily basis as it is very difficult to do the same. At the same time i don't take any processed carbs which means absolutely no chappati's , rice, bread, biscuits, cakes, wafers, junk food, aerated drinks etc. etc.

My schedule is basically - Breakfast : 2 egg omellte with cabbage , cheese, bell pepper. Lunch : Sauteed vegetables comprising of a combination of brocolli, bell pepper, cabbage, cauliflour, mushroom , cheese along with 1 thin sprouted mung chilla. I have 3-4 almonds, walnut and peanuts in the evening. For dinner i have a boiled egg and again Sauteed vegetables comprising of a combination of brocolli, bell pepper, cabbage, cauliflour, mushroom , cheese. At times i have spinach soup and either little chhole / sprouts etc for lunch / dinner. The medium used for cooking is usually coconut oil.


Yours LCHF Diet in principle appears ok. Since how long you are on this diet?

(1) May be you can reduce your protein intake which if taken in excess could throw up some Glucose through Gluconeogenesis. In stead you may increase some more fat in terms of coconut meat or a half a cup full fat milk topped with extra cream 2 times a day.

(2) if metformin you are taking 500mg plus 500mg, may be you can increase a little say 850mg plus 500 mg after talking to your doctor.

(3) Hope you are continuing your regular exercise.

There are others in this forum who are really veterans in LCHF who would perhaps could guide further !


Thanks for your inputs.

My major concern is FBS for which i am really looking forward to solutions that have worked for others.


A couple of suggestions :

(1) can you try out your early dinner at 7 PM and go to bed at 10.30 PM.

In fact I finish my dinner at 6.30 PM and I take a 30-40 mnts walk post dinner.

At about 10 PM , I take half a cup full fat milk topped with cream. Next day wake up at 5.30 AM to 6 AM and go for a morning walk for 45 mnts.

I am sure that would help.


Sure will try out your suggestions.


Eat less in dinner

Drink more water at least 4 litres

Do heavy weight lifting with cardio

Try to loose weight by 10% of your body current weight if that Doesnot help than loose another 5% body weight

Eat almond everyday


Hi Hmmmmmmm, I follow most of what you have suggested - I drink approx. 3.5 litres of water daily and my dinner is quite less as mentioned in my above post. My weight is 75 kg and seems to be optimum for my height of 6 ft ( BMI of 22.7 ). I do eat almonds daily. Yes i do not do any weight lifting or cardio. Bu i do push up's, planks 3 to 4 times a week.


Hi, high blood sugar results mainly from high carb intake. But dawn phenomenon happens because the liver releases sugar into blood for various reasons. It could happen when you have a fatty liver. So try improve liver health. I had same problem. I walk for abt 30min twice a day, once in morning n then half hour after dinner. I also have only two meals a day, once around 1015hrs n then around 1845 hrs. In between generally handful of nuts, mainly walnuts, pecans, peanuts n sometimes sundried blueberries only, once around mid day. At night time I take apple cider vinegar in water. My fasting sugar stays below 100 now, I don't take any medicine for sugar control.


HI, as you would see in my post my carb intake is low. But i have 3 meals a day apart from having nuts for snacks in the evening. I also started ACV from last couple of days and my FBS has dropped from around 160 to 135-140. Will try and incorporate walks twice a day .

Thanks for your inputs.


Yes you're eating all low carb things. However just check the quantity. For example say capsicum has approx 9gms carbs in 100 gms. However huge amount of this too will yield high carbs. Total carb intake should not exceed 100-120gms. But largely your meals are fine. Exercise routine is also ok... your fatty liver could be a problem... you should look at ways to heal your liver. And meditate. You'll be fine soon. 😊


Thanks. Will look into the quantity as suggested by you.


any suggestions for which brand of Apple cider vinegar is most effective for reducing FBS ?


Usually, i buy Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which is an unfiltered one


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