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I have started LCHF since the last 3 months. My Hb1Ac was 6.8% when I started and in March it came down to 6%. Surprisingly I have not lost weight. I am 56/5ft 9in and 90 kgs. My daily meals are

Breakfast: Cheese Omellete, Tea and one or half Marie Gold Biscuit

Morning Snack: Walnuts( 4-5 half ) and Almonds ( around 20 Pcs) and Black Coffee

Lunch: One Kala Chana & Soya Chapati and a Subzi or Paneer or Egg Curry on different days of the week

Evening Snack : Cheese Cube, Black Coffee

Dinner: I generally have 2-3 Small Vodka ( total 90-100 ml) with plain soda, Peanuts ( around 50-100 gms) and main Dish of either Chicken, Fish or Paneer after which I have green tea.

Most of the days i walk after dinner for 30 minutes. In the morning 3-4 days of the week I go for a jog ( 3-4 kms) or a brisk walk.

My problem is most of the days my FBS is around 104-115 and very rarely <100. Initially when i started LCHF it used to < 100 ( around 92-95). After meals it is always around 120-130. In case of heavy meals someday after a party it touched 151 once.

Despite my best efforts my FBS is not coming below 100. I use Dr. Morepen Glucometer for testing at home. I did get new supply of Strips last month and the reading has never come below 100.

Am I doing something wrong here?? Thanks

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  • Most of us on LCHF don't eat 5 times a day. Many of us in fact are on two meals a day.

    Check your fasting insulin.

  • Thanks Anup I will try to reduce the number of meals. Fasting Insulin I never got checked and nobody recommended. I will have the test done. Thanks again

  • Get FBS also done the day u test fasting insulin.

    Also, check your TG

  • Do you think Low cab 2 Meals for 33 aged Working is suitable ?

  • I support Anup sir. Thanks

  • Hello- In that case - you should explain why and what is your opinion --

  • Hi if your FBS is more do not worry, it is normal for some and is called Dawn Pheno. But most important is your Hb1Ac .Your 6 is good. Aim getting between 5 to 5.5 to avoid Hypos. Good luck. Wish you were total Veg then your diet plan would have helped many

  • Ok sure thanks I am working to achieve around 5.5. My last test was in March. I will get it tested in June now.

  • Do NOT worry too much - do NOT start any medicine -- if you can keep between 5.5 and 6.0 is great ..for older person - over 60 ( 65 ) -it is NOT recommended to restrict too much --as long as you are off medicine that is good. Keep after meal under 140 ...

  • NO- Dawn Phenomenon - usually occurs between 02:00 and 03:00 am or for some people between 04:00 and 05:00 am

    He did NOT mention - what time he took Fasting reading at home --

    In my case - my fasting - blood taken at doctors' office around 10:00 or 10:30 am - always comes high - 115 to 128 ...

    In my opinion --it is really NOT a fasting BS -- once a person wakes up--natural activity starts and sugar rises --even if nothing is eaten since midnight

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