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This is to Mr. Shooter George :

I am 44 years old and diabetic since 2004. I am on Insulin morning 30 U and evening 30 U since last 30 days Now my sugar levels are under control and my doctor suggested to take only 15 U morning and night 20 units. I want to get rid of this insulin, I want to start your Long wheat diet. I am not getting this in Ahmednagar( Near to Pune). Plz could you help me in getting this by courier?

If available in Pune, Plz give the address.

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You may contact punenin.org.......and take genuine advise from Dr.Babu Joseph ,Director NIN Pune...Rgds.


Thank you.


Dear Pedapalli,

Thank you very much for the interest in Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR). I do not deal with Long Wheat or any other trading. Please read more at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Some other facts.


There is another member here who was willing to help people like you. His USERNAME is dhankumar. He had written here earlier:

"I have seen the stock at aurangabad maharashtra. and can arrange what quantity do u need?"

"a few cultivetors have grown long wheet of very good quality in aurangabad maharashtra. it is not packaged but they have iot in gunny bags of one qtl.you can have the same and can get it packed in aurangabad if you feel it is economical."

"I do not believe in money making thru Ayurveda but believe in the script endorced on page 232 of charak samhita which condemns this .

It was just to guide you to the source since I thought you are very eager regarding long wheat availabily.

I will send some lot to the needies free of any cost . .

I want you to know that I am in Ayurveda since 1960 and have never accepted in return any thing even the thanks from the patient because I believe that It is not the medicine nor the doctor or vaidhya but the almighty who bestoes cure.

Twamagdashachar !!"

Wish you Pedapalli all the best & a speedy cure with LWMDR or otherwise. :-)


This is for Mr George

Sir I am going to go on LWMDR. Wanted to know:

a. Can one have any side dish with this?

b. How about occasionally marriage parties etc. Can one attend and eat catered food (non veg).

c. Can one take vodka occasionally with this?

Before I start I will share data with you and will need your guidance.

Thanks in advance


Thank you Sir, I will try with DhanKumar.


TAKE 5 PCS PANNER DANA U can soke 5 in water at night and strain and drink the water in morning YOUR SUGAR WILL COME IN CONTROL IN 30 DAYS . TAKE 30 TO 45 MIN WALK ALONG WITH IT DAILY THEY R AVALIABLE AT

Jadavji Lallubhai & Co | 245, Kalbadevi Road, Kalbadevi, Mumbai - 400002 +(91)-22-22401329, 22409396, 22411070


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