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Long wheat flour (khapli atta) available on Amazon, Snapdeal


Hi guys,

After spending a while looking for a reliable supplier for LW, I finally found a supplier who used to courier it to me. They recently launched on Amazon and asked their existing customers to help them spread the word, so here I am, doing just that :)

Product name: TWF Reliq Flour (long wheat/khapli atta)

Amazon - amzn.to/2fyeshz

(You can use Amazon Code - TWFAMZ10 Amazon. This is valid until 30 Nov 16)

Snapdeal - snapdeal.com/products/food-...

All the best,


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It is too much costly compared with long wheat available in market at Rs 60 to Rs 80 per kg

True. I used to get it couriered from them prior to their launch on Amazon - and the cost of atta + courier charges came out to be just the same. Only difference is that amazon delivery is super fast, I get it delivered in Delhi in around 2-3 days (vs. almost 7-10 days earlier).

thanks for sharing

Many members had been asking for this type of information/source/details here. Thank you for your help/service, misra_a .

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Yes...I am using long wheatatta inform of chapptis...for last one year.

About benefit...I will be able to tell you after two years...

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