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Diet for High sugar, BP and cholesterol

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I have high sugar (hba1c is 8) , high blood pressure and high triglycerides (under control by medicines. What should I eat? Please advise.

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Consider Ketogenic/LCHF diet.

See this:-

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Hi ajit_singh93,

Have you seen the doctor about changes to your diet before starting anything new? Does he want you to count carbs.?

I am taking medicines under medical supervision and no strict diet control has been advised by doctor

Follow LCHF diet.. both BS and TG will slide down..

OK Thanks will try

I agree with Praveen and DRH I've followed a Keto diet and found the benefits. First consult your doctor before going on a chnge in diet. Research the diet on line there are many sources and recipes.

Lchf diet with a morning walking of 2 to 3 km and intermittent fasting befits diabetic to be on less medications and maintaining good numbers.

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