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DR.biswaroop choudary's video

in his video he has experimented on himself and proved to the public that glucose hikes up the levels where as fructose bring down the levels.so he sugests to eat raw vegetables,fruits(including mango,banana etc) nuts and seeds in plenty,raw green leaves(juice or salad) minus dairy and packed food from morning to 3 p.m. and rest of the day eat small portion of healthy grain.with this diet he says we can controll glucoce leves with in three days.members opinion please.

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I also agree Ramdevs ,madunashini does not work


Dr.Vishwroop Roy doing great

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misleading half truths.

fructose is converted to glucose in liver,and you can see glucose spike after an hour.

ripe mangoes and bananas have the highest GI, hence unethical to advise a diabetic to take


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