होय , मधुमेह पूर्ण बरा होतो (sorry information is in Marathi)

Although information is in Marathi...

For non Marathi members...it means...one more example who cured /reversed his Diabetes with diet.He is suggesting that one must eat in proportion as २५:२५:२५:२५ हे गुणोत्तर पाळावे २५%धान्य २५%डाळ २५%कच्चा भाजीपाला , दही नसलेली कोशिंबीर २५% शिजवलेली भाजी(25% grains:25% pluses:25%raw vegetables +salad :25% cooked vegetable.

He is advocating to avoid all milk and milk products.

Also praising khapali gahu


श्रावणात ह्या व्रताचा वसा घ्यावा ..आणि मधुमेह बरा करावा....

ऊतणार नाही मातणार नाही, घेतला वसा टाकणार नाही

हे व्रत कसे करावे ?

१. दूध आणि दुग्धजन्य पदार्थ वर्ज्य करावेत

२. बेकरी पदार्थ वर्ज्य

३. रोज सकाळी कडधान्यांची न्याहारी ( मोड आलेले मूग / मटकी/ हरभरे , त्याचे डोसे , आप्पे , उसळ, डाळ ढोकळा, मिसळ इत्यादी) धान्य घ्यायचे नाही म्हणजे पोहे उप्पीट इडली बंद

४. एक धान्य जेवण - दोन्ही जेवणात कोणतेही एकच धान्य घ्यावे . भाकरी/ हातासडीभात / खपली गव्हाची पोळी पैकी फक्त एक पदार्थ

५. जेवताना २५:२५:२५:२५ हे गुणोत्तर पाळावे २५%धान्य २५%डाळ २५%कच्चा भाजीपाला , दही नसलेली कोशिंबीर २५% शिजवलेली भाजी

६. रोज सकाळ संध्याकाळ चहाऐवजी स्मूदी ( स्मूदी? गुगलून पहावे , स्मूदी बनवण्याचा विडिओ पाठवला आहे)

६. पायऱ्या चढण्याचा व्यायाम anti gravity exercise न्याहारी आणि प्रत्येक जेवणानंतर

७. पुरेशी चिंतामुक्त झोप (७ ते ८ तास )

८. रोज सकाळी घाम येईपर्यंत ४५ मिनिटे व्यायाम

९ . रोज ३ वेळा ग्लुकोमीटर द्वारे साखर तपासणी.

फलश्रुती :

४ ते ६ आठवड्यात गोळ्या/ इन्शुलिन पूर्ण बंद

रक्तदाब, गुडघेदुखी, पाठदुखी गायब

वजन आटोक्यात आणि वय किमान दहा वर्षे कमी होणार

उत्साह आणि ऊमेद वाढणार

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150 Replies

  • डॉक्टर प्रमोद त्रिपाठीं ?

  • yes....but he just attended first session and then continued on his own

  • @jingle

    बरेच लोक आहेत ज्यांनी मधुमेह रिव्हर्स केला आहे...

  • yup. I have seen testimonials of those who reversed their t2d with this program. I spoke to one gentleman on phone, who got rid of 90 units of insulin, and all oral meds within a month.

  • बरेच जण आहेत असे की ज्यांनी डायबेटीस रिवर्स केला आहे. दूध वर्ज्य न करता. :)

    मै भी!

  • yes shrisamarth I know you are chakka master.....

    Great yar.... what is your current reading???

  • Hba1c 5.4.

    FBS av. 90

    PPBS mostly 105 -120.

    Rarely spike above 130

  • Kya bat hai..... and you also said your beta cells function is lower....right??

    Wo suramo ko kutch guide karo plz

  • Yes I am insulin deficient but good sensitivity. TG always around 50. Fasting Insulin less than 2.

  • but with such wonderful sugar figures and low TG....I guess fasting insulin 2 is good and normal...

  • After meals also it remains low. Too low insulin triggers higher rate of gluconeogenesis.

  • shrisamarth

    What diet do you take so that "After meals also it remains low"

  • Gawar sabji and cucumber salad (grated cucumber with roasted peanut powder)

  • roj gawar??? ani koshimbirit dahi vagaire ghalta???

  • गवार रोज नाही. कोशिंबीर रोज असते.

    दही नाही. आवडत नाही.

    पण चक्याच श्रीखंड मात्र आवडत. :)

  • Shri...

    कोशिंबीर Means?

    दही नाही. आवडत नाही. Means ?

    Hmm. Koi baat nhi चक्याच श्रीखंड kha liya karo 😜😜😜😜😜

  • कोशिंबीर=grated cucumber salad

    दही नाही. आवडत नाही. means he doesn't like curd to be added in salad....

    but he like shrikhand(a marathi sweet hung curd+sugar+chirounjee)abd ye khata hoga without sugar.

  • Shrikhand is not marathi sweet. We used to make it at our home.

  • are yar suramo Marathi and Gujjus are neighbors....toh bahut chiz common hai.....

    Now my home town is on boarder of Gujarat. Very near to surat.

    Toh food toh common hoga na....

  • दही नाही. आवडत नाही. means he doesn't like curd to be added in salad....

    Don't like dahi, chhas at all. Only transformation to chakka to shrikhand. :)

  • cure

    You didn't say anything on buttermilk. It's the liquid left over after churning out makhkhan from curd. Does it not contain high sugar? Like drained out liquid of hung curd.

  • yes.....but guess it is in fermented state... suramo

  • Cure

    but then why we take hung curd discarding the liquid. Because of milk sugar in it ?

  • Gawar sabji and cucumber salad

    Lunch menu when insulin was measured.

  • No roti?

  • suramo

    Gawar got lots of medicinal properties...

    you know wild Gawar is fed to cows by 'Rabbari' to get more milk.

    Gowar gum is used in many milk product (ice cream)to increase thickness and taste of same.

    shrisamarth add ove/ajvayan while cooking gowar....it tastes good and said to be more healthy

  • Cure

    gawar is always cooked with ajwain. Ye ove kya hai?

    thoda grated coco ya sesame bhi daalna chahiye.

  • ove/ove/=ajvayan

    Gawar got good effect on female hormones...and increases milk production in cows.

  • But how can one eat gawar without roti or dal chawal?

  • hmmm suramo gawar ka sabji muze bhi accha lagata hai.... without roti also I can eat....

    But why we call such nice sabji as GAWAR???

    My daughter in law calls it 'Chatur Fali'


  • Cure

    gawar without roti. Hmm. Very brave. I can't. Well i will try without roti.

  • No grains since last 10-12 months.

    Stopped eating roti 3 years back.

  • tussi great ho shrisamarth

  • Cure

    me too at least for last month or so. As such also i never took roti in a hotel for last 10 yrs. Haa ghar pe kha leta tha. Par jab se aap logon ka rang chadha hai, stopped 🐒🐒

  • @Cure shrisamarth

    Would you please tell me your bcf.

  • HOMA 2


    IR 0.38

  • Great..... IR 0.38

    aho tips dya ki kahi....

  • काय देणार टिप्स!

    Did nothing specific.

    Only carb control.

    TG/HDL ratio is always less than 1 even when DX as a diabetic.

    May be at advantage of being under weight up to a certain extent.

    55kg at 5 ' 10"

  • He is motivator of wheat/rice less life :)

    So, first tip on his behalf is give up rice and wheat (long/short/crooked doesn't matter).

  • Yar @anup you are right....grain less toh thik hai....

    but kya karu yar... I want to live life again....

    I am looking for cure...(I know it looks impossible at moment) But everyone here in this forum want to live his life again....

    Aur ye kar bhi lete the.... but is this way out??? toh answer is no.....this is ऊतणार नाही मातणार नाही, घेतला वसा टाकणार नाही ( translation: I will never abandon this regime )

    Is it possible for life long??? yar tum jaise hath yogi toh ham hai nahi....

  • Humsay baday hath yogi toe @shrisamarth aur arun kumar hain :)

    shrisamarth and arunkumar's exmples, as vegetarians, motivated me. If they could do it, why not a guy like me who takes eggs and chicken etc.

    I am living life to fullest without rice/wheat by and large. Rare occasions I take them and there's no urge at all to eat wheat and rice. Yes, even I am surprised that it's so easy.

    Two chapatis of 40 gram each a day is better or a apple/orange per day? Dropping roti and rice adds so much variety to life! I even enjoyed home made aaloo tikki and chholey after 5 years. Why? As roti rice carb is out :)

    Socho :)

  • yar aise bhi 3 roti khata hun.... and sprouts...yeah non veg toh chalu rahata hai....I like goat meat....

    Hmmm it is always said....animal fat are good....

    But I doubt....

    No one gave me clear cut answer about shrimps... but i say shrimps are safe for cholesterol...(at least in my case....) May be the way of cooking(traditional)

    But meat fat ( goat meat fat) is not good for sugar control.We in India only get grass fed goats..I never take sheep meat.

  • Cure

    veg mein jo maza hai wo nonveg mein kaha 😜😜😜😜

  • Anup

    but aloo tikki?

    Well there is one way out. You can take RS rice. Kept in friz for at least 12hrs after cooking.🙊🙊

  • Yes because no rice, no wheat, no daal. At the end of the day total carbs matters.

    RS rice I have tried long back. 300 grams fried rice and blood sugar 151 by lab. But, RS rice doesn't give license to eat lots of rice. 5% benefit perhaps.

  • Anup

    that was for those who can't stay away from eating rice. Also for gut bacteria. One can put bread also in friz to make it rs

  • Anup

    right. Legumes, sprouts and vegs eating without roti - i find delicious. Tindii raw good. But cure can we semi cook this tindii with some oil and condiments? Will semi cooking change its response on D ?

  • I am not sure.......but raw acha lagata hai...

  • Cure

    but daily? Sweet bhi roj achchi nhi lagti

  • suramo

    Bhai mere ko last sweet khane ko 6 mahina ho gaya.....

    last sweet I had 'Chirounji ka Halwa' at Sagar.

    Half KG khaya.... :d

    then 5 kms walk lol.....

    sugar 180 ke upar nahi gaya....but then I was taking medicines then....

  • Cure

    but you can take dates or fig in small quantities. Sometimes i add 2 anjir in my dry fruit. Also you can make halwa of dry fruits with anjir as sweetness. No sugar or artificial sweetners.

  • suramo

    I may be wrong....but I feel fruits are the culprit in my case to give me fatty liver.I use to consume fruits (all types) in very heavy quantity.....

    Guess what??? just to give you idea....last season I had 200 KGs of mango.... :D

  • Cure

    yes. Fruits should be considered natural candies.

    "Unlike glucose, which is metabolized widely in the body, fructose is metabolized almost completely in the liver in humans, where it is directed toward replenishment of liver glycogen and triglyceride synthesis. Under one percent of ingested fructose is directly converted to plasma triglyceride."

    "The activity of fructokinase (KHK) is not subject to feed-back inhibition such as is the case for glucose metabolism, thus the ATP depletion is profound. Since the majority of fructose metabolism occurs in the liver, the effects of this ATP depletion are exerted on numerous important hepatic metabolic processes."

    Insulin is not required for fructose metabolism but it can combine with glucose to form sucrose. The triglycerides get deposited in liver.

    "Your liver's metabolism of fructose is similar to alcohol, as they both serve as substrates for converting dietary carbohydrate into fat, which promotes insulin resistance, dyslipidemia (abnormal fat levels in the bloodstream), and fatty liver."

    "Early on, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is reversible. At some point, though, the liver can become inflamed. This can cause the low-grade damage known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (steato meaning fat and hepatitis meaning liver inflammation)."

    " the only ones that can handle fructose are liver cells."

    Mercola 🙊🙀 says fructose is worse than glucose.

  • but kya karu yar... I want to live life again....

    With the help of grains ?

  • grains and no grains is not question....but restriction in life are really not tolerable...

    prison mein dala jaisa lagata hai.....

  • prison mein dala jaisa lagata hai.....


    Diabetes तो अपने लिये

    Blessing in disguise :)

  • are wo toh thik hai.....ye sab dil ko samjhanewali bate hai.... shrisamarth

    But doesn't matter....Now I am confident in three years time(why three years??...I don't know)

    Once in while I can cheat and become free bird.... :d

  • are wo toh thik hai.....ye sab dil ko samjhanewali bate hai....

    I became much more aware about health after becoming diabetic. :)

  • Cure

    cheat but close your eyes. Don't try to get numbers. Ece bulb se dur rhene ka.😜😜😜😜😜

  • dekh bhai suramo kal rat ko my milkman 'Kharvas' la ke diya.....

    You know Kharvas?? colostrum of cow....wo kal rat ko banaya....instead on sugar...Gud/Jaggery dala ...kept in refrigerator...today I will eat....full aish karega cheating.....fir walk pe jayega...let me check numbers... :P

  • Cure

    ye jaggery is also glucose. In the ancient time the people used to travel on foot and were welcome by jaggery and water by host. Why ? jaggery provides instant energy.

  • suramo

    abhi 5.40 pm pe khaya 'Kharvas'.....walk pe jane ka cancel kiya....

    abhi 6.40 pe sugar check karte hai :d

  • suramo

    6.50 pe BS check kiya....its 129 ..I had about 150 Gms (meetha jaggery ka banaya huwa)

    Abhi 2 ghante bad dekhte hai kya hota hai

  • Yipeeeeeeeee suramo just checked after 2 hrs....95 ;)

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Just was on other site...and reading ur post about mamara almond....

    Its all hype.... mamara tastes good....but I guess as @anup says 30% goes waste....why bother about minute nutritional differences and pay such high price???

  • Agreed

    Just so my teammate told me that fats are taken out. Hence got curious

  • That's why I replaced 30 grams almonds with walnuts. California Almonds one cannot be very sure if it has all the fats or it is just has namesake fat content.

  • It's also processed under high temperature

  • hmmm then Shashikantiyengar how we can be sure that they have not extracted oil from Mamra almonds???

  • Do you know you get some LOW FAT peanuts made in Gujarat now. This LOW FAT madness will ruin health more.

  • @anup

    Bharuch peanut are most tasty....some one told me in process they wash peanuts first in coconut water....

  • Cure

    also peanuts from surendranagar - sikander naam hai uska. Freely available here. Bharuch peanuts you should be able to recognize. Bahut golmal chalta hai bharuch khari sing k naam pe.

  • @anup why not include chironjee??? I guess you can get it at cheaper rate in MP... and safe..reliable ....why go for almonds and walnuts???

  • cure

    Yes chironjee and pine-nut are good options. Problem with chironjee is not everyone may like it's taste and higher chances of rancidity -- old stock is plagued with this -- due to higher surface area per unit weight.

  • Chilgoza/pine nut is not very popular here....so difficult to get.... what is current rate at ur place???

  • I manage finances. BH looks after all the purchases. So rates i would not even be aware of anything, except mangoes when I go to buy from Mandi and VCO that I order online :)

  • which mangos u rate best?? Dasheri or kesar or hapus??

  • Dussehri, Langda and Chausa :)

  • Get Talala Keshar from Junagadh....some day @anup

    that is the best Kesar....

    Also try kesar langada from Malda....

    Kya yar.....this season had just 2 mangos....:(

  • This season I had 2/3rd mango every day.

    Roti Chawal nahin khanay ka kamaal :D :D

  • yar @anup

    I guess by this time I think you are cured of diabetes....

    in Just few months...my sugar is in control....Thanx to LCHF and you...

    Tum toh 5 saal se kar rahe ho....

    Today had about 150 Gms of sweets....BS after 1 hr 129...and after 2 hrs 95 :P

  • Nahin mere bhai -- Diabetes cannot be cured and I have tested it multiple times.

    Once BH made cake which went bad -- didn't turn out as it was supposed to be. I hogged a lot of it and my sugar landed 190+ :)

    So, diabetes being cured is a MYTH and all claims of CURE are a HOAX. CURE is a SEXY word to sell something by fooling people into the belief that they will be cured.

    In the mind, one needs to keep calculating. Liver is near empty and taking sweets also one can handle at that stage. Full day fast and I ate 300 grams cooked rice (equivalent to 75 gms OGTT) and sugar by lab landed 151. By ADA standards I maybe fine (cured??) but heart of heart I know -- Diabetes is NON CURABLE.

    We have run out of our quota of CARBS so we have to restrict it to enjoy the life ahead. Life is so enjoyable on less carbs. So much of far more "HEALTHY" variety compared to sickening roti chawal daal every day :D :D

  • No idea. Hence wanted a discussion to understand

  • Shashikantiyengar better to add chironjee/Charoli in diet instead of almonds or walnuts....more fat contents...also as per Ayurveda good for bones...(does this means good for Vit D??)

    Only problem with chironjee is you have to keep in refrigerator ....also be careful at time of purchase....even if u suspect bit rancid...then reject...

  • @anup Shashikantiyengar Geodiabetic

    Chironjee/charoli is available in Pune market at about 800/1000 rs per KG

  • also try some day 'Godambi'..guess its is available in MP

  • Cure

    how do you use charoli?

  • are aise hi jaise almond khate hai waise hi khata hun....no soaking...almond toh over night soak kare ke khata hun....

  • Cure

    hip hip hurrrr...eeey.

  • @Cure @anup

    see. That's what i'm saying. We have to find out bcf and ir first. That will be helpful to know how stricter should be dietic control and how much could a person be benefited. And this is science.

    So once anyone is diagnosed t2d fasting insulin levels and fbs should be amongst the first investigations. And those who have poor bcf and high ir should not get discouraged if they don't get desired results. They should strictly follow their low carb ( i'm not writing high fats because many are allergic to the word hf) diet plan. Also all the ayu, homeo, naturo etc are supportive, if at all they have a role to play, to prevent organ damage.

    Anup can start this bcf thing at the hospital later if not now.

  • Aur suno suramo bhai....aur ek maze ki bat.... abe ye banda shrismarth curd ko staple diet banaya....ab tu khata hai toh BCF upar....

    Koi koi log ko long wheat fayada deta hai....koi koi ko nahi....

    ab ye kya puzzle hai???

    Toh I guess its Vata Pitta and kafa....

    Look at all herbs suggested by ayurveda....all work on kafa....

    few are suggested as pacifying all three....Like most recommended by anup...triphala churna...which pacify all three... Amala is again same...

    So I guess the type (Kafa/ptta/vata prakriti patient) of patient is also important as what diet and what he should consume.

    but yes you are right...first thing Doctor should do as fasting insulin and fatty liver....IR

  • "but yes you are right...first thing Doctor should do as fasting insulin and fatty liver....IR"

    They never will do that because that will EXPOSE ADA's HIGH CARB "whole grain and fruit" loaded High Carb diet :)

  • Cure

    may be. You are scholar of ayu. But i will go by bcf.

    Bcf = beta cell function.

  • nahi baba suramo I am not at all scholar of anything...forget ayu...

    I agree BCF is first thing.....IR is also important....

    but when it comes to diet.....you have to give suitable diet as per his constitution.

  • My discussions with hospital is based on commercial lines, which will involve probably dlife as brand somewhere in some form. Two to three months of discussions involving "commercials" will be there.

    I am into this for long haul and will never give up looking at all possible avenues/means to spread the message. But, since all this will take lot of my time also, I can't be doing this -- the hospital route -- free :)

    But, once everything is agreed upon wrt financial commitments, yes we will not go the traditional route of dealing with D.

    HF == Healthy Fats :)

  • Bhaswathy

    well you may continue to believe what you believe for D. "When once the diseased ion is thrown out , disease automatically gets aborted." I'd certainly like to know what that diseased ion is in our case.

    Well only those mental patients who pose threat to the society are admitted to the hospitals. If you remove a psychiatric patient from the environment that caused the disease and give psychotherapy most of the patients get cured. Gd that you cured that patient with your homeo drugs.

  • hmmm here is some problem bhaswathy

    Homeopathy says like cures like.....

    Now tell me if I take Haritaki herb will I get diabetes??? if answer is no....then how can Haritaki will help me in potency to cured with Diabetes???

  • then why not take haritaki herb??? why in potency???

  • if you know about botany .....you can Identify the haritaki tree.....its common in western Ghats....

    You can get fresh fruits also...

  • Alivelu manga.....

    I am also commerce student.....I don't know much about botany.... :(

  • Cure

    that is true for all the medicines. But it might be helping to prevent damage to the organs. As such i consider all these condiments and ayu, homeo et al drugs placebos. But since no harm in taking we can continue with them." No substance is a definitely effective " is proven by the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of substances / drugs recommended for D. We have yet to find a sure shot remedy for D. That's why there are eternal efforts after finding cure for D. Once we will find the remedy for D our search will end

  • bhaswathy some days ago some iqbal posted homeopathy treatment for diabetes.... With my limited knowledge .....Guess it will work...

    It was sort of Umbrella treatment.....

    look at the remedies he suggested.....convincing....

  • Cure

    i will be happy for all of us if there is such medicine in homeo. But i'd like that drug to get correlated scientifically. That will help us in selecting the patients

  • nahi bhai suramo what Iqbal suggested was Umbrella treatment....full firing at all direction....goli kahi na kahi lag hi jayegi type....

    but what I feel goli lagne ke chances are great....

  • Cure

    that means nothing worth. May i tell you my friend we are all fumbling hard to find a drug to cure our D. But believe me there is no drug. Allopathy meds at least have some proven science about the mode of their action but for other paties someone has yet to find a science.

    There is only one sure shot remedy - diet

  • yes very true..... diet is the key....

    Ayurveda also says hitam bhuk....always diet is first thing to be followed.

  • any medicines besides diet shrisamarth ??

  • No allopathic meds.

    Recently started bitter gourd + amla juice. It's helping.

  • @cure

    chakka master?

  • chakka=hung curd suramo

  • @cure

    my bs was raised after sour hung curd.

    Cure my friend. Today morning i felt so full that i didn't take any food. I felt hungry in the evening only. But didn't feel weak also. I have taken tindii, khira and nuts in dinner and my hunger has been satisfied. I act as per my body's natural signals. I know i'd take longer but that should be concrete response. Since very low bcf my body needs long time to reverse the insult it has undergo for such a long time.

    Still on pio 45 and met 1.5. Yes i had to restart my drugs. I will gradually wean over.

  • suramo

    hmmm do u get sound sleep???

    less and unsound sleep is also cause of increase in fasting BS

  • cure

    I get sleep as soon as i go to bed. I have to wake up 2-4 times because of the water i take with ayu preparations but i just get sleep in no time. I don't think sleep is my problem.

  • kitna ghanta neend hota hai....

    is it possible to reduce water intake before going to bed??

    so u will get undisturbed 8 hrs sleep..at least 7 hrs...

  • Cure

    i know. But see. meds, Turmeric milk, jamun vinegar in lemon water, isapgul, black cummins and dinner. If you count just 50 ml it comes the 300 roughly. Plus on reaching home at least 2 glass. Kya yaar.. on one side we should drink more water and this counting. Yes one should restrict fluid after 7 pm.

    But i wake up reasonably fresh. My problem is diet. Today my fbs 134. Yesterday fbs 137. let me wait for few days more. This is the result of what i take as dinner - salad and dry fruit and cow ghee + co. Theories of liver dump and somogyi effect seem to be failing. Though let me wait for some more time before convincingly pronouncing any thing concrete.

  • sure suramo

    I guess just have nice peaceful sleep.....

    For which I would suggest two things...

    Anulom and vilom pranayam....and just 2/3 drops of Ghee in nose just before u go to bed.

  • And, I suggest a strong dose of Ashvagandha for sleeping like a baby :)

  • agree yar anup....but not sure about body response to ashwagandha....

    May be light dose???

  • Anup

    i do take ashwagandha powder half teaspoonful morning and evening.

  • I wake up from sleep at about 3:00 am everyday since I switched to the truncated diet. On many days, I find it difficult to fall asleep again.

    I take ashwagandha capsule before going to bed everyday. aur koi upaay bataiye.

  • @jingle

    what is cause of disturbance on sleep???


    Or just wakeup???

    Cause I know u sleep late....after midnight.... so 3 hrs sleep is not at all sufficient.

    Plz try anulom vilom before going to bed and put some drops of ghee in nose.

    Try this some days....

  • I wake up for no apparent reason.

    Pouring ghee in nostrils helps in relieving stress?

  • yes...to some extent....but anulom vilom....and deep breathing will surely help

  • I do yoga in the morning.

    1) anulom volom

    2) kapalbjati in which after inhaling you have to throw out air from lungs by abdominal thrust.

    3) churning abd like baba doing

    4)Reciting om trying to produce sound from depth of abd

    5) sit on reversed feet. Take deep breath. Cupping both the hands on abd. Bending forward giving pressure over abd with cupped hands. Shayad mayur....😜😜 arey don't know name

    I really feel warmth and surge of energy esp while reciting om. And you know. I do above 5 exercises 5 times each.🐒🐒

  • suramo

    its called vajrasan.... mayurasan is not easy....not for human beings...lol

    Never try that....if anything goes wrong in Mayurasan....it is injurious.

  • 😊😊👍👍

  • hmmmm in college times ek bar try kiya tha ye Mayurasan....and I had some twist in my guts.... for two days I had sever pains.....

    Bhai agar jo admi Mayurasan karta hoga....usko ye diabetes hoga hi nahi.....

    Ye log kutch bhi bolte hai....

  • दूध वर्ज्य केल्याने नक्की काय होते ?

  • माहिती नाही.... मी पितो....

  • @jingle

    actually....as per ayurveda...Diabetes is problem of Kafa doasha...now everything which increases kafa should be avoided...

    It is said curd may increase your weight...

    Further... as it is said by suramo now days Cows are in injected with oxytocin...a hormone extracted from Pig....which increases contraction during delivery and also increases milk production.

    And milk is contaminated with that....

    But you know they inject many vegetable also with that..to increase size of fruit .


    It is said now days girls reach to puberty earlier than before...that is also due to ingestion of various growth hormone thru contaminated food.

  • cure

    Whenever i drank milk at night my frequency of urination increased. I don't take milk except with turmeric half cup subah sham or curd now.

    You, anup everybody recommend taking butter milk but ideally butter milk is the liquid left after churning out makhkhan from curd. I think it must contain milk sugar like fluid of the hung curd

  • @Cure @jingale

    arey ye jingale et al ko bolo ki english ya national language mein baat karoge to allowed. Marathi mein baat karoge to not allowed.😝😝😝😝

  • lol...bhai @jingle yar hindi mein bolo suramo ke sath....

  • sorry members..here is again one link in Marathi....here sage Sushrut talking about 'Khapali gahu' as nandimukhi...


  • नांदीमुखी हे खपली गहूच आहे हे कशावरून ... ?

  • @jingle

    We really never know what was wheat he was referring to....

    But as author says... also if we google....its type of ancient grain...


    Nāndīmukhī (नान्दीमुखी) is a Sanskrit word referring to variety of “wheat” (godhūma). It is a type of “awned grain” (śūkadhānya), according to Caraka in his Carakasaṃhitā sūtrasthāna (chapter 27), a classical Āyurvedic work. The plant Nāndīmukhī is part of the Śūkadhānyavarga group of medicinal plants, referring to the “group of awned grains”. Caraka defined such groups (vargas) based on the dietic value of the plant. Nāndīmukhī is sweat, unctuous and cold in character.

    And as per the story told by my friend.....these grains use to get stuck to cotton cloth....

    and if u enlarge the pic...u will see hair like growth on those grains....

    also...read here...


    The awns of wild emmer wheat spikelets effectively self-cultivate by propelling themselves mechanically into soils. During a period of increased humidity during the night, the awns of the spikelet become erect and draw together, and in the process push the grain into the soil. During the daytime the humidity drops and the awns slacken back again; however, fine silica hairs on the awns act as ratchet hooks in the soil and prevent the spikelets from reversing back out again. During the course of alternating stages of daytime and nighttime humidity, the awns' pumping movements, which resemble a swimming frog kick, drill the spikelet as much as an inch into the soil

  • karch

    see here....he is advocating 'Shivambu' to control diabetes.


  • tejkumar here has been practicing "susu therapy as I call it" since more than 3 years, IIRC -- cow urine, self urine. Not sure how much his diabetes is controlled, though.

  • @jingle


    वृष्यः शीतो गुरुः स्निग्धो जीवनो वातपित्तहा

    सन्धानकारी मधुरो गोधूमः स्थैर्यकृत् सरः

    पथ्या नन्दीमुखी शीता कषायमधुरा लघुः

    Wheat is

    1. Vrushya – natural aphrodisiac

    2.Sheeta – cold

    3.Guru (Heavy to digest)

    4.Snigdha – unctuous, oily

    5.Jivaniya – enlivening

    6.Vatapittaha – balances Vata and Pitta

    7.Sandhanakari – heals fractures and wounds

    8. Madhura (sweet)

    9.Sthairyakrut – increases body stability

    10.Sara – promotes bowel movements

    11.Pathya – can be had on daily basis

    · Nandimukhi variety of wheat is good for health.

    It is

    a)Sheeta – cold

    b)Kashaya (astringent)

    c)Madhura (sweet)

    d)And Laghu (light to digest)

  • My Doc has lowered my dose of tablet. I follow following simple diet & routine :

    1 morning smoothie. No tea at all.

    2 Brown wheat chapati no 2 with dal & some bhaji

    3 At 5 pm green tea with some toast or biscuits

    4 Yoga & meditation for 45 minutes

    5 Night either wheat roti or hand pound rice with moong dal ( chhilka dal)

    6 Use cold pressed oil ( til/kardai/shengadana) alternative.

    Most important use flex seed oil at least 2 chamach daily.

    Avoid milk& sweets

    My sugar levels are normal.

    F 84 PP 132 Hba1c 5.9

  • wow great....where are u from?? and what is ur source of flax seed oil...

  • Flex seed oil is natural source of omega 3. I am pure veg hence this is best alternate

  • तसे नाही विचारत Aajkal saheb .... असे कि आपण flax seed oil कुठून विकत घेता.... आणि आपले सध्या वास्तव्य कुठे आहे... म्हणजे कुठल्या शहरात ?

  • I am in Pune. I take organic food. It's bit costly but better to eat quality food than pay to Doc. All organic food items are available online. I will send you link

  • great.....i am also from Pune

  • bhaswathy

    you can always use google website translation service...

    here is translation

  • bhaswathy

    I could not open your last post. I don't know why? but yes. I experimented many things. Ppbs was not much of a problem but fbs.

    At present i'm grain free. You would not like but my hunger pangs are controlled by cow ghee, coconad mainly and nuts to some extent. Although i will be able to say something concrete only after i get my all tests done a few months later. I'm a tough case having very low bcf. Obviously i need longer time to overcome the insult my body has suffered for a long time.

    At present i'm taking only salad in my dinner - khira cucumber, tindii and tometos. Also nuts - 6 almonds, 8-10 pista and 8-10 peanuts soaked. Also 10 ml cow ghee and coconad 15 ml. In addition to turmeric milk, vinegar etc. My noon rbs is less than 110 meaning thereby at least i'm getting rid of high sugar may be with delay. My fbs has reached in 130 range. So at least on present date i can say that liver dump and somogyi theory is not working on me. No weakness no hunger pangs despite no food in dinner. You would not like but i thank that to cow ghee and coconad which keep me full.

    Let's wait for few months and find out what happens to a person who has very little bcf left.

    If pancreas is the diseased ion we must find a solution for that

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