Bottle groud Juice( Lokky Juice)

I am now taking everyday morning before taking my breakfast. Bottle groud juice. this make stomach clean purifing your stomach. Or eat raw Lokki also its good.Also i took one table Spoon of Fenugreek seed shock into whole night eat in next mornng and drink same water before going into bathroom or wash or mouth. Drink 1 lts water also same time.

It will give good control over blood sugar.


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11 Replies

  • Raw food diet can rever4se diabetes also :)

  • Full kerala juice is not benificial. Use onl peeled sheath of karela griind and mix with water and drink mthe emulsion of one Karelaper da in morning.It will give good results 5719

  • You have not mentioned the quantity of Loki juice to be consumed every day.

  • make it one full glass,

  • Thank u, I suppose it is 200 ml /day in the morning.

  • But many feel it is easy to pop a pill or take a shot of insulin rather taking this a bit laborious path.

    Naturapathy cures many diseases including cancer just by eating the right of vegetables and fruits raw. For example raw juices of carrot, beetroot is cure for cancer

  • Falxoil + cottage cheese is one protocol for cancer patients called Budwig Protocol ... but no patent industry can benifit from this so no one really cares ...

    helps diabetics too :)

  • I will be happy to know, does it made a difference in blood sugar number when u give the blood for testing?

    After how long it gives the 6 months?

  • A1C takes time to drop. 4 months by and large entire RBC is replaced so should be a good reference point for A1C tests

  • Thanks for the immediate reply.

  • It will help control your heart not blood sugar


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