BS 255 fasting at 7.00 am. At 4.00 pm 150. How

Folks I was really depressed with the morning result. In depression I had a Dosa. at 11.00 i ate cabbage and cauliflower bhajias (Pakoras). No roti or rice just these. At 1.00 I had a full bottle of beer, 3 walnuts and some raw cucumber. Then a two hour nap. On waking up I was sure the BS would be 450+ and i should be ready to go to hospital after a check. The BS was only 150, I feel energy and no hunger pangs. Doctors and scientists any explanation or only Jesus/Krishna/Allah


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  • SIR,

    This is the effect of NOT EATING OF RICE AND CHAPATHI MEANS GRAINS, MEANS HIGH CARBS . TRY TO REDUCE YOUR INTAKE OF RICE CHAPATHI ETC TO MINIMUM TO 100 grams per day . autometically your bs will reduce . Try for one mounth .u will see the benifit. This is LCHF diet . THANKYOU.

  • Dear Brother, thanks. Can u pls help me prepare a diet chart divided into 3 meals and 2 snacks. 100 gm rice means 100 gm raw rice or 100 gm cooked rice. 100 gm as a roti or 100gm atta or 100 gm dough (atta+water). what about dal. Pls help me as today was a miracle.

  • SIR,

    Total 100 grams cooked PER DAY. May be ONE Chapati in lunch and one chapati in dinner . OR if rice One table spoon At a time only . IF chapati is there NO rice . IF rice is There NO chapati . U can eat FOOD MADE up of pulses vegetables EGGS MILK GHEE PANNER CURDS NUTS LIKE COCONUT GROUND NUT BADAM ETC


    FALLOW LCHF DIET lot of things are spelt in this fourm only . MEDFREE CAN GUIDE u MORE INTHIS FOURM

  • Sad.. its uncooked 100 gm rice. Grain nutritional value mostly given as uncooked. Cooked Rice gains weight 3/4 times from uncooked rice. 100 gm long grain white uncooked rice /wheat would contain approx 75 gm carbohydrate.If you are consuming both 100 gm then you are crossing 150 gms carbohydrate. If you add vegetable and others then you are crossing more than 200 gm carbs which is very alarming.

  • so it should be 100 gm carbohydrates after checking nut value of each item?

  • Why fasting blood glucose level remains elevated even when it is within normal limits through out the day?

    For practical purposes there appears to be three causes:

    (1) There is not enough insulin at night time to maintain control over blood glucose level in the early morning period.

    (2) Dawn phenomenon:-the blood glucose level rise and insulin requirement increase between 3am and 7am.This increase in insulin requirement and hyperglycemia that follows is referred to as "Dawn" phenomenon.

    It is known that many hormones undergo diurnal variations.These changes in hormonal level occurs both in diabetics and non diabetics.Soon after onset of sleep, there is surge of growth hormone,cortisol shows significant increase between 2am and 4am and reaches its peak value shortly after we wake up.Catcholamines gradually increase over night while glucagon remains relatively constant.These (growth hormone,Cortisol and Catcholamines ) all are potent insulin antagonists.The increased level of insulin antagonists seen during over night period could explain the reason for increased insulin requirement.Now,unless more insulin is produced in the body or is administered more glucose would be delivered into blood stream leading to early morning hyperglycemia.

    (3) The Somogyi phenomenon:-I will not go into its detail.Suffice to say that more you increase the dose of insulin more you get morning hyperglycemia and ultimately diabetic coma.

  • raw cucumber has done the trick . try having this again and you will be happy with this result

  • i am having one small everyday and seems to be good. anything else u like to add?

  • keep your mind in a happy state . this is more important than anything else add raw cucumber,broken wheat in the evening about 100 grams in any form with less oil , also germinates seeds or green gram available at home is also a good option if you have not tried before

  • Don't happy!

  • Dawn phenomenon can be managed in many patients by avoiding carbohydrate intake at bedtime, adjusting the dosage of medication or insulin, switching to a different medication, or by using an insulin pump to administer extra insulin during early-morning hours. In most of the cases, there is no need to change insulin dosing of patients who encounter dawn phenomenon.


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