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2 months on LCHF

started LCHF in sep 2017 ... eating alot of butter n eggs ... very few cards.....

my HbA1C in August 2017 was 12.5%

now in Oct 2017 it is at 7.2%

fasting BS was 235 in Aug 2017

now in Oct 2017 it is 96

Cholesterol is 350mg HDL raised to 70, LDL also raised 255mg Triglycerides 60mg

ALT 32

AST 29

creatinine normal

med: 1 capsule diamicron mr 60 in the morning and 1 capsule TagipMet 100/1000mg

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carbs *


If you are hypertensive or/and any heart problem watch your fat intake.

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Kidney and liver tests are normal ... Added exercise too ....


Congratulations! Great job.. you may try to control your cholesterol by sitting out in the sun for at least 30min in a day... and walk walk walk! Good luck!


I am astonished to see peoples whose hbA1c is just like 9,10,11,or so on,my hbA1c never crossed to 7 at all,rather highest was 6.81,and lowest 5.2,now it is 5.4 What and how much they eat,what is their"s life style,needs to be assertned ,&investigated.


I will advise you 2 things drink 4 litre water and do excercise in short period of time u will have to stop medicines


I actually want to gain weight. I'm underweight ... My height is 5'9" and my weight is 54kgs ... I had gained some muscle mass because I was adding a little more than moderate amount of proteins.


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