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Is LCHF Diet suitable for hypertension

Dear All greetings. I read about LCHF diet in this forum in previous posts that it is very good for diebitic patients. My question is if the person is having high blood pressure also along with diabetes then also is it good or not? Cos I read in another post that hypertension person should have low fat diet.please throw some light on this issue.waiting for ur expert comments.

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The use of low-fat for lowering hypertension is another failed hypothesis. Basically, excess weight is associated with higher blood pressure, reduce the calories to produce an energy deficit... fat contains more calories gramme for gramme... you probably know the drill. However, a recent study found that we are more likely to gain weight with a low-fat diet than a higher fat, Mediterranean style diet.

Actually, having a balanced diet is far better, because too much insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) narrows arteries which along with higher blood volume from excess insulin in the blood and 1g carbohydrate also holds 3g water in the body, also increasing blood volume = increased blood pressure.

A balanced diet, the proportions in which the body uses macro-nutrients, is about 12% protein, 30% low-Gi carbohydrate, 58% natural fat (including any body-fat that is burned as a result of energy deficit).


Cardiologists are of general opinion that sugar, oil and fats are to be avoided. (Exception: Omega-3 fatty acid). Each grain contains oil and fat that is sufficient for the bodily needs.




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