Protein on vegetarian LCHF diet

Assuming that an adult male requires 2000 calories of energy per day, one needs to consume about 100 gm of proteins every day based on 60:20:20 break up. The problem with veg diet is that even the foods supposedly high in proteins, like lentils/pulses,nuts, legumes etc.  have much higher or almost equal carb content. So where do vegetarian LCHFers get their protein from? Is whey protein a good option? Please share your experiences/thoughts on this.

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  • Yes on supplementation. Looks for the ones with lowest carb/sugar content. 

    Consider adding home made paneer to menu.

    For people with kidney troubles, protein will have to be lowered.

  • Thanks Mr. Anup. I know that you are a non vegetarian, and do not need protein supplements as such. But do you know of any good(and economical) whey products? The ones I found on Amazon are a bit expensive.

    You sustained ketosis with vegetarian diet for some time. Does ketogenic diet have room for 100 gm proteins a day?

  • For ketosis, 15% max for proteins 10% max for carbs and rest fat. This is by and large. One will need to tweak as one moves into ketosis and depending on the amount of exercise. I am largely a vegetarian who eats lot of eggs :)

    Had to switch to 100% Non veg during ketosis trials to enter into ketosis fast. Then for few days after that sustained ketosis on vegetarian diet (no grains, no pulses etc). I am on no grains even now :)

    Have home made paneer as first preference. I can even do 200 grams a day in various formats, mix veg, pakoras etc etc.

    Whey protein powders sold are expensive. Normally my son looks into all this. But, as I type, I am looking at a 3lb sealed container of 


    ISO.100 Hydrolyzed Whey protein

    Per serving 

    Protein  25g

    BCAAs 5.5g

    FAT 0

    Sugar 0

    Total carbs 1g

  • Talking of grain/pulses free diet, I completed a week on LCHF today. And I have not consumed grains/pulses from day one, and didn't crave for them either. :-)

  • Brilliant. It's a different feeling altogether not to be eating crappy wheat, rice etc.

    My favorite veg preparation 

    Cauliflower + Paneer (dry veg) loaded with butter

    Palak Paneer again with dollop of butter added.

    Add some soaked nuts, sesame seeds for variety and also bulk up fats :)

    Cucumber for salad

  • I am taking only one meal every day, in the evening, comprising of leafy vegetable preparations like palak paneer, methi chaman, sarso ki saag etc. loaded with butter, and cucumber raita (with few pieces of tomato) made with full cream yogurt, some tender coconut cream, and cheese. 

    No lunch. 

    Breakfast at about 10:00 am is a fistful(~25 in number) of soaked almonds, followed by a mug of modified bullet proof coffee containing cocoa, coffee, 40-50 ml VCO and 20-30 gm butter. This keeps me full and energized throughout the day, till the evening meal. 

    No cravings, no feeling of being drained out at any time of the day. Never expected an abrupt transition (all three meals, and grain free at a time) to LCHF would be so smooth. :-)

  • Jingale

    The diet you are taking is similar to the diet i take.


  • Great! Are you taking any protein supplement?

  • @jingale

    I'm not taking any protein powder nor am i advising anybody to take them.

    They are costing about 800 to1000 rs/ kg. In that price one can get more protein from the sources like peanuts, dry fruits, eggs, nonveg food etc

  • Brilliant. Forget the failed CALORIE Counting theory, eat to satiety and eat only when hungry. 

    Last week I had to go to workshop for car servicing. Moved out  around 10 am after just a  cup of black coffee with "FAT" added and was back at 5:30 pm. No hunger, no eating and all the time was walking around and standing. Only one "cut chai" during all these hrs.

    After coming back, had one small serving of home made mango ice cream, 2 glasses of coconut milk (as chilled coffee) and then went to sleep :)

  • due to cataract surgery doctor put me on insulin(10 units bed time) from 1st oct15 and the surgery was done on nov25th(left eye) and dec23rd(right eye) i continued till jan end and started reducing the dose 2 units every week.then i stopped the insulin completely from feb i am only on metformin 850mg(after break fast) and following LCHF i am very happy about my readings and total over all health.thanks to the forum members for educating me regarding LCHF.please continue to support the members like me. 

  • Good to hear about yet-another-beneficiary of LCHF diet. 

    Stay focused and enjoy great health on far less drugs.

  • Now I will not turn back to original diet since lchf is helping me a lot. I am waiting for the day to stop the metformin also. I hope I will get there with all your support

  • Well done auntie. 

    I know you as you are on the other forum also where I preach LCHF 24X7 :) 

    LCHF is bad only for guys and gals who have not tried it. People who have been betrayed by so called healthy and balanced" diet + drugs are the ones who switch usually and are always surprised to find how great it is.

  • 100% true

  • So, now spread the LCHF word to every diabetic that your come across. Even if one in ten listen to you, it's a great success. Nine out of ten will listen when it is too late for them.

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