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Trace of ketones in fasting urine

Hi I am diabetic. Seeing the success of low carb diet, I started following low carb moderate protein and moderate fat. My latest report I have achieved hba1c of 5.9 .however my uric acid is 7.2. also I now have trace of ketones in the urine. I am not taking any allopathic medicine. Taking vinegar twice before meals and patanjali madhunashini medicine.

My hba1c 3 months ago was 11.1.

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I weigh now 58 kg. So you mean I should take 120 gram carb spread out in the entire day. Is it ok to have ketones in the urine.

I am concerned about that.


Hi AlokJain,

Please consult your doctor about the ketones. Also, call the doctor's office and ask to schedule an appointment for this week. Remind the Receptionist who answers the phone that you're diabetic and want to be seen this week. Let us know what you find out.


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