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Sugar level in Urine - fasting and post lunch

I am 62 years male diabetes person since year 2011. I also had angioplasty in 2008. tMy current sugar levels are fasting 127 and post lunch 179. For the first time the sugar has also occured in Urine. In morning urine it has been indicated as + and in post lunch it has been shown as +++. I am a working person with moderate level life style. Though I like sweet - by products of milk, I try to avoid and take little. I do the excercise in gym at least 3 days in a week. I am wondering how come the sugar has occured in urine.

Can any diabetes expert guide me on this aspect.

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Sugar in the urine is a sign of poor diabetes control.You have to consult an expert diabetologist and get thoroughly examined.


Thank You Mr.Venkataramana for your advice. I will be talking to diabetologist on Saturady.


Renal glycosuria is suspected. Renal glycosuria, also known as renal glucosuria, is a rare condition in which the simple sugar glucose is excreted in the urine despite normal or low blood glucose levels. With normal kidney (renal) function, glucose is excreted in the urine only when there are abnormally elevated levels of glucose in the blood. However, in those with renal glycosuria, glucose is abnormally elevated in the urine due to improper functioning of the renal tubules, which are primary components of nephrons, the filtering units of the kidneys.

Kidney function tests may be conducted. Consult a Nephrologist.






Thank You Very Much Mr.Gangadharan.



I presume its called Albumin; have 24 hour urine proteins test done, also Albumin/Microalbuminuria; cross-check with Lab; also have test for Creatinine Clearance Test. Albumin is proteins discharged from urine; in excess if discharged (above normal range) then it implies kidneys not able to filter or store/save, react or control proteins (whatever be the appropriate terminology, pls!!!!) reduce BG/SG levels, get normal in blood sugar and all will be well;


Thank You Tejkumar.I will be having a meeting with our doctor on Sat. I will talk to her accordingly.


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