How to Increase weight while have diabetes

I was diagnosed with high levels of sugar in Apr 16. Fasting 334 & PP 460 and the symptoms were frequent urination, hunger and mainly losing weight. I was prescribed metformin and glimpride. After almost two months, I stopped taking these medicines and started ayurvedic medicine. I am on diabetic diet and exercising daily. My sugar level is under control FS 80 & pp 110 but I have become underweight now and I am able to increase the weight. Please advise me how to Increase the weight and what to eat considering the diabetes.


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  • It's is seldom advantageous to add weight for the sake of it. The best way is to build muscle by training with heavy weights.

    Food-wise, your blood sugar levels are excellent; what are you eating? It's the demand of the exercise that builds muscle. You don't need to eat much more than it takes to maintain your weight to facilitate muscle growth.

  • Thanks for your reply. I am taking 02 chapatis with any green vegetables in breakfast. Around 10'o clock, I take 02 Idly or 01 plain dosa. In lunch, I eat 02 chapatis with Yoghurt or dal. Evening Oats or Daliya and 02 chapatis with vegetables in dinner.

    But if I join Gym for heavy exercising then I would require heavy diet also which can increase sugar level. So what is solution for the same ???

  • Joining GYM does NOT mean heavy exercise-- and does NOT mean you have to have heavy diet-just more protein and fat --little more crab to recover muscles. Most days you can do simple walking on trade mill ..and simple

    movements -- knee, back and shoulder exercises - ..

    You can increase diet and monitor .. and adjust

    make sure to monitor sugar --if you do heavy exercise ,,, NOT to get too low.

    Depending on age... adjust exercises....

    I know a 82 year young Indian -- doing simple movements and walking in water .. swimming pool at gym..



  • The amount of carbohydrate you eat is already too much. You are heavily reliant on your medication to normalise your blood glucose; the effect on your hormones will be harmful for the long-term.

  • That is really great. What ayurvedic medicine are you taking ?

    What is your A1C for last six to nine months ?

    Your sugar level so high-- need to check eyes and kidney-

  • I am taking locally prepared ayurvedic powder which is made of almost 15 natural substances.

    My A1c is in between 5.6 to 6.4 which was 8.1 at the time of detection.

    I have gone through all the tests that is normal

  • Good for you ... take care

  • Dear Praveen005r, Iam suffering with the same complaint, i.e not able to gain weight after 20 kgs of weight loss due to sugar. All of the sudden i was diagnosed DM type2 and was put on medicine . MEtformine 500mg BD. By the time i had lost 5 kgs of weight and slowly and steadly kept loosing weight. at present iam 53 kgs from 72 kgs. It is almost one year i have stopped taking Metformin. For the last one yr iam taking Ayurvedic GURmer powder and my sugar is controled including my HB A1c >5.9. I walk for 3-4 kms brisk walk daily. I have stopped taking rice and sugar in any form. I don' t know how my weight would increase atleast 6 kgs. If any one have idea.? My LFT, RFT is in normal reading. My fasting is below 110. and pp every first hour without gudmar powder is 190. and with Gudmer powder it is 165 at first hour. At second hr. it comes to normal. I don' t have problem in digestion of food. My daily food intake is 2-3 chapati with cup of tea in Breakfast, At 1000 hrs-1100 Hrs a cup of tea, At 1200 hrs Spouted dal (moong &Channa) At 1400-1500 hrs Lunch ( 03chapati, one katori DAl), dinner same. some time take 200 ml boiled milk before night sleep. In case if i stopped GUDMER powdre and evening walk, My bp readings and sugar level and weight gets affected. Pls help me gaining weight. At present iam not taking any english medicine. i am ready to reward to my extend to the person who could help me incerreasing my weight by another 6-10 kgs. Putting weight is no good idea for Diabetic but with 173 cm height 53 kg weight is very low.

  • BS of 165 is high ... 3 chapatis is too much -- 45 grams plus carbs from daal

    try to limit crabs less than 40 ( max 50) grams at each meal.

    Monitor.. Monitor. Monitor...

    after some times and also with age.. certain medicine may not work..

    Add two table spoon of Coconut oil or ghee and one tablespoon turmeric powder in milk at night.

    Add more fat - cottage cheese, avacados, walnuts , almonds etc

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