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How to recognize if you have diabetes

I have recently visited a site Citizens Matters where the author Mukul Saxena has written an interesting article on diabetes. Here he has shared some important points that help in detecting diabetes. Let’s know about these points in detail.

Diabetes is such destructive disease that cause harm at deeper level slowly and no such outward symptoms are noticed in patients. Thus, it becomes difficult to make it sure, whether the disease is affecting one or not. Medical experts say that it is hard to presume exactly in which age one will become victim of diabetes and thus suggest everybody to know about basic symptoms of diabetes.

he author said that at initial stage a patient would notice the following signs, which are regarded as common and major symptoms of the disease. These are:

•Increase in appetite

•More thirst feeling

•Delayed healing capacity especially for wounds and cuts

•Visionary problems


•Tingling and numbness of limbs, especially of feet and hands

•Frequent urination

•Increased fatigue with nausea and vomiting

•Constant weight loss in spite of taking more food


The primary symptoms are noticed as result of certain complications. Common complications for this disease are neuropathy that results in scratchy sensations of feet and hands. In a few patients, this also results in inflammation of blood vessels in medical term, which is known as Microangitis.

When someone notices these symptoms, he or she must consult with doctor and go for blood sugar checking. Testing both PP that means post-prandial and fasting simple is important. That means you have to check blood sugar after fasting for a few hours and then again after few hours of taking food. However, to get perfect result of sample testing it is important to go for HbA1c test.

Very interesting article. I liked it because the author has given additional info instead of describing the symptoms only. Will advise other readers to read such articles frequently.


Col (Retd) Dr Mukul Saxena has over 30 years of cross-functional expertise in healthcare, both in public and private sectors.

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Unexplained pain in fingers, hands, joints or any other part is also noticed.When I was first detected diabetes, I had pain in my Thumb which was not cured by pain killers and x-ray also was cleared. Only on checking of Blood Sugar, I came to know that it was due to diabetes and it went away when the BS was normal


I discovered that I was a diabetic due to URGENCY TO URINATE in addition to urge to urinate frequently.


Thank you doctor for the advice


I very much agree and endorse the advice of Dr Pramod. Unless something hits us we tend to ignore and think that we are immune to such things. Inspite of being detected we will generally ignore to follow the advice of Doctor for diet control, exercise, medicines etc.


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