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how to cure sugar level


I am 46 y old with 85 kg weight of height 6 ft.I have no symptom of diabetic type 2 but one day i found my sugar level after meal in the evening is 240. Doctor give me Metformin 1 Gm and Volibo.3 with cholesterol reducing Rosutec 5 MG.

Now after 4 months I found my PP is almost 150 avg and fasting 130 avg. why this is happening.But still no any symptom of diabetic type2.

Is the med is correct or need to change it ??

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To keep record of changes after medicine and get second opinion to continue the medicine.

Diabetes is such illness that symptoms are hardly noticed. You consider that you are diabetic since blood sugar is above normal even after medicines and monitor accordingly. Reduce your corbohydrates intake. Exercise daily at 40 to 50 minutes. Brisk walk will do. Monitor your blood sugar regularly and consult your Doctor at regular intervals.

Do not wait for symptoms to come.Prevention is always better than cure!Change your diet plan and become "medfree".Take care of advice given by experienced and knowledgeable people in this forum.

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