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We have known that Non diabetic persons blood sugar level FBS normal range is 70-100/110 mg /dl and PPBS value 100-140 mg/dl ( some of foreign blogs says it is below 120 mg/dl

Very interest question who fixed this no. and what experiment done for safer normal value fixed above. ? Can any one give the clue or share with authenticated data and who approved this ?

I have recently got one information which read as follows

Who is a diabetic?. Are you a Diabetic ???. Who decides..?, please read...

Actually it may not be so. Please read the following

Before 1997, the fasting sugar should be under 140. WHO put a panel to reassess and made it 126. All of a sudden, 14% of world people became diabetes overnight! Later it was found that the guys who were in that panel were consultants to 7 big Pharma companies dealing with sale of Diabetic medicines.

Later in 2003, American Diabetic Association reduced the limit to 100. Overnight Indian Diabetic guys jumped 100%!!!

This is how Pharma industry works!!!

So in short, it's Pharma industry that decide if you are Diabetic or not ???

One of the senior professor also agreed that generally blood sugar level some how low or higher side is not a problem But average fluctation of blood in the body should be accurate and this is follows at any time if u tested is blood sugar level it must be below 130-140 at any cost it must not raising 145 and above.

One of the Ayurvedic specialist says his opinion the liver function effect some3 how causes PPBS spike some of the persons liver acts slowly in digestion here the person consuming food digest slowly so the blood sugar level 1 hour and 2 hours and also within 2 hours his ppbs is some sp[kies but if his health is good his blood sugar level comes below 110- 120 within 4 hours these persons we may not consider as diabetic .

there may be huge difference opinion about this from LCHF and non LCHF persons but pleas share your opinion in this discussion

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Supa post evn i want ans of dis


Bernstein choose 83 is best but the question is what basis ? he may control by consuming less than 30gms if control protein also within less than 30 gms he may be chances of hypo ? this is my personnel opinion He may consume more protein that is why he may chances of 83

Further he is an foreigner His guidelines may not possible in USA and other countries also I have one source that in USA most of them preferred ADA guidelines

I am not having idea except Bernstein how much them may control BS range 83 or less than 90. It may be difficult for Indians persons particularly vegetarians to stic on these numbers However to get the target of low Blood sugar is good If possible maintaining below 90 is very good

but as age increass the production of insulin decreases. this is for all older persons particularly diabetic having more problems

what is Mortality VS blood sugar ?

Please share .

As per existing medical guidelines at any time blood sugar level below 160 any surgery may be conducted and no complicationraises to the person.

But my personnel blood sugar is within the normal numbers until today but future I do not know.

totaly in Doctors also have more different opinions Most of doctos do not consider FBS and PPBS in always they stic on HBA1C no.



recently one laboratory has given information that all blood test made by taking blood plasma is thicker So the blood test number should be taken lessthan10 % of the result no. which one is believable ?

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What is your source of information, is there a scientific paper or news that has been published ?

Please share the source of news

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Kindly provide the source of your information , link to any scientific paper or research that has been done on this topic.

If not, this could be just a rumour that you are sharing that can negatively affect people's health


Sfin please read carefully complete discussion and then please write your comment .

1 This is I am received some sources from one of the magazine but the copy was not available I am also not fully beleived this That is why I put a discussion for replies from expert.

2 However we follow the guidelines given ADA /FDA/WHO

FBS70-100 PPBS 10140 HBA!C 6.5 -7

However these no. there are so much difference opinion

3 in 1997 FBs range is 140 by WHO and it reducs to 126 For this I am also no sources the most experts ADA/WHO/FDA follower in this blog may sharetheir value or any note if share Are any medical guidelines about this any members may share .

4 Dr Beurnstein keep his FBS around 85 and HBA!C 4.9 he stick his no. 83 as FBs normal value this is posted above by user name Anup

5 Anup also respond at the time of 1997 the mortality vs blood sugar is less than 80-90 but he may not clearly share the mortality vs blood sugar in details

6 But no ADA /WHO followerds and expert members in this forumdid notcomment about this

I am already posted that so many difference opinion about FBS and PPBS no. even Doctor from Doctor .

Totally it depends upon the individual persons resisting power and liver organs condition .

But these guidelines all meant from foreign guidelines on the basis of foreigners body condition

So there is no negative effect for health of person as u explained above is not necessary Since this is only sharing the knowledge from one to another The final decision taken left to persons and his Doctor advise

Any more information about yourself may please share it may help for other members .

In my op[inion

FBS70-110 and PPBS 100-140 and hba1c 6.0 and prolonged diabeticmore than 15- 20 years and above FBS 70-130 and ppbs 100- 140/150 which may not extended 155 and above at any time hba1c upto 6.5

This figure is shared one of Diabetologist and cardialogist and I am also prefer this no. However my no. is now also non diabetic range FBS 94 ppbs 127 hba1c 5.7


Agreed. I am not said as non diabeti c I am a diabetic but now B S range is in non diabetic range. Non diabetic figure always Fbs 70-90 ppbs less than 140 and Random Bs also less than 140


There is no genuine info . All the doctors and pharmaseutical companies , hospitals have got vested interest . The doctor in the super speciality hospital said bs 100 to 140 is normal , that is random .Even if goes to 160 it need not be considered as dangerous .He also said , since you are not taking any medicines , that is medicines of allopathy , you can for 5 % this way or that way . IF the tests are done for every 10 minutes , the results vary . Even they vary from lab to lab and one glucometer to another .Apart from all these ,I personally found ,whenever I have taken any homeopathic medicine in high potency , the level goes up .Even in case of certain herbs also this variation is seen .So maintaining ideal weight , taking balanced meal , with in caloric limit , with optimum exercise , enough rest and sleep ,one should be happy .I never had taken any modern medicines . I have decided to only once in a year for the overall check up . If something goes wrong body immediately sends signals .Any person with normal intelligence would understand that .As long as the life is in order and discipline it wouldn't change much.This is my experience , whether it is mine or handful of my patients .


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