I AM in the healthy range after LCHF

Two months back i was declared 370 sugar level after lunch during my health checkup. I advised to go for a Doctor. when doctor checked me after three days of first test it was 394. Doctor given me advise to take med. But i wanted to take knowledge about the wrong thing happened with me. Then i took the help of Google search and found this site. I started exercise 1hr in the morning and LCHF as per chart. After 20 days my level was found 91 fasting and pp was 160. Now two months passed on LCHF diet my levels are 90 and 145. I feel very active and light. My extra fat gone. I am wearing my five years old T-Shirts and shirt. My waste was 36 but now i purchased 34 which is also loose.

Thanks God I opened this site.

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  • Welcome to the club of LCHF followers. Maintain your diet and be strict on your regimen.

    Your BS and lipid nos. will improve.

    BTW what are your lipid levels?

  • all are in range

  • Welcome to LCHF club and congratulations on your success to prove ADA's nonsensical Diet as the main reason Diabetes is getting out of hand.

    That said, i guess it would be prudent for me to assume that now 160 diabetics on this forum have switched to LCHF and have proved professors of nutrition WRONG. Make sure to count carbs from grains+fruits+vegetables+diary and restrict to 100grams/day.

    Stay focused on LCHF diet, spread LCHF awareness to all diabetics around you. More than 50% Type 2 diabetics can easily do away with all drugs and still achieve better sugar control and better LIPDS/KFT/LFT/BP. BMI is useless number.

    It's ADA's Nonsenscial Diet that's killing Diabetics!

    Carbs KILL! FAT is innocent.

  • It is proving my assumption that younger diabetics who are not on medication get best results and that also quickly, RIGHT.

  • There are diabetics with 20+ years history on this forum who have also improved drastically. So assumption/presumption isn't right.

  • I've been diabetic for quite a while and LCHF completely solved all my issues. However, I find that I cannot go above 30 g. of carbs, so it's pretty frustrating. Exercise is difficult due to other health issues so I have to work hard to do it through diet. I am looking at some supplements and perhaps using pterocarpus...

  • 6:12:12 rule for carbs from Dr Bernstein is what most follow when completely out of endogenous insulin (and yet want to minimize drugs/insulin) and that's a ketogenic diet (extreme end of LCHF). This is a tough diet to follow and can be done by non-vegetarians only. Perhaps do some data hunting on "resistant starch" and see if that helps.

  • No figure can be absolute,it is always comparative.No data available for detailed percentage wise study,that is why


    Why not try to work it out of 150+ figure for age

    wise,duration of diabetes with or without any complication etc! etc.

  • I am not interested in writing research papers as my aim is to offer solution which desperate diabetics, fed up with doctors and high carb high drugs lifestyle, are looking for. For the time being, that objective is being met. Diabetics on forums are looking for quick solutions.

  • Hurrah ! congratulations well keep up the good readings :)

  • YUP. LCHF just works to annoyance and displeasure of few here :)

    How are your readings?

  • Then,it is not right to say assumption is wrong.

  • It is wrong because i have quoted cases of 20+ years diabetics in past also. Rest you hunt and prove me wrong. Till you do that your assumption is not factual. If you want to just keep arguing then carry on.

    Can you even quote one case here who did not get the levels in control on far lower drugs? Besides you of course, because you did not even care to reveal your diet. Even a 80 year old diabetic on insulin and 27 years of diabetes and a heart patient reported improvements all around, far betetr numbers (dream numbers) on lower drugs and insulin.

  • No one is arguing that several diabetics have benefited.But it is not the point of contention.As you always fail to understand my point of view,I don't find any pleasure in any useless argument .

    Onus always lies on accuser to prove things and not vice versa.

  • I have proved when i quoted cases a long a 27/20+ years and recently 12 years who went of 80% drugs and planning to get rid of balance soon. Even a diabetic who was/started with 24/14 insulin is in process of removing all insulin and yet have great numbers:


    Now your turn to prove. Your assumptions are WRONG. Only one ho did not benefit is you but, your diet no one knows so cannot comment. No more replies to you as you are going into overdrive of arguing incessantly. On Ignore now.

  • One more for you:


    Now your turn to prove me wrong, IF You can, which i know you cannot so you prefer to keep arguing as usual.

  • Come on Medfree isn't trying correct anybody's opinion in this forum . He is just stating what's worked wonderfully well for him and many of us.

    Let's forget these assumption and presumption business and get on with this LCHF .And propagate what's worked well. Am a journalist and know all the tricks adopted by company's like Novartis to prove LCHF is a myth.L C H F is my Mantra and I fully endorse Medfrees counsel.

  • Novartis ... Supreme Court of India slammed them Hard on their PATENT Plea. These drug companies are out to sell DRUGS and have incentive schemes for doctors to help them sell more. They need more customers so they will PRAISE HIGH CARB LOW FAT ADA's nonsense. They care a damn about patient's health.

    Thanks for chipping in. Presumptions and assumptions are forte of four to five here and they seem to go against LCHF either overtly or covertly and they have the right to do so because they cannot switch. When one starts attacking based on "Assumptions or Presumptions" they are as FLAWED as ANCEL Key was when he did the CHERRY PICKING Study on FATS :)

  • I consider both medfree and patliputra to be great assets to this blog. Both contribute meaningful views, Yes, you are right; burden to prove lies with the accuser!

  • And i have proved even before others started chipping in with their experience right here on this thread. I let the real world examples of diabetics on LCHF do the talking rather than my ASSUMPTIONS or PRESUMPTIONS!

    As for indiacratus, he has nothing to prove that all dietary fat passes out through URINE. He just states it and walks on. So his PRESUMPTION is WRONG.

  • If at all, what percentage of dietary fat passes out through urine?

  • Pl check ketones in urine through Ketostix ... it has marking for safe/unsafe limits of ketones in urine i think. Source of ketostix I have answered on following thread:


  • I am +20 yrs of diabetic patient. One & half yr back I have adopted LCHF diet. My results were encouraging and I had shared it on this site. I have recommended it to more than 15 patients. Silly part is few of them said it may be good but we cant follow it strictly. Few followed it for 2-3 months and gave me feedback that their levels are improved and they are below 150. For 1 I told if you don't cook non veg, I will give daily 1 boiled egg to you. Few days he followed and there after informed me that he will call me as and when required. I feel sorry for such people who like to take tabs and avoid eating simple LCHF diet. Now I don,t advice any body and follow my own path.

  • Anirudh,

    Thanks for chipping in and also highlighting your 20+ years diabetic history. As for preaching to others, not many listen so its their call. Majority just cannot end their ADDICTION with CARBS so will keep defending crazy things and keep eating DRUGS till DEATH. Let them keep doing ... it's their life, their money and their body, who cares! The importance of good health is only realized after losing it.

    We for one know that you were on heavy dose dangerous Glynase and PIOZ when you came to this forum and now you are off them as per what you had mentioned last despite 20 years of diabetic history.

  • i have been telling all my friends about this low carb diet. To day my fasting is 92. Fasting on daily basis goes up to 120. PParound 150. i am monitoring my sugar almost 3 times daily. With a diabetic history of 20 yrs i never knew that i could bring it down so much. This has never happened in my life . i had switched on to sitagliptin/januvia 100 mg about 5 yrs back since my sugar was not coming in control.

    i even visited diabetic center since my sugar level was not coming below 250 and touching even 300 at times . Doc advised me to go on insulin . i had taken insulin for 3 weeks. Now stopped all that . iam taking metformin 500mg 3 times with dianil . Slowly as i progress on this diet i intent to reduce this also . i do not feel hungry or week at all .Lunch and dinner i have adequate veg to fill my stomach .

    wish i had known this diet long back . may be i would have controlled my sugar level more and improved my health too


  • And you have gone off 34 units of INSULIN and 5 years of Janumet gulping already, despite 20 years of diabetic history and still have a number which were not possible earlier, despite drugs and insulin.

    Welcome aboard & congratulations. Stay focused, keep testing, keep sharing and keep educating!

  • For those who are reading these mails, a few days back i had gone off eating rice and chapatis with meals and switched on to vegetables with an egg in the morning and evening. The results are very encouraging for me, Today afternoon i was tempted to have an ice cream also. Was a surprised to see the pp was showing only 136 .In fact i was expecting it go very high Morning fasting reading was 105. Friends i have been diabetic for last 20 years.

    I do have handful of almonds, peanuts etc twice with tea/ coffee

    My suggestion to those who are sincere in reducing their sugar level is to have a self monitoring mechanism in hand like a "one touch" select strip etc and study how your body is responding to a change in diet

    well this is how my body is responding to this new diet plan as given in low carbo diet i have soup before dinner and lunch with a spoon of butter added to it . what more can a diabetic person ask for .am grateful to those who opened my eyes to this new diet

  • Congratulations. You prove yet again that "Diet" can do wonders even for diabetics with 20 years history, though some don't believe just for sake of arguing :)

    Diabetics on LCHF can enjoy everything. That's why I often say, eat whatever you want as long as you keep CARBS to 100gms/day max. There's no food elimination as such. So eat/test and innovate.

    Start your day with 1 cup black coffee with 1 TBSP VCO and 50 grams nuts (peanuts+almonds+walnuts), whenever you can. I just finished 1 catorie of "Kheer" which was kept in fridge for around 18 hours after making it and i won't even test as I know what the readings would be -- it would be in non diabetic range and I take no drugs.

    Self management of diabetes is all about IGNORING what the doctor/nutritionists say about diet and switch to LCHF!

  • Thanks. Actually the reference is supportive of my assumption.Younger the diabetic and on no medication or on minimal medication respond quickly to lchf,while diabetics of long duration and advance in age respond slowly.

  • Keep recommending your own posts :)

  • i am 52 and getting good results with lchf

  • Great and thanks for chipping in. Age, duration of diabetes has no relation as far as reducing drugs and getting better numbers on LCHF is concerned. Even a 80 year old gentleman with 27 years diabetes history was able to reduce INSULIN, Drugs and yet get better FBS/PPBS numbers. Only one failed to do so and when people asked about his diet the guy never bothered to reply with precise details. In any case, 1 failure (presuming he is on LCHF) out of 160 is no failure at all.

    LCHF works right from the meal when you switch and don't have to bother about BMI as that will correct automatically on LCHF.

  • I am 61/62 my score in January was 11.6% and till I came down to 6.4 the weekly average decline was 0.175%. Next month the weekly decline was 0.025% and in the next four weeks it improved to 0.1% (in fact I consumed mangos, increased intake of carb etc. This SCORE IMPROVEMENT has been WITHOUT MEDICINES. [I put my diet plan twice on this forum and contributor medfree commented that it is not LCHF i.e. there were too many carbs and not enough fat etc.]

  • Yes, anything above 100 grams carbs is not LCHF. Some may keep the 100-120 range. You are covering additional carbs by burning 600kcal by walking 8km/day. If you could hit LCHF you can still keep fit with an inexpensive gadget by spending 10 minutes a day and one can even afford to skip it for 2-3 days in a week :)

    When I bought this in 2011, it was around 1100 bucks ($20). That's why i don't bother about BMI. Add to this a pair of 15lb dumbbells and it's all complete. For those who find Bullworker/Dumbbells expensive, there's Charles Atlas (inspired by Lions/Cats fitness) way of doing many of the similar things:

    Charles Atlas stuff can be done anywhere, anytime -- some of them even in office while sitting on chair. Time is essence of Management and I cannot spare 2 hrs a day for walking 365 days a year. Being Innovative is the key :)

    More about Charles Atlas here. He was a craze during our school/college days:


  • I fully endorse your view that to achieve a goal ,it is not always necessary to adopt extreme measures.Even Jenny ruhl is taking around 110 gms. Of carb and metformin and used to take insulin.

    Our dietary habits are far different from west and we are recklessness lay trying to adopt same model,which was initially used as weight reduction measure,they said low carb diet.High fat is later addition to justify out dated calorie requirement theory.

  • Low Carb will have to be HIGH FAT. Jenny is eating lots of fat. One cannot live on 440kcal coming from 110 grams carbs. So, addition of fat is not for supporting anything but the need to have enough calories as diabetics cannot go on high protein.

    Jenny Ruhl eats lots of FAT too to cover up the calorie requirement. She has a calculator on her site for computing how much proteins and fats is needed. Here you go:


    For her weight and assumed height of 66 inches, light exercise the same leads to:

    To maintain your body weight eat 1,753 calories.

    You have decided to eat 110 grams of carbohydrate a day. This is 25.1% of your total caloric intake.

    Required Protein Intake: 56 grams of high quality protein.

    This would be supplied by: 9.3 ounces or 261 grams of a high quality protein food like meat, fish, eggs, or cheese, which typically contain 6 grams of protein.

    Maximum Fat Intake: 121 grams.

    121X9/1753 = 62% FAT so diet is LCHF even with her 110 gms upper limit for carbs.

    For every 1 gram of protein you eat over 56 grams of protein, reduce your fat intake by .5 grams to stay within calorie limits.

    Let's not just pick 110 grams and MF and ignore the basics, just to prove a point.

  • Yes no alternative for us without lchf diet .In this forum many times Mr.medfree adviced since long. Please note you have only road is lchf

  • Thanks for chipping in. LCHF is only way forward. Time proven scientific approach and one need not be a "Professor" of Nutrition and Biochemistry to understand it. However, that doesn't take away the rights of those who are opposed to LCHF (maybe out of jealousy) to find some reason or the other -- age, duration, cost, its a starvation diet, blah blah blah -- to keep yapping against LCHF. Few have even gone to the extent of saying that I am not diabetic just because they couldn't find any other material to defined their flawed hypothesis/assumption.

    When we started talking LCHF more than a year back here on this forum, there were 3 who used to chase us and any early adopter back then. That number hasn't changed much since then but the number of diabetics on LCHF have gown from 1 then to 160 now.

  • It is human nature to travel on well beaten path,as it is easier, convenient and fully known.No harm in that.But it takes courage, determination and perseverance to to follow an unknown path.

    It is an old saying.

  • Patliputra, By 'young diabetic' do you mean young in age or short history as diabetic?. If it is former, you are wrong. I was 65 when detected D with high values viz., fbs/ppbs/hba1c 290/399/13. Within 15 days I clocked near normal bs values. Now after 18 months, I have all sugar-related values within non diabetic range. My hba1c values for the last three quarters are 5.5, 5.1 and 5.3. I never took any medicine. Only low carb diet and mild exercise and walk.

  • Sugu, as it was addressed to me,so as a courtesy I am responding.I perfectly agree with you about your diabetes getting cured within 15 days.

    A long time back I had written in this forum about a type of diabetes ,medically not recognised or find a reference any where,but iam sure that it occurs .I call it transient or diabetes of short duration.

    If a person, irrespective of age,goes under a period of intense stress and strain,due to any cause,unconsciously or consciously,some thing happens that precipitates hyperglycaemia and he is levelled diabetic.

    There are known toxins,and medications and certain type of tumours which cause diabetes which may be short lived.

    But the diabetes caused by extreme stress are always short lived depending on many factors,period varying from weeks

    So it up to you to decide about what is right and what is wrong.

    About your query age or duration,pl" carefully read my blog, you will find your answer.

    These are my personal views.

  • I guess you will at any length to defend your flawed asumption. rnpath also uses same "medically not recognised " argument just to defend his flawed hypothesis. He even said I am not diabetic and i guess few others who do not like popularity that LCHF has gained said so. This jut reflects upon the desperation to prove LCHF wrong for some vague reason or the other. This is nothing but JEALOUSY at its best! And things don't end there. The Anti LCHF guys resort to even name calling -- terrorist, loser, shameless, fanatic etc etc. PATHETIC!

  • Patliputra, Thank you for responding to my reply. I believe this a forum for sharing our experiences and views. I respect your views and and even more your right to hold and share your views. I am a scientist by training and therefore have an open mind to views expressed. But at the same time as I am not a researcher on diabetic medicine, I still consider my assumptions impirical or based on common sense consideratioons. I am also aware of the unethical practices prevalent in the medical profession and the farma industry as being pointed out by medfree. We need to be vigilant.

    I was just telling you that LCHF can help even old people because I was already 65 when I detected D. I could not relate my condition it to any predisposing conditions such as stress medicine etc to cause the temporary high sugar. Moreover, I am not comfortable to call myself 'cured' for the reason that even now if I slacken by diet, the bs values jump high. I am not willing to take medicines if I can help avoiding it therefore tried this forum. This a learning experience for me and it is helping me to achieve my goal.

  • Diabetics come to forum only to learn beyond what doctors+pharma nexus explain to them as the right thing (for them and not for diabetics though). LCHF is the way forward.

  • saga i fully agree with you

  • sorry sugu. i typed it as saga

  • Sugu, I very much appreciate and respect your views.I am also happy to meet a scientist.As a common man our impression of a scientist is that they are highly learned people with a very inquisitive mind always trying to think some thing new ,experimenting with new ideas .

    I also agree that idea must not be illogical to start with.My assumption was based on inputs on this forum and at the outset I had said it is NOT a scientific paper, it is only my personal thinking.There is no research paper to prove or disprove it.

    So e time back one Shooter George did some work on diabetes.Just think an Indian putting something new based on his own personal experience fully documented,many on this forum adopted long wheat and reported improvements,but many on this forum pooh pood his findings and ridiculed him,instead of appreciating him.

    So any body's views if not in agreement with Lchf are subjected to severe bashing.No tolerance and desire to understand others point of view. That is pity and tragedy.

  • Naqsh tried Long Wheat, failed for 3 months or so and then finally switched to LCHF and went off drugs. Here's her post:


    She started losing weight, her skin and hair started gaining great texture (her words). I always say one starts looking young on LCHF because skin improves. She followed up with separate post after this:


    Shooter George unfortunately spiked to 1 Hr Glucose of 220+, despite being CURED, when he did 75 gm glucose OGTT at home. That's definitely not cure. Even 4 idlis took his sugar to 180-190 range at 1 hr. Numbers don't lie. But, if someone wishes to call it great control or CURED, then it's their wish. To gain traction, he started picking up old LCHF posts and started his subtle LCHF bashing and that's when I engaged with him.

    LCHF works and works out of the box. I don't think anyone has taken more bashing than us here, including ABUSES.

  • medfree, humans are unique and for sure there has to be other things besides and/or in addition to LCHF that may work! Sugu reflects open mindedness of a scientist. Also, there is merit in what Patliputra says. So let us be objective and not personal. I probably am one who needs more carb. There are metabolic and body type theories (will have to find the physical books from the store) that identify different strategies based on comprehensive questionnaire probes. I recall there are four distinct metabolic type classification for humans.

  • norreal:

    I am more open minded as I have lived on both sides of the fence, experienced both life, experimented everything possible with an engineer's mind and then share here. Unless those "invisible" factors come to fore I ignore their existence. For sake of argument, yes we can always fallback to those "invisible" factors to defend one's thesis but being a techie I rely more on visible and reproducible numbers/parameters. The word MAYBE is dicy and an easy escape route.

    I don't get personal. On the contrary many have done so against me/us right from the early days -- March 2013 IIRC when we started talking LCHF here for the first time. Anyone who supported LCHF back then was attacked and chased. Even a lady wasn't spared. We retaliate when poked and still try and maintain decent line of communication. Till then we just talk LCHF.

    If Jenny Ruhl lives on 110 grams carb that's LCHF and that's an "extreme diet" (in view of HCLF followers) because Low Carb has to be High Fat, unless we have some invisible source of energy too! If one just picks up 110 grams and MF to defend one's statement then that cannot be without error because major part (high fat) was ignored. I just don't state "OPINIONS" but cite them too. OPINIONS without Citation are never facts.

    For example, who decides what is EXTREME Diet? ADA, indiacratus or patliputra? Diabetics on LCHF don't believe in ADA Bluebook and anyone who parrot the ADA guidelines. Unfortunately this is the trend globally, and when we follow this path of communication some "supposed to be elite & sober gentleman" says DON'T BARK LCHF. What's that? For us this is not new. A BIG majority of those opposed to LCHF get to that state of mind where personal attacks seem the only way to communicate effectively. So your suggestion of not getting personal would be more apt for indiacratus, patliputra et al.

    The only other thing that works is relentless walking to burn carbs, drugs or a combination of both. Let's be practical and not try and take shelter of "Invisible" factors. 160 on LCHF here cannot be having some "invisible factors" working in their favor.

  • AxEffect: Thanks for the web site Dr. Mercola's Nutritional Typing. However, I was referring to: THE METABOLIC TYPE SELF-TEST - Dr. Kate Klemer


  • AxEffect: You have made excellent points. Thank you. I find the proposition that high carbs can be addictive very real!

  • Sugu, Thanks for chipping in and congratulations once again on your Non Diabetic A1C values, despite being a diabetic for 12 years. Sustaining them for 18 months only strengthens the efficacy of LCHF diet, though SKEPTICS will ALWAYS be SKEPTICS and there's no DRUG or Diet to cure SKEPTICISM. Pragmatic people are more successful than skeptical people.

  • I was 68 and diabetic since 25 years when I tried LCHF for 4 months. MY BS which was in the range of 150/180 dropped to 100/130, my weight reduced by 5 Kgs, my waist reduced by 2", Cholesetrol and triglycerides parameters improved. But my creatinine levels went up during this period, and I also started getting problem of piles which worried me. So I switched over diet, and now my weight has gone up by 4 kgs, my waist up by 1.5" and my BS levels up to 120 /150 levels. I am thinking to switch over to LCHF once again.

    Eugine Augustine

  • I was 68 and diabetic since 25 years when I tried LCHF for 4 months. MY BS which was in the range of 150/180 dropped to 100/130, my weight reduced by 5 Kgs, my waist reduced by 2", Cholesetrol and triglycerides parameters improved. But my creatinine levels went up during this period, and I also started getting problem of piles which worried me. So I switched over diet, and now my weight has gone up by 4 kgs, my waist up by 1.5" and my BS levels up to 120 /150 levels. I am thinking to switch over to LCHF once again.

    Eugine Augustine

  • Drink more fluids. Piles has nothing to do with LCHF. You have lived on both sides of fence and all your data proves how LCHF is better even for managing weight without STARVING and that LIPIDS improved, although all fat-phobics just keep ranting that FAT will raise cholesterol. For creatnine and diabetes please check case of kkjing.

    Regular diet can never be better for Diabetics compared to LCHF. Not everyone can starve to maintain weight. In fact I don't even care about what BMI is. My weight has always been n overweight range, and yet my sugar levels would give heart-burn to those on HIGH CARB LOW FAT Nonsense.

    Keep a check on your protein intake when on LCHF. This is for kidney.

  • sugu: How bad was your A1C when first diagnosed? (Mine was pre-diab range when I was 53, now coming onto 62). At age 56/57 it was full blown. January 2014 it surpassed previous high of 11.3% by 0.3% peaking to 11.6. Now, without any medicine whatsoever, it is 6.0%.

  • His A1C was 13 so far worse than your case. Here's the link:


    So he has dropped from sky high values to 5% club now, on LCHF and no drugs yet ;)

    Here's his progress report on one of his own threads:


  • Thanks medfree for citing the links to my posts. Norreal, hope links given by medfree answer your question to me.

  • pawanparashar37: Young person hope you are off medicine. I am coming onto 62 this quarter and till December smoked up to 60 cigarettes. A prohibited tonic poisoning case in 1997 that impacted pancreas/liver. In January my HbA1C was 11.6% and now without medicines, through diet and exercise, it is 6.0%. I have at two previous occasions put my daily diet quota on this blog.


  • This forum is not for selling personal score,any body advises lchf any person follow or may not follow,why one should worry and post nasty things here.Advice can be given cannot be enforced.Many peoples follow low carbs diet but do not preach again and again on this forum., i am also one of them but brisk walking do not make me hungry.Do not assume something which is not happening.My suggestion do not bark again and again for lchf diet,enough is enough.

  • Responses like yours on LCHF threads seem to highlight the fact that you are more interested in selling some personal agenda. We will BARK LCHF. Just shut your ears and don't talk on LCHF threads. Every success on LCHF seems to upset guys like you, rnpath, indiacratus and patliputra and no effort is spared at jumping and BARKING by you guys there. If anyone posts negative on LCHF as a SPECTATOR watching from sidelines, we will BARK. Like it or not that will happen. First practice LCHF before "barking" wrong things such as LCHF will lead to Ketosis which is dangerous. Nutritional Ketosis is not dangerous at all, and making WRONG statements just for the sake of criticizing something is more like BARKING.

    We on LCHF have practiced both sides of the fence -- HCLF & LCHF -- so we can BARK about both. Those who live on HCLF+DRUGS can only BARK about the same. If they BARK against LCHF then they are just trying to SELL their agenda -- HCLF + Drugs, perhaps driven by jealousy against success of diabetic on LCHF.

    And, BTW, we don't force anyone here, we just share what has worked by practically going through the grind. When you post "LCHF will lead to Ketosis which is dangerous" -- that's NASTY because you are just mixing up Ketosis with DKA just to "scare" people away. SCARING someone by making a WRONG statement is Nasty. Getting personal and engaging in name calling (including twisting screen names like you did) is NASTY and I find a few others also do this when they find themselves at loss of words. Calling users losers, shameless, terrorist, fanatic is NASTY. So fix your home first before preaching!

  • I never utter a name but you have started calling names.Old habits die hard, is it not?Good luck.

  • Who said "LOSER"?

    Who used "Inferiority Complex" ?

    Who said "Shamelessly Ran Away" ... that was against everyone on LCHF.

    Someone from that list said "STOP Barking LCHF". Who Barks?

    Someone from that list said -- MAD-Free. What was this? A pat on the back?

    Someone from that list said Terrorist, fanatic and what not.

    List is endless so please do not drag this communication.

    I engage when someone starts bashing LCHF, not for scoring a point against the guy who bashes but making sure that others here ho are watching from sidelines do not get confused.


    Show me an instance where I have indulged in this against a member here as being the initiator!

  • Done.

  • are rksharmakumar why are you angry. let the people share their views on this forum. no body is forcing to follow lchf. if u feel it suits for follow it otherwise no. don't loose ur mental balance

  • I want to include here add one day weekly fast if any problems in controling sugar. Specially diabetic 1

  • As a Type 2 I am fasting once a week. On other days it's a 16:8 schedule by and large.

    For diabetics on drugs, fasting would need medicine dose correction during the day of fast.

    Type 1 will specifically need to be careful about insulin dosing to avoid HYPO's

  • Pl let us know the list of food you take on a day to day basis as you have recently switched over recently.

  • Pl let us know the list of details of the food you take, as you have recently switched over recently.

  • Chapati 1,2,1 breakfast,lunch dinner. Green tea-1, Jamun or Alu bukhara 100gm, Methi powder- One Spoon, Soup- 250 ml mix veg, Milk 200ml two times without sugar, Tea- two cup without sugar, Egg- two daily or amlate, Almond- 5 giri. In chapati channa and soyabins mix 50%. One hr walk and yoga.

  • Please confirm that this is a really happening in your life so that I can start to do the same, even otherwise, I will start because its compulsory to be self-motivated. Thanks. Sir My email ID is himatbhaiparmar@gmail.com 09924576998

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