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Kindly Advise ... Which is more accurate method for testing hba1c .. 1.Nycocard or 2. HPLCL

Good Evening Everybody,

I recently had my hba1c checked . The results are as follows.

1.By Nycocard Method

Hba1c is 6.9% > Normal Ref Range 4.2-6.5%

Mean blood glucose is 82mg/dl

Note in report says :

Interpretation : Glycosylated Haemoglobin is a accurate and true index of the "Mean Blood Glucose" in the body for previous 2 to 3 months .

Method - Nycocard


Day before Nycocard I tested in another LAB they used HPLC method and results are :

Hba1c 5.4% Normal Ref Range = less than 5.7%

Mean blood Glucose which is 108mg/dl


Hba1c result of 5.4 means I am normal and day later Nycocard shoes hba1c 6.9 indicating I am diebatic

All these reports are making me tense .. Don't understand them .. I am likely to loose my job due to high readings which are stating me as a diebatic.

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Dear Amitnikam

don't worry much...

About method of checking Hba1c...request shrisamarth to comment...he is most learned person in forum to comment on this subject..ofcoz there are many others like @anup Concerned Shashikantiyengar

you can bring down your Hba1c to normal level ...if u follow low carb diet and avoid consuming any fruit for next few months...

There are many in the forum who are currently maintaining normal Hba1c without or with minimum medicines.



Waiting from the comment from shri.

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Hi Doctor, my mother is diagnosed with diabetes for last one year, her fasting was 120,post lunch was 136,hba1c was 6.5,doctor changed the medication to gluformin i 0.5, she started talking this tablet morning and night after food, it's been 3months now, she is doing yoga also, she started eating sweets, sugar related items, drinking tea with sugar for last one month and taking half tablet in the morning and half in night, I scolded her not eat sugar items, she said I am doing yoga now I am in control she said, she has got tests done at vijaya diagnostics center yesterday now the results are fasting-143, post lunch is 158,hba1c is 6.9, after seeing this I got scared of this, I scolded her, she told she will stop eating sugar items, she is going to walking in the morning, but I am getting tension about these reports, is fasting, post lunch and hba1c high or normal suggest me doctor please, is it dangerous to have this much range, her age is 47.she has got surgery (uterus removal) four years back, since than she got BP n sugar levels changed, please help me doctor, can she control sugar permanently


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