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Please advise for Remedial action


Dear Friends

I am 43 year old male weight 85 kgs , height 165 cms and On No Diabetic Medications.

Managing with Diet.

I did tests today and Results are as follows.

Serum Creatinine 0.9 mg/dl

Fasting Blood Glucose 137 mg/dl

HbA1C 6.7.

Fasting Blood Glucose levels hover around 120-140 mg/dl

Look forward for Advise.

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Hi Zaheer,

Your HbA1c is still in the diabetic range. I note that the value has dropped slightly 7%(end of Nov.2017) to 6.7% current value. I suspect your HbA1c value, in fact, may be lower than 6.7%. Remember HbA1c result shows the average blood sugar level for the past three months. Because the gap between the two tests is only one and a half month the current result includes the average of the previous period also before you made changes in your diets. That is a good news.

Having said that, you are still in the obese category based on your BMI. You should gradually lose your weight may be at the rate of 1kg/week or so. You should consider losing at least 10-12 kg of body weight assuming you do not have any other medical conditions interfering with weight loss.

It is usually hard to lose weight by exercise alone. You must review your diets which will help you to lose weight and lower blood sugar also. I do not know what your diets are and therefore I cannot comment on that.

Consider LCHF diet.

Thanks Praveen 55.

HAPPY to see great motivational advise.

God bless you with his wide choicest blessings.




With such a high BS, why are you not on any medicine ?

Reduce carb intake. That will reduce your weight and will help in controlling BS.

Thanks Shrisamarth.


Your weight is the key factor for your good health.You can reduce your weight by upto 10 kg and regain fine health.But weight reduction should be done safely without getting into some other health problem.Please note,at present your diabetes is not severe,but diabetes is a progressive disorder.It means it becomes more severe as you advance in age.Regular monitoring of sugar levels and weight reduction are very essential for you.

Thanks Ramana 42 for advise.

Regards .

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matru13-ashram in reply to Hidden

Mr.Anand I am nagu Shankar aged 70 years.can you please guide me to bring BS levels with food.i am scared to eliminate carbohydrates completely because some difficinces may occur.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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matru13-ashram in reply to Hidden

I am 100 percent purley vegetarian and I am in bangalore.looking forward for your help.i promise you I will definitely follow your guide lines

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matru13-ashram in reply to Hidden

I am 70 years,4'9" and 55kgs

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zaheerbasha4 in reply to Hidden


Thanks a lot and appreciate your views.

Sir, Do I need to start to medicines or go for LCHF diet.

Your body mass index is 31.2 and you are obese. Reduce your weight so that your BMI may become normal ie., less than 25.

A weight-control strategy might include

Choosing low-fat, low-calorie foods

Eating smaller portions

Drinking water instead of sugary drinks

Being physically active

Serum creatinine: normal.

Your HbA1c is high.

Improving HbA1c by 1% for people with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes cut the risk of microvascular complications by 20%.

Research has also shown that people with type 2 diabetes who reduce their HbA1c by 1% are:--

19% less likely to suffer cataracts.

16% less likely to suffer heart failure.

43% less likely to suffer amputation or death due to peripheral vascular disease.

Please learn more about diabetes and it's complications.

Fasting blood sugar should be less than 100 mg/dL.

Adopt low-carbohydrate diet/ diabetic diet.

Walk briskly for more than 30 minutes daily.

Check your blood sugar (FBS or PPBS) daily and avoid foods that cause high blood sugar.


Thanks Gangadharan_nair sir.

Great advise to be followed.


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With due apologies, the best way to clear diabetes is diet modification and lifestyle changes. Reiki may aid the process but it definitely can't handle the problem all by itself. I don't know if this forum allows people to advertise themselves 🤔

You take greeny vegetables preferably leafy veg.

Until your results are well controlled. you should try greenies or green vegetable smoothy right in morning.

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