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Reversing Diabetis

Just plain question : Can someone reverse diabetis?

Two days I am without meds following low carb diet. My home acucheck reading todays morning was below 100 and in the evening after office, again, its below 100.

These are all before having breakfast and dinner. During lunch I took 2 pieces of rotis and omlette.

Is it means sugar is controlled?

Now, I am going to take curry pork? Input is really appreciated.

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Watch your bs at 1 & 2 hr pp. Reduce carbs.

"Now, I am going to take curry pork? " what do you mean by that ? I think that's a nonveg item - protein. If so you can take it in any situation.

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Pork is low in carb?

How about other meat?

Can I take all non veg items? I heard red meat are not good.


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