Are the Beta Blockers cause of Diabetis?

Betablockers like Atenolol are used for Hypertension. Are they the cause of destroying the beta cells of pancreas? Is diabetes caused due to that effect? Prolonged use of betablockers is known to cause diabetes. If that medicine is meant for destroying the betacells to block their function to reduce BP, is it not the main cause of diabetes? If so, how has it been approved for treating BP?


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  • Atenol is an Beta blocker used to reduce the HNP of the person

    1 Whether if taken the blood sugar level may spike ? or long using this tablet beta cells may be damages ?

    2 You are taken now the tablets is Cilacar. ? It is not Beta blocker and it is Cacium channel blocker. Please share your expert opinion about these two may be taken good to control HBP ? this ay be not spike the blood sugar level for longer use

    3 the combination of Cilica and Atenol may not found in market. It may be available in Amlodipine and Atenol combination only ?

    4 Why you are taken Cilacar tablets your Bp is higher range . As per Doctors advise above age of 6o years upto 150/90 no tablets required .

    Please share in detail.

  • O K your Doctor changed the drug envas to clicar. So your are

    HBP more than 160/95 Please take care of your health. Donot taken too tension. You are already a good expert by studing medical outlook and inlook also. i amnot able to guide as your knowledge is excllant you know all thing. I prayto god give you good health and your services to this forum is necessary most of them learn from you too kuch.

  • Indiacatus what is your statement of posting i can not understand. What purposes you have used the word Agraharm is cluster of peoples lived. By the mean your opinion is Agaharm living peoples not educated? and they are poor itself ?

    it is a proper Name word it has no meaning do you know the English Grammer ? Proper name has not found for meaning.

    BTw i am asking and given some name of foreign countries can you give the meaning

    1 India cratus what is actual meaning

    2 Glad Stone small this is Cricket player name what its meaning can you explain.

    3 Similarly so much cricket player names or Old Rice kettle Steve and so etc on.

    As a friendly i am asking your health interest only. but why you take it as serious and insult me.

    Your are aged 70 + so do not insult others in these silly activity .

    I now also appreciate your knowledge in medical professionals and you may utilize it in good manner.

    BTW Agrahar is my fore parents lived one village it has all pure Brahman community and they do Veda and other religious activity I am coming from that of good and boldand helping others community.

  • Well said


    Agraharas became the foremost educational institutions in southern India during the medieval period. They were group settlements of brahmins who formed a corporate body and administered all affairs of the agrahara, including education. The earliest agrahara in medieval Karnataka appears to be that of Talagunda or Sthanakundur (in present day Shimoga district). An inscription mentions that the ancestor of Mayurasharman (or Varman), the founder of the Kadamba dynasty, brought thirty-two learned brahmins from Ahichchatra and settled them in Sthanakundur, turning it into an agrahara (350 CE.). This shows that kings promoted learning by inviting scholars from outside, and this practice continued in later centuries. It is said that Mayurasharman granted 144 villages to the support of the agrahara.

    Further details of this agrahara are available in an inscription from 1150 C.E. indicating that Talagunda continued as a famous center of education for eight centuries. There were forty-eight students and eight teachers of different subjects, such as the vedas, vedanta, prosody, rupavatara (grammar) and prabhakara (philosophy). Besides, there were arrangements to teach Kannada at the primary level (Kannadaksharashikshe). Provision was made for clothing (sire, or saree) for the teachers, students and the temple staff, and there were cooks who cooked food for all inmates.


    अग्रहारम या 'अग्रहार' (तमिल : அக்கிறஹாரம்; तेलुगु : అగ్రహారం) उस ग्राम को कहते हैं जिसके वासी पूर्णतः ब्राह्मण हों। विभिन्न जाति वाले गावों के उस भाग को भी अग्रहारम कहते हैं जिसमें ब्राह्मण रहते हैं। बहुत समय पहले इन्हें 'चतुर्वेदीमंगलम' भी कहा जाता था।

  • the other meaning of अग्रहार is first right given to Bramhins...

    मैं उन सब वेद पाठी ब्राह्मणों को अग्रहार ( बलिवैश्‍वदेवके अन्‍त में अतिथिको दिये जाने वाले प्रथम अन्‍न ) का अर्पण करके भोजन, वस्‍त्र और जलके द्वारा उनकी यथा योग्‍य पूजा करती थी ।

    Said word appeared in Mahabhrata many times...

  • cure and @Indiacratus good information from 3 comments. Thanks a lot. BTW i am Agahar may be came from same family history but my Agrahar is in Hassan District CR PatnaTaluk

    As your comments shows mostly good information. indiacratus may read and understanding what is Af

    graharam and what was his in mind

    Please are you have any data for the name

    India acratus ? any google or olden history shows any detail. Please inform if available Indiactratus also know what its meaning ?

  • Agrhar

    For older people calcium channel blockers are preferred as they respond to this preparation well compared to other drugs

  • Shashikantiyengar I know something about medicines. Calcium channel blocker and ACE inhabitor tablets is good for age more than 55 years of persons.

    But Doctor most of the time prescribed combination of Atenol + Amlodipine tablets generally Amlopress AT 50/5 or 25/ 5 and Amlong A 50/5 one time or two times and Cardace or temosartin contnent.

    My important question is Atenol may be more side effect for aged persons and also it may having side effect and may problem for blood sugar spikes.

    Doctors information need not worry about dosage of Atenol within 50 g per day

    What is your opinion about this ? and also which tablet is good for alternative of Atenol

    Thanks for respond and given good tips

  • Calcium channels are also useful for insulin secretion???

  • I am not known detail about this For this question @Shashikanthiyengar and @Anup are able persons to answer.

    My opinion all HBP control tablets may negative effect for diabetic person but no alternative way they may taken if BPis higher range. But also Doctor prescribed BP tablets for diabetic person whose range is above 150/90only below they not given prescription and says tocontrol with diet only.

    any other xperts may share in detail.

  • mine is 85/130 still I am on sartel 20 :(

  • So In my opinion yourare not necessary for tables for BP. More than age 55 and with diabetic no tablets required. However you are within 140/90 so it is good as age more than 50

    You may try to skip pne week tablets and check your BP after one weak. If it increases above 150/90 you may take tablets. This is my opinion. Please think about this.

  • Atenolol is or was widely used in our country

    But some reports emerged that it causes Sudden death in some pts, disturbs diabetes by affecting the insulin resistance, masking the symptoms of hypo etc

    Safer alternative is Nebivolol which is safe in asthmatics, appears to have +ve ot at least neutral effect on insulin resistance and does not cause any sexual dysfunction in young pts unlike other beta blockers. This is due to its nitric oxide donor property

    Issue is this belongs to a small company in USA which does not use big muscle power to push it

    So it's a low profile but good beta blocker. Not many trials are available.

    But it's a good and promising beta blocker unlike other ones

  • Thanks for respond but neibvolol not available in medical stores . what the tablet name which may available in medical stores? Is ACE inhabitor tablets is good may be used instead of Atenol

  • Any change only under guidance of Dr.

    Please don't change yourself

    Brands: Nebicard, Nebistar, Nebi, Nubeta, nodon etc

  • Thanks for Respond I am not taken BP tablets now at a time and my BP is now 126/70 so it is so in good position.

    But for precautionary if possible and also for knowledge and help others my neighbourer friends I want to learn from expert persons like you. thanks for good information.


    Effects of protein, monounsaturated fat, and carbohydrate intake on blood pressure and serum lipids: results of the OmniHeart randomized trial.


    Blood pressure, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and estimated coronary heart disease risk were lower on each diet compared with baseline. Compared with the carbohydrate diet, the protein diet further decreased mean systolic blood pressure by 1.4 mm Hg (P = .002) and by 3.5 mm Hg (P = .006) among those with hypertension and decreased low-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 3.3 mg/dL (0.09 mmol/L; P = .01), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 1.3 mg/dL (0.03 mmol/L; P = .02), and triglycerides by 15.7 mg/dL (0.18 mmol/L; P<.001). Compared with the carbohydrate diet, the unsaturated fat diet decreased systolic blood pressure by 1.3 mm Hg (P = .005) and by 2.9 mm Hg among those with hypertension (P = .02), had no significant effect on low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, increased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 1.1 mg/dL (0.03 mmol/L; P = .03), and lowered triglycerides by 9.6 mg/dL (0.11 mmol/L; P = .02). Compared with the carbohydrate diet, estimated 10-year coronary heart disease risk was lower and similar on the protein and unsaturated fat diets.


    In the setting of a healthful diet, partial substitution of carbohydrate with either protein or monounsaturated fat can further lower blood pressure, improve lipid levels, and reduce estimated cardiovascular risk.

  • Ignore all irresponsible remarks of persons who are not analytical.

    Well said. Comments by people who refuse to look at science of medical reports are to be ignored always, because they are not analytical and never be analytical when they refuse to discuss merits/demerits based on medical reports of a diabetic.

    I have been asking about the science behind 60% carbs and no one has provided any scientific evidence behind that number.

    I know people are not ignoring what I write as now I have 205 followers on my profile here:

    Don't think anyone here has managed to reach even 100. Most are lingering in 20 to 30 followers. Why? Because diabetics come to forum looking for specific solutions after having failed on the so called "balanced diet" for years and decades. And, everyone just can't be eating 10 times a day to manage blood sugar as it is one of the most impractical solution:

  • No!


    Beta-blockers are the other major class of blood-pressure-lowering drugs that have been implicated in causing diabetes or worsening diabetes control. The several large studies that have looked at the risk of diabetes associated with beta-blockers include the Nurses Health Studies I and II and the ongoing ARIC (Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities) study. In these two studies, the risk of developing diabetes in people originally without it who took beta-blockers was approximately 20% to 28% greater than in those who did not take beta-blockers.

    This may seem counterintuitive since people with diabetes are often warned that beta-blockers can cause problems with low blood glucose, not high blood glucose. Beta-blockers cause these two problems in distinct ways. First, they may harm a person’s ability to recognize and respond to low blood glucose, mainly by keeping the heart rate slow, which can dampen symptoms of hypoglycemia. They may also inhibit the release of glucose from the liver. But beta-blockers also block the release of insulin by interacting with nerve signals to the pancreas and can thus lower insulin levels even when blood glucose is high.

  • @Cure and indiacratus good information.

    1 As per this article Beta blockers may not raise the blood glucose level and only chances of hypo ?

    2 this may be the reason Doctors alwasy prescribed combination of Atenol and Amlodipiine calciul channel and Beta blockers

    3 If beta blockers have chances of more hypo what is the alternative for Atenol tablets.

    4 recently most of Doctors not recomonded Beta blocker tablets only Amlodipine and temasartin or Ramipril tablets preferred

    What is your opinion about these things

  • well agrhar there are some reports which says that taking BP pills at bed time is not good.... as if your BP falls....your brain considers this as imergency and signals liver to release they may increase FBS

  • Here's the "Queen of Type 2 diabetes management" -- Jenny Ruhl -- on beta blockers:

    And she has quoted scientific studies as always to make her view point convincing for analytical minds.

    This shows about the science data as back as 2008. Today it's 2016. Of course, drug company sponsored websites may not talk about this.

  • When it comes to Type 2 diabetes self management, it has been accepted that Jenny Ruhl is one of the best teachers. Look at how many times Type 2 Diabetics quote her and Dr Bernstien even on ADA's official facebook page.

    It is always the students who decide who is the best teacher. Teacher cannot decide he is the best. Success or failure of a teacher is decided by the success or failure of the student. Degrees don't decide good or bad teacher.

    About opinion on forums, well the forum exists because self proclaimed high profile teachers failed. Their teaching cause diabetes to increase 4 times in last 35 years. Intelligent students ditch bad teachers very fast, specially in net enabled world. That's why diabetes forums across the world are growing.

    Also, "Experience Is The Best Teacher". Experience of watching the medical reports and decrease in prescription drugs with change of diet is the best teacher.

  • best teacher. College or university.

    This is not college or university site so you shouldn't be here.

  • Well, I collected "Silver Medal" even with 20% attendance in IIT undergraduate degree program. There was no Copper/Bronze medal. Guess that answers your question. "Best teachers" always warned me that I would fail, but to their surprise they couldn't find even one opportunity to flunk me. At then young age of 31, I became the boss of people aged 50+ and with great degrees. They used to be my boss with 10X my experience before I became their boss. It's the "Quality Of Experience" and the ability to deliver results that counts in professional world.

    I considered one teacher great in my days when I was being groomed as a Metallurgical Engineer -- Dr M L Kapoor who taught Process Simulation and Modelling and my attendance in his class was 100%. You know why? Because he never walked in class with any paper or textbooks and never recommended any textbooks to refer. He always preached:

    "Don't Mug, understand the basics and then apply in real world"

    Bernstein managed diabetes even without attending medical college.

    Jenny Ruhl never went to a medical college and she gets all the praise from Dr Bernstien too and all Type 2 diabetics who have taken diabetes management into their own hands after being fed up with the teachings of the so called "Best Teacher"

    My son blogs on US stocks on US financial websites and gets paid for it. He is a BE in Comp Science and has no degree in finance. Yet he is ranked by third part site where he is ranked:

    Ranked #13 out of 5,451 Bloggers(#30 of 9,650 overall experts)

    BTW, I switched profession after being in Steel industry for 13 years. Now I deal with Linux servers, parsers, server security etc with no Degree in Comp Science. Michael Dell bought first BMW with cash down payment when he was 19 -- he never had any MBA degree. Hope that answers your question.

    It's the intelligence that counts. Degrees are just a stepping stone. I have seen many duffers with flashy degrees. I say this as I employee people in the business that I run.

    If Experience is not the best teacher, why do patients look for a doctor with experience? Why do industries look for people with experience and not pay a fresher the same as one with experience? After all both have the same degrees?

    So, preach and let the students decide who is a good teacher and who is not. And, good students with analytical mind always compete. They don't ask their teacher to rusticate the best students so that a topper from bottom becomes a topper from top.

    So, let's preach and let the students decide who is great and who is not. Success of students decides the success of teacher.

  • Oh come on. IIT's those who know what IIT is know what it means to get into IIT.

    But, since I like number churning/crunching, I would like to bust that 50 versus 1500 rank theory based on NUMERICAL facts.

    AIIMS - one UG course 1 location?

    IIT's - 10 + UG courses each on an average in 7+ IITS in 1995 so roughly 70 UG courses if we consider everything.

    Number of seats per course usually 30-50.

    So, the relative numbers per UG degree works out more in difficult in case of IIT's. And, IIT's had one more difficult thing -- MATHEMATICS in entrance test which needed sheer brains and real analytical mind as no amount of mugging could help like it happens in Biology or Chemistry. Bio and Chemistry one can just MUG and get through.

    When you discuss numbers, please know that I know number crunching too :)

    So, let's just preach and let the students decide who is good teacher and who is bad teacher. Medical sage first has to reduce the growth of diabetes to be taken seriously.

    An Opthalmologist with UG and PG from AIIMS Delhi, who recommended Omnacortil 40mg to me (which i refused to take), could not answer how come ALA solved my problem in one month which he couldn't solve in 9 months and was finally pushing me to corticosteroids, despite knowing that I am a diabetic? He simply refused to answer my query in one to one meeting, despite having paid his consultancy fees. If you want the contact details of this AAIMS graduate/PG shoot me PM and I will give you the same.

    Let's not argue on mere personal OPINIONS. Let base it on medical reports. IITian's love data and numbers more than mere opinions.

  • Nope, basic level physics doesn't need maths that's needed in IIT's. I am dead sure about it.

    I know what 12th Physics is all about as I have studied way back from A Level Physics by Nelson and Parker for my ISC.

    A Guy who has gone through IIT entrance exam cannot have poor knowledge of Physics for sure, irrespective of your personal opinion.

    There's huge difference between Nelson & Parker's Physics book (suffices for AIIMS) and the two volume bible from Resnick & Halliday (that used to be the bible for every IIT Aspirant back then). Just go through the problems at end of each chapter in both and then you will know what relative difficulty in Physics for two exams means.

  • Irrelevant example. Let's talk facts.

    50 Versus 50 not 1500 with higher level of MATHS and Physics pitched in. Refer my explanation above. We love talking based on numbers than some kerala or Jhumritalaya proverbs.

  • The syndrome with you is clear.

    Nope, I don't have any syndrome which pushes me to attack fellow bloggers here with personal insulting comments. That's definitely not my style of debating here. That's one of the reasons why you will find 205 followers on my profile here. But, it's long evident here that some people do have this syndrome of insulting fellow members here with their nasty comments.

    One of the syndrome that I have is, I don't get provoked when people try to provoke me by insulting me with such comments. I still maintain mental coolness and keep quoting data and numbers rather than express my opinions with no proof. Perhaps my threshold for being provoked is just too high because of the diet that I follow.

    Yes, engineers can understand medicine far better than many doctors themselves as we look for data and science more than OPINIONS or guidelines from handful associations -- that's a fact:

    Dr Benrstein -- Engineer first

    Dr Peter Attia -- Engineer First

    Ivor Cummins -- Chemical Engineer

    Gary Taubes





    are just few living examples.

    Need more?

    If anyone says MATHS can be mugged up, he doesn't know what MATHS needed for IIT entrance is all about. Even Physics for IIT cannot be mugged. Try mugging up from the huge set of Maths and Physics book for problem solving by Russian Authors. We used to be trained on those books while preparing for IIT. I never mugged up. So don't try to force your opinion on me. One can never get through IIT by mugging up even chemistry.

    Biotech Engineering is the future and that's also now a UG course in many IIT's. My nephew is doing it from IIT Kharagpur, while pursuing robotics as his hobby in the same IIT. That speaks of diversity of an engineer's mind. It's open, it's receptive and it follows no GUIDELINES in professional world.

    Internet enabled world is quenching all the thirst for knowledge in every field. rest is all about applying the basics and looking at the outcome. Following guidelines -- even a compounder can do.

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