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No Dairy/Animal products reverses Diabetes-2


Dear Friends

I would like to have input/comments from Esteem Forum members regarding

Stopping consumption of Milk,Dairy products and Animal// poultry products reverses Diabetes--2 . Please google Dr. Mc Dougall from USA and Nandita shah(SHARAN-ind).

I am following their advise and following from last week, I am feeling better in terms of drop in Blood pressure ( though i am Non -veg but stopped Milk,Dairy products and Mutton ,chicken and Eggs .


Zaheer Basha

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very true my friend, you would be very glad to know that finland is largest producer of milk and diary products and it has highest number of diabetics in world

fish is very harmful

suramoStar in reply to stenal3462


Fish is very helpful. Give omega 3 an essential fa. Please.



A little sour hung curd, cheese esp cream, cottage, cheddar and paneer are good dairy products.

Why have you stopped mutton chicken and eggs ? They are good. What is your diet now ?

Dear Zaheer basha, I too did attended Sharan's program last week and many have informed that getting rid of dairy products would improve the numbers. I am a little skeptic about this, but nevertheless, let us try . !!

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Depends on what in dairy you take.

Ok fine. What would be your source of healthy fats ?

Yes it is true. Dr. V.K. Tripathi founder of freedom from diabetics is advising same and lot of people benefited.

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nandgave Try by cutting just dairy other food being the same and see if it helps.

Friends , Thanks a lot for your prompt replies.

I am following pure vegetarian diet (non consumption of eggs, milk, meat,chicken,cheese,cream,butter) since 1 week.Hope to continue for 21 days and do Blood tests for FBS, PPBS and Serum Creatinine.

Break fast: One chapati made of multi grain mixed with flax seeds powder along with methi powder and gracious amount of vegetables cooked in VCO

Tea: Non Milk tea with stevia

Lunch: Millets(Fox tail Rice) with Dal

Dinner: Vegetable Soup cooked in VCO

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Please post you lab reports.


Avoiding milk and milk products will lead to deficiencies

We cannot just correlate that countries consuming milk has high level of diabetes

American consume high level of meat. So high diabetic and cardiac problems. But we ignore that they also consume crazy levels of sugars

Let's understand what is diabetes

It's a carbohydrates intolerance

Our system cannot tolerate metabolize high levels of carbs

So reduce carbs and Inc proteins and fats is the solution

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