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Reversal of diabetes


I had the good fortune of joining the reversal of diabetics under the leadership and training by Dr.Pramod Tiwari of Freedom from Diabetes lat year. I was taking mclazide 500 and Tenamit 500twice a day Now I am taking only Glycogen 500 twice a day

I was a patient 20 years

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That is a good news. 👍

His program made you to stop two kinds of insulin secretagogues which perhaps could have caused side effects..

Now you are only on Metformin 500 mg...

please Keep it up !

By the way, may I correct it.......he is not Dr Pramod Tiwari...he is Dr Pramod Tripathi !

aiyarvs1939 in reply to namaha

You are right. The name is Dr.Pramod Tripathi

aiyarvs1939 in reply to namaha

I was not taking insulin at any stage except during surgery. I was taking Metformin 500 three times. Then it was changed to combination of Metformin and Glemepiride, and Voglibose. (Trivolib 1). Then I was prescribed to take Combination of Metformin + Glycacid,1.0.1/2 Tenamit (tenagliptin+metformin)1.0.0+ Voglibose 0.3mg01.1 . To control BP another drug was given(clinidepine 10).

namahaAdministrator in reply to aiyarvs1939

Dear aiyarvs1939

When I say Insulin secretagogues means a drug if you take orally would act on pancreas to secrete insulin.

The drugs what you were taking earlier such as Glimeperide, Glycacid & tenagliptin are all Insulin secretagogues...


Could you send how much is the total cost of this treatment? You can send me in personal chat if you do not want to disclose it here.


aiyarvs1939 in reply to barani19

Now it costs approximately Rs.30000/-. This is apart from medications if any, pathological reports, extra expenditure on the specified food. On the site you can get full details. In Google "Freedome from Diabetes".

barani19Star in reply to aiyarvs1939

Thanks Aiyar sir

What city his office ?

Contact pi hone number ? You did treatment for 20 years ? Why so long ?

Did you take insulin ? Short acting or long acting ?

I am not familiar with medicine names ( available ) in India.

aiyarvs1939 in reply to Fatbuddy

I went for the Freedom From Diabetes only last November i.e. 1.11.2019. Before that I was treated by Diabetic Doctors. I came to learn that diabetis could be reversed only last year.

Dr.Pramod Tripathy and his office FFD is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The institution is well organised with online support. Please search Google for full information.

aiyarvs1939 in reply to Fatbuddy

World Diabetes Day Nov14- Freedom from Diabetes - Thirty days Diabetes Challenge - by Dr Pramod Tripathi

In continuation to the previous posts, video proceedings of Day 18,19,20,21,22,23,24 ,25,26,27,28 &29..

The cost 30000 Indian rupees is a lot of money.!

Is this for one year?

Where did the name come from, "Dr.Pramod Tiwari of Freedom from Diabetes lat year?"

would it be possible to explain the training, Is this on line? or Diet and exercise on distant learning? OR what method.?

Thank you, take care.

Below are details on how to join a session in English and cost:

Freedom From Diabetes.


Date: 21st November 2020 (SATURDAY)Time: 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM (IST)Registration fees: ₹500/-Register at:

Take care.

hi all,

REVERAL of DIABETES doesn't mean once you treated, you are fully back to complete normal. Understand it correctly..

If it's reversed, means, you can at least live with no medication, but with controled and regulated diet regime etc.

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