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My sugar level is 121 (fasting) and 176 after 2 Hrs of food intake


I tested my sugar level and it came,fasting:132 & after food:205. My doctor prescribed medicine after seeing the report. I restricted some food intake and tested myself after 2 days with sugar testing meter, it gave fasting:121 & after food:176. Now I want to know do I have to take medicine or can I lower my sugar level with strict diet combined with excercise

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Adopt low carb.

Add up some fats like ghee butter coconut oil

Some proteins like eggs paneer and other non veg

Lower down grains and stop root veggies

Are those blood sugar figures with or without medicine ? If no medicine started ,,then continue with your diet restriction combined with excercise. Give it a trial at least for a month.

I was at Fasting -211 and Post meal - 256 , with just diet and exercise brought down to 95-110 ( fasting ) and 120-130 ( post meal @2hrs ) in 40 days . Reduce Carb intake and excersie more .. you can also bring it down ..

Very good maintain the same. Are you taking any medicine?

NO .. Thrown out all the medicines after 4 days .. I am happy that I am controlling the entire metabolism of my body in a natural way with little life style change ..

cureAdministrator in reply to BangaloreMate

What is your IR BangaloreMate ???

BangaloreMate in reply to cure

Not tested. planning to go for GTT and other tests to find out what caused my diabetic .. is pancreas or my cells' resistance is the cause. Please, guide me what are test needed to know who is culprit ?

cureAdministrator in reply to BangaloreMate

hmmm.... i always think it is liver....

but i may be wrong...

however along with just Hba1c...fasting insulin ; cholesterol..thyroid liver profile & liver scan will be useful.

may be @suramo @anup will be able to give you proper direction

sometime back we had good discussion in forum about all tests to be done for diabetes...

suramoStar in reply to BangaloreMate


No need of gtt. You are D.

Basic reports are


fasting insulin



lipid profile


abdomen scan for fatty liver.

Is millet low carb?

No , Its till CARB only but it contains higher FIBER

follow what your doctor prescribes, and if you are already doing it, you notice that between the two readings, the second time around, it is lower... maybe you are on the way of lowering it... it does not always happen quickly; next question is... what is your weight and height? and how old are you?

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